Give Deer and Other Wildlife What They Need; Improve Your Wisconsin Habitat With DMAP

Deer Management Assistance Program
Deer Management Assistance Program
Wisconsin DNR
Wisconsin DNR

Wisconsin  -( The Deer Management Assistance Program provides landowners with wildlife habitat management resources for properties of any size.

Three levels of enrollment place a wide range of benefits at your fingertips, ranging from hands-on workshops and informational resources to property-specific management plans.

For Level 2 or 3 enrollment (160 acres or more), be sure to apply before March 1 to be eligible for a site visit with a wildlife biologist or forester this year.

Enroll with your neighbors as a group cooperative to receive benefits at a higher level!

Not quite sure if DMAP is right for you? Join us for a DMAP chat Feb. 11 at noon. Visit, keyword “chat” to participate or view the chat at a later time.

Learn more and apply at, keyword “DMAP.”

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