Hillary Clinton Will End Private Gun Ownership

By Don McDougall

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton
Don McDougall
Don McDougall

United States -(AmmoLand.com)- For the first time in American history, the leading candidate for the Democrat party is running on a platform that would prohibit the private ownership [or outright confiscation] of firearms.

How can this be? Where before the 2nd Amendment was a bipartisan issue, with nuanced degrees of interpretation, now one of the political parties wants it destroyed!

The simple fact is there are no longer any moderate Democrats. When I was a kid, registered gun owning Democrats were 45% of the electorate. That number is now less than 30%. One recent study showed it as low as 26%. This number will continue to decline as the last few gun owners are chased out of the Democrat party. Hillary can never go too far to the left to win her party’s nomination because all the moderate and more conservative Democrats are no more. If she wins the nomination, I’ll guarantee you’ll hear her talking about how she will respect the 2nd Amendment in her new laws.

Here’s the problem with that. As a candidate, Hillary has already stated that the 2nd Amendment does not apply to you and me. She has been vocal in that Heller, and McDonald were wrongly adjudicated and should be overturned. While we could fight that battle again, it is her support to allow civil suits against gun dealers and manufacturers, if their guns are used in a crime, that will spell the demise of freedom and the second amendment. No need for a defective product or an error in design. Forget that the Federal Government has to approve all new gun sales through the background check system.

Imagine if this was applied to a car! You blow a tire on a rainy night and hit another car with your Prius. Well, then the manufacturer and the dealer where you bought the car would be held responsible as well as you.

Their liberal logic is perplexing. In Santa Barbara, Elliot Rodgers loses what little of his mind he has left and stabs three people to death, then uses his car as his primary weapon in killing three more & wounding 12…and it is treated as a gun crime? His knife and the car did most of the damage, but I guess it’s a matter of never letting a good tragedy go to waste. Now if Hillary has her way, the gun manufacturer and sellers would be responsible. Never mind that he passed his background checks, and that his family tried to involve the police early to prevent this tragedy.

Why are the car manufacturers , auto dealerships and knife retailers exempt, while the gun dealer and manufacturer are forced out of business?

This is GREAT news for the trial lawyers who are funding Hillary’s campaign. Trial lawyers have given almost $8 million to Hillary since last year alone. For gun owners, this legal assault will end our ability to buy or sell a gun and put all manufacturers and gun stores or ranges out of business. That, after all, IS their goal. When this “Legislation by Litigation” was originally started back in the 2000’s by womanizer Eliot Spitzer, the then AG for New York, he bragged that he would use it to bankrupt every gun maker in the country!

Following the Heller and McDonald Decisions, Hillary was vocal: “… the Supreme Court is wrong on the Second Amendment. And I am going to make that case every chance I get.” As for gun dealers and manufactures, she blamed them for mass shooting and said, “Let’s put the gun makers and sellers on notice that they’re not going to get away with it.”

Putting this in plain English, according to Hillary, “There is no individual right to own a gun.” And unlike ANY OTHER product in the US, “the manufacturer is liable for how a criminal uses their product.”

This is Hillary Clinton’s position on guns and gun ownership. The changing face of the Democrat party means there is no middle to be concerned about. Bill Clinton’s tactic of “Triangulation” is no more, there is no center to shift to. There is only the 26% that is far to the left, and that sees the Constitution as nothing more than “A piece of paper.”

So what can you do? You’ve registered to vote, you joined the NRA, you read AmmoLand and other pro-gun sites to keep up with the news. What more can you do? Next week I’ll outline the three things you can do.

We have one chance at this…ONE!

If we lose, our country will be irrevocably changed.

About Don McDougall:

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA” committee. If he’s not at the range you will find him setting the record straight on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

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Jim O'neal

My family, and I have been ‘life long’,(at least 5+ generations) dedicated Democrats. I have lived in San Francisco, my entire life. My thoughts, and opinions, are definitely ‘unpopular’ around here. But this year, After watching a debate between Clinton, and Sanders, I registered’ as a ‘Republican’. Realizing, and knowing that all politicians, are basically ‘re-purposed lawyers’ telling and promising people things they need / want to hear in order to get elected, and advance their party’s agenda. Also, knowing that ALL Politicians, be it Democrat, Republican, and, or otherwise, are inherently dishonest, and NOT TRUST WORTHY , ‘My parties’… Read more »

Henry Paez

No one will ever take my gun away from me. I am not a criminal and I am a law abiding citizen who owns three guns. I am licensed to carry a concealed weapon and so is my wife. My wife is a realtor and never goes on a showing without packing her gun. I would sooner go to jail than not have my gun in my home to protect my family. If someone knocked on my door and told me I had to hand in my gun there would be a huge problem; for them only !!! The second… Read more »

Daniel Sarge

Does this mean Colt can be sued by the families of people who died in gunfights in the Old West?


Outright prohibition of private gun ownership or gun right is only one step to repair and upgrade the American aging system which has become too old with obsolete concepts of freedom by the deceased American generation to stay competitive with other new emerging super- powers in the world. The first American Generation wrote their ideas of What the American society was like so long ago as two hundred thirty nine years ago when the World order was so much different from the today world which is no longer in the such a favour of the American as the old world… Read more »


They might get mine when they pry them from my cold dead fingers . They can’t if we stand together and don’t let them. They only have the power we let them have

Christopher Lawrwnce

You will never get my guns, they are protected by the real Consistution and should I fall in battle (Just like the Russians in Stalingrad) the Patroit behind me will retrieve my weapons and fight on, you will never win.




