Hillary Clinton Will End Private Gun Ownership

By Don McDougall

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton
Don McDougall
Don McDougall

United States -(AmmoLand.com)- For the first time in American history, the leading candidate for the Democrat party is running on a platform that would prohibit the private ownership [or outright confiscation] of firearms.

How can this be? Where before the 2nd Amendment was a bipartisan issue, with nuanced degrees of interpretation, now one of the political parties wants it destroyed!

The simple fact is there are no longer any moderate Democrats. When I was a kid, registered gun owning Democrats were 45% of the electorate. That number is now less than 30%. One recent study showed it as low as 26%. This number will continue to decline as the last few gun owners are chased out of the Democrat party. Hillary can never go too far to the left to win her party’s nomination because all the moderate and more conservative Democrats are no more. If she wins the nomination, I’ll guarantee you’ll hear her talking about how she will respect the 2nd Amendment in her new laws.

Here’s the problem with that. As a candidate, Hillary has already stated that the 2nd Amendment does not apply to you and me. She has been vocal in that Heller, and McDonald were wrongly adjudicated and should be overturned. While we could fight that battle again, it is her support to allow civil suits against gun dealers and manufacturers, if their guns are used in a crime, that will spell the demise of freedom and the second amendment. No need for a defective product or an error in design. Forget that the Federal Government has to approve all new gun sales through the background check system.

Imagine if this was applied to a car! You blow a tire on a rainy night and hit another car with your Prius. Well, then the manufacturer and the dealer where you bought the car would be held responsible as well as you.

Their liberal logic is perplexing. In Santa Barbara, Elliot Rodgers loses what little of his mind he has left and stabs three people to death, then uses his car as his primary weapon in killing three more & wounding 12…and it is treated as a gun crime? His knife and the car did most of the damage, but I guess it's a matter of never letting a good tragedy go to waste. Now if Hillary has her way, the gun manufacturer and sellers would be responsible. Never mind that he passed his background checks, and that his family tried to involve the police early to prevent this tragedy.

Why are the car manufacturers , auto dealerships and knife retailers exempt, while the gun dealer and manufacturer are forced out of business?

This is GREAT news for the trial lawyers who are funding Hillary's campaign. Trial lawyers have given almost $8 million to Hillary since last year alone. For gun owners, this legal assault will end our ability to buy or sell a gun and put all manufacturers and gun stores or ranges out of business. That, after all, IS their goal. When this “Legislation by Litigation” was originally started back in the 2000’s by womanizer Eliot Spitzer, the then AG for New York, he bragged that he would use it to bankrupt every gun maker in the country!

Following the Heller and McDonald Decisions, Hillary was vocal: “… the Supreme Court is wrong on the Second Amendment. And I am going to make that case every chance I get.” As for gun dealers and manufactures, she blamed them for mass shooting and said, “Let's put the gun makers and sellers on notice that they're not going to get away with it.”

Putting this in plain English, according to Hillary, “There is no individual right to own a gun.” And unlike ANY OTHER product in the US, “the manufacturer is liable for how a criminal uses their product.”

This is Hillary Clinton’s position on guns and gun ownership. The changing face of the Democrat party means there is no middle to be concerned about. Bill Clinton’s tactic of “Triangulation” is no more, there is no center to shift to. There is only the 26% that is far to the left, and that sees the Constitution as nothing more than “A piece of paper.”

So what can you do? You’ve registered to vote, you joined the NRA, you read AmmoLand and other pro-gun sites to keep up with the news. What more can you do? Next week I’ll outline the three things you can do.

We have one chance at this…ONE!

If we lose, our country will be irrevocably changed.

About Don McDougall:

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA” committee. If he’s not at the range you will find him setting the record straight on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

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  • 62 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Will End Private Gun Ownership

    1. My family, and I have been ‘life long’,(at least 5+ generations) dedicated Democrats. I have lived in San Francisco, my entire life. My thoughts, and opinions, are definitely ‘unpopular’ around here. But this year, After watching a debate between Clinton, and Sanders, I registered’ as a ‘Republican’.

