Fish in Comfort all Day with Millennium Marine Boat Seats

Millennium Marine ComfortMax boat seat
Millennium Marine ComfortMax boat seat
Millennium Marine
Millennium Marine

United States -( It’s the first fishing trip of the season. A cold dawn greets you and your fishing buddy as you launch the boat.

You’ve anticipated this trip for a month and you’re eager to get going. You scramble aboard and sit down for a run up the lake – and instantly the seat of your pants are soaked by the cold dew your boat seat gathered on the drive to the lake.

If you are tired of starting your fishing days that way, Millennium Marine has a solution for you: upgrade your boat with their B-series boat seats before the season begins.

Millennium Marine’s patented ComfortMax boat seats do not hold dew or pool rain, even in a thunderstorm. They dry out quickly, and are built for years of solid use under the conditions that hardcore anglers fish. They won’t rot or mildew in wet conditions and none of the components break down under even the most intense sunlight. They are good to go – and good to last – under all temperatures and weather conditions. And they are designed to support you and your back in comfort for all-day fishing.

The ComfortMax seats come in three freshwater versions – the B-100, B-200 and B-300 series. There are also three saltwater designs – SW-100, SW-200 and SW-300 – that include features such as anodized aluminum construction to last under harsh saltwater conditions.

The B-100 is a traditional boat seat, with an upright back (that folds down flat when not in use) and optional arm straps. If you fish sitting down, this is a seat that will keep you comfortable all day. This seat comes in three colors, including green, which is handy for boat owners who make their fishing boats double as a floating blind during duck season.

The B-200 has no back, just the seat. The seat is designed to provide exceptional lower lumbar support, however, and is perfect for anglers who often spend as much time bracing themselves on a seat while actively casting as they do sitting.

The B-300 is perfect as a pedestal seat for anglers who are standing and casting and is quickly becoming the seat of choice for bow fishermen as well.

All B-series ComfortMax seats are height adjustable. All are designed to provide lower back support. Millennium Marine builds them to be so comfortable that you’ll barely notice them – you can spend your time on the water thinking about the fishing and nothing else. This season, upgrade to a Millennium Marine seat so you can spend your fishing time punishing the fish and not your back.


  • All day comfort
  • Lumbar Support
  • ComfortMAX contoured, breathable, cool fabric
  • UV resistant to sun and elements
  • All aluminum construction
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Allows better visibility while under way
  • Mounts to any boat seat pedestal
  • 3 year warranty

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