Georgia Democrat Calls Campus Carry an ‘Abomination’

By AWR Hawkins

Campus Carry
Campus Carry
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Washington DC – -( With campus carry under consideration in the Georgia House, state Senator Nan Orrock (D-Atlanta) is making clear her belief that allowing concealed carry on campus for self-defense is an “abomination.”

The legislation, HB 859, was proposed by Representatives Rick Jasperse (R-Jasper) and Mandi Ballinger (R-Canton), and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) reports it has “already picked up dozens of co-sponsors.”

The AJC reports that Orrock referenced the bill and the support it has garnered as “insane gun legislation that we see spreading like an evil tide across the state.”

Democrats War on Guns

Moreover, Orrock and gun control groups opposed to the bill claim that allowing concealed carry permit holders to carry guns on campus will cost colleges and universities money, leaving them scrambling for funds to pay for “additional staffing, training, equipment or insurance.”

Opponents of campus carry made similar arguments when Texas was considering concealed carry on campus for self-defense in 2015. The Houston Chronicle went so far as to report that campus carry could “cost Texas colleges millions” and take away money that would otherwise be dedicated to “cancer research.”

But Texas state Senator Brian Birdwell (R-Granbury) successfully defended his campus carry legislation with an argument that is equally applicable to Georgia at this time, stating:

It is patently absurd to suggest that additional security resources would be needed to accommodate faculty, staff or student [concealed handgun license] holders on Texas campuses. CHL-holders are statistically the most law-abiding citizens in our state, and I think it [is] bordering on offensive to suggest that they will conduct themselves any less thoughtfully or lawfully the moment they set foot inside a university building.

AWR Hawkins is the Second Amendment columnist for Breitbart News and political analyst for Armed American Radio. Follow him on Twitter: @AWRHawkins.

  • 10 thoughts on “Georgia Democrat Calls Campus Carry an ‘Abomination’

    1. My sons are both grown men married with kids. It’s great to know that when/if my grandkids go to college they will be able to defend themselves and others if need be. Texas got open carry passed finally two years ago along with campus carry,and this legislative session we will get constitutional carry passed. The gun-grabbing liberals just don’t seem to understand they are totally irrelevant and nobody believes their lies anymore. Don’t you know their world fell apart when President Trump destroyed Clinton in the presidential election ? Hilarious !

    2. We have lawful carry of concealed firearms on college campuses in Oregon with no “added costs”. However, there obviously weren’t enough people carrying when the Umpqua Community College murderer came to kill everyone last year…

    3. The Abamination is the shambles the Democrats have plummeted our Nation into. Orrock had best take leave and shut her sorry mouth. She need to break-camp and go find a place ,more suitable to her ideology.

    4. Poster Child for Abortion. I am pro life but in the case of severely brain damaged progressives( progressivism is a mental disease ) I think exemptions for very late term abortion ( up to age 99) is acceptable.

    5. It is difficult to understand the logic of the left regarding utilizing guns for self protection in the evil culture which has developed as a result of lack of training in home, schools, and church of good Christian principals and values. The left blames guns on evil which like blaming cars for accidents. People need to review the statistics of gun usage to verify that as the number of guns which increase in the US the number of violent crimes related to guns decrease. One place to find some information on gun statistics is searchforbiblicaltruth/usprob/guncontrol.php.

    6. AMEN! Get that insane witch out of office. Bounce her ignorant ass (unceremoniously) across the parking lot, and let adults address the issue.

    7. Let me expand on Texas state Senator Brian Birdwell’s statement.
      I think it is offensive to suggest that CCW holders will conduct themselves any less thoughtfully or lawfully the moment they set foot inside a university building, no matter how much they are harassed by idiots like Nan Orrock.

    8. The abomination in Georgia is the commiecrat party. They are anti-American, anti-God, anti-traditional family. They stand against the values and principles of our founding. They are pro-Marxist and pro-Muslim.

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