      Realizing, and knowing that all politicians, are basically ‘re-purposed lawyers’ telling and promising people things they need / want to hear in order to get elected, and advance their party’s agenda. Also, knowing that ALL Politicians, be it Democrat, Republican, and, or otherwise, are inherently dishonest, and NOT TRUST WORTHY , ‘My parties’ candidates seemed especially FAKE, and INSINCERE, (ESPECIALLY CLINTON AND OBAMA).. Maybe it’s always been like this, and I hadn’t before seen it for what is was worth how fake the Dem’s were / are. I just had to ‘change horses’ . (their stance on ‘gun control’, was what ‘broke the camel’s back’).

      Why do lawyers go to ‘law school’? answer?: “So they will not promise, or say something illegal when they become politicians”.. My family and I had always been ‘shooters’, shot my first firearm (a .22 Marlin) when I was 5 years old. wanting to do the same as my Dad, my daughter was shooting her first gun (a .25 Beretta) at 4 years old.
      My family always had guns in the house, (and still do). Never even coming close to being a danger, to us, or anyone else.

      The one (1) and only time I had to ‘pull’ a gun was back in 1981. I found two ‘would be’ buglers, trying to break into my shop. Asking them what they were doing?, (my Ruger .357) still in my jacket pocket, they began walking toward me. I told them to “stay where you are”, they continued to advance on my 5’4″ frame. Just the sight of that Ruger ‘Speed Six’ was enough to stop them, and send them ‘running for cover’. Both these guys were far bigger than I.
      Remember “police, are only ‘minutes away’ – when ‘seconds’ count”.

      Now I don’t care what any Bullshit gun control ‘fans’ say. a firearm is the ‘great equalizer’. Small men (like me), woman, elderly, or handicapped people of any kind – (black, brown, Asian, white or what have you) can stand tall and protect themselves, their property, (and sometimes you don’t even have to fire).

      An old saying, (I haven’t heard for awhile) : “If you are young, and your not a ‘liberal’ – you have no heart. If you are older, and not a conservative – you have no brain.
      Back in 1968, the year (Bobby Kennedy, and Martin Luther King were assassinated), ‘policemen’, OH ,I’m sorry ‘police persons’, were forced to ‘cruise’ two (2) to a car, (police assassinations) California, and, (especially San Francisco), went ‘hog wild’ with “gun control” .All handguns had to be registered. hen in 2014 all ‘long guns’ had to be registered. So, (I) believe one form of law, or registration usually Leeds to another. My beloved Father, till the day he died, told all of us, : “Don’t even send in the ‘warranty card’ (when you purchase a firearm), that was one of the ways ‘Nazi Germany’, located, then confiscated guns” And we all know how that “ended up”

      I wonder what history, and the world we know today, would have been like if every Jewish home had a gun in the hands of family members who knew how to use them.

    2. No one will ever take my gun away from me. I am not a criminal and I am a law abiding citizen who owns three guns. I am licensed to carry a concealed weapon and so is my wife. My wife is a realtor and never goes on a showing without packing her gun. I would sooner go to jail than not have my gun in my home to protect my family. If someone knocked on my door and told me I had to hand in my gun there would be a huge problem; for them only !!! The second amendment is very important to me. Hilary Clinton is a criminal and needs to answer for her crimes and should go to jail.
      How can people be so stupid and vote for a woman who is so corrupt it amazes me beyond belief.
      You are not taking my gun !!!

    3. Outright prohibition of private gun ownership or gun right is only one step to repair and upgrade the American aging system which has become too old with obsolete concepts of freedom by the deceased American generation to stay competitive with other new emerging super- powers in the world.
      The first American Generation wrote their ideas of What the American society was like so long ago as two hundred thirty nine years ago when the World order was so much different from the today world which is no longer in the such a favour of the American as the old world order used to be
      Most American people are still living in the past instead of being consciously aware of what have happened to the old world order and what have been going on since the introduction of the American concept of free trade to the rest of the world.
      Why do we have such high crime rates including mass shootings or massacres? Why our economy is so gloomy?
      While we claim to have freedom and democracy?
      Because those obsolete concepts of freedom and free trade which have been causing more social, economic, and security problems than serving the best interests of this country and the majority of its people.
      Freedom doesn’t mean everyone can do whatever they want in their own ways regardless of the rest , because if so, the American society would become a society of chaos and its laws would become the law of the jungle. People would just kill one another with guns any thin else as a weapon to settle disputes or even arguments just like dangerous animals.
      Freedom means everyone can enjoy a certain rights such as human rights as long as they abide by the laws of the society which has been established upon the will and wishes of the majority of the population of a country
      It is obviously undeniable that gun right has been killing the human right to life of more and more innocent people, and causing higher and higher crime rates in America than doing anything else for the American people.
      So, the 2nd amendment is not good for the majority of the American people anymore, and needs to be out of the list of rights. We have living proofs which can prove that once private gun ownership is outright prohibited , all the gun-related crime rates will decrease to the lowest levels America has ever had. In some countries such as China, Vietnam the gun-related crime rates are almost zero, if not to say zero, because they completely ban private weapon possession and sale.
      We will not only have to put a ban on private gun ownership, but also have to reform the police system and change the way we train would-be police officers at our police academies to get rid of the habits of power abusiveness of some individuals in the police forces. Police officers will not need to use gun so often, and won’t have to shoot to kill anyone if no civilian has gun to disobey or attack and kill police officers when getting into a law violation and confrontation with the police.
      We have a fair justice system. So, all the disputes and problems between any civilians and any police officers can be settled in courts, instead of using gun violence to kill one another as the only solution making killing become a way of life. Every day, 83 American are shot and killed. Every year 30 000 American get killed with guns
      .The current criminal laws and prison system will have to be reformed too, to get rid of the over all so high crime rates, and wasting too much tax payers’s money on maintaining, and building more prisons to have more space for more and more criminals. American prisons have run out of space being too crowded or packed with more coming criminals than outgoing inmates.
      Having a gun doesn’t guarantee you any personal safety. Although it makes you believe or feel that you can be safe from any danger, it can encourages you to be more aggressive, and get into any serious confrontation with another individual or a number of persons to risk your own life and other people’s lives, even just for little things
      America is declining because of such obsolete ideas and concepts by the dead which are still living in the heads of such ignorant, blindly conservative, and unpractical Americans who are more lending a hand to America’s rivals to degrade American true values without being aware of it, than trying to promote the spirit of freedom. These aging minds are so dangerous to the future of this country and American next generation as any enemy of America. They have become more insane people with all kinds of unhealthy demands of keeping such outdated concepts, and recognizing and promoting socially negative trends or tendencies to push America faster and closer to the edge of decline than freedom promoters in the changing world today.
      There should be free classes to help the American public understand that America is now facing unprecedented challenges which require America to change many of its old concepts which define old America to become New America to be able to keep its values and position in today world That is the only choice for America and its people to make for the sake of the younger and next American generations. Otherwise, America will lag behind clinging to the such obsolete ideas and concepts of the old world
      Do American gun-right supporters know that the more and the longer the American use guns to kill one another, and support such socially negative tendencies as legalization of drugs, illegal immigrants, gay and lesbian marriages, the better it will be for America’s rivals to surpass America to prove that Their systems are far much better, and therefore American values will inevitably be replaced with their own new rules.
      Would American gun-right supporters like to see America’s values going down just to keep such nonsensical things as guns in their hands which are not going to bring them any more jobs, any more bread or any better life, except chances of shooting somebody like a murderer does?

    4. They might get mine when they pry them from my cold dead fingers . They can’t if we stand together and don’t let them. They only have the power we let them have

    5. You will never get my guns, they are protected by the real Consistution and should I fall in battle (Just like the Russians in Stalingrad) the Patroit behind me will retrieve my weapons and fight on, you will never win.

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