I heard a bitch can bark. And bark and bark…


For sure all of this family will be voting republican. We were strong supporters of the democrat party all of our lives, not now and not any more. All of us are straight republican now just because of this %$#@ and all of the Democrat party. I hope that someone in the Dem party reads this stuff and let’s her know. Watch out for her health care fix also, this will be a killer. She will assign you a doctor and if he is a looser, tough luck. If you see another doctor with permission you loose your coverage. This,… Read more »

Rodney Westley

Hillary Clinton the things that you are doing will not keep people safe. Your putting the blame on others then putting the blame on the person who did something wrong. Please don’t put your morals and values on me lit me make up my mind on how I would like to live my life. The way that you and the other’s are going about things are not good for me and not good for others your going to put the USA in a place where you don’t want it to be. I hope that you do not make to office… Read more »


Fall for nothing – it’s all very real!! Just look at satans latest presidential orders to redefine dea dealer as anyone who buys or sells a firearm in order to register all firearms . A necessity step for confiscation ! It’s very very real this threat of the devilcrats trying to disarm America. It now becomes clear that the devilcrats have abandoned America for the communists and Isis under satans lead don’t let anyone tell you that the ultimate goal is not confiscation. Because that’s not true it Really IS no matter what lies they spout!! Life liberty and the… Read more »


Anything to up the gun sales, right ammo-sexuals? How many of these “X is coming to get your guns” BS stories are you going to be fooled by? Bill Clinton, Obama now Hillary? Does the phrase “Follow the Money” ring a bell.

5 years from now and during the 5th Hillary is coming to get your Gun sale, will you fall for it again?


No she won’t. She’ll start a very unCivil War. If idiots like her thought they could actually get away with doing this now NY, CT and some of the other wayward states would already be vigorously enforcing their existing unconstitutional edicts. Hillary and her friends can ram through any legislation that they want, but it won’t change the facts on the ground. Gun bans and confiscation will not come cheap…for those who say “No” or those who foolishly say “Yes” to taking part in the raid teams. Let’s hope even the loud-mouthed anti’s aren’t ACTUALLY this dumb.


Ain’t Happening in that Worthless B*tches Life Time ! ! !


If elected, Hillary Clinton will be the next in a succession of Presidents who ignore the Constitution they are sworn to uphold.


It’s time to either run this liberal scum out of the country or ship the parasites to Gitmo more an extended Cuban vacation.


I don’t know why everyone has their panties all in a bunch over this article. Anything short of a Constitutional Amendment will NEVER remove the right to keep and bear arms! As to litigating anything against weapons she can screech all she wants about suing firearms manufacturers but unless Congress passes a law that provides for such a suit no law suits will be filed. Now some STUPID State legislatures may try this Mickey Mouse Horse S HIT but they too I believe, will lose when it reaches the Supreme Court. Even the liberal meatheads on the court would realize… Read more »


The communist she devil Hillary is not an American her only interests are self first power and advancing communism while destroying America !! She is just as evil as satan that’s in the White House one, OR WORSE!!, if she wins we be kissing or guns goodbye under a totalitarian regime as well as America ; tearing the heart out of the bill of rights is only the first step to destroying it!!as well as the constitution she is pure evil embodied in female form ,just as satan who’s already in the White House and working as hard as possible… Read more »


That is a ridiculous headline for this article. ‘Hillary Clinton will end private gun ownership’ ! So matter of fact ! Total BS too ! Will the bit*ch do that from her prison cell ?


Mark Are,

Haven’t you heard of NYS SAFE Act ?

NY’ers did nothing about that criminal legislation. Cuomo is still walking and breathing and NY’ers 2A rights, in NYS, are in the toilet.



The Congress has allowed soetoro-obama to do whatever he pleases. They have denied him nothing. The Boehners and Ryans are in lockstep with the Democrat Marxists.

If it comes to the actions that Clinton says she will implement against the rule of law, the only solution will be chopping off the head of the snake.

Patriot Oath Keeper

There are no privately owned guns. Any American gun supporter is a member of the American Militia sent forth to defend The United States of America against a Unconstitutional government.


I only hope she gets her opportunity to “End Private Gun Ownership”, from inside a jail cell. I would love to see and it would renew my faith (a little) to see the government actually policing itself…. But I will not hold my breath…


On the Heller and McDonald Decisions, Hillary was vocal; “… the Supreme Court is wrong on the Second Amendment.” Well, having read the cases, let’s see how wrong the Supreme Court was based on the intent of the Framers: “If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.” — Samuel Adams, 1780. “Resistance to sudden violence, for the preservation not only of my person, my limbs, and life, but of my property, is an indisputable right of nature… Read more »

C W Griffin Jr

Thank you for sharing your knowledge


@munchie,why is ther alwaz some do gooder like u that haz two correct the weigh we spell ? Leave fool !


I can guarantee that nobody will ever take firearms from the citizens of Texas,never ! Gov.Greg Abbott has already responded to this crazy c*nt about that too ! Maybe in places like NY,CT,Kali,NJ,etc.cess pools like that might cave,but never in Texas ! ‘Texas,like a whole other country’ !


Why is the Second Amendment being the only right that is being challenged for Americans to seek governmental permission to exercise? The gun banners don’t do that for any of the other amendments. If it was not for the Second Amendment then the other amendments will be just as useless as the “just a piece of paper” that the gun banners say it is. The founding fathers had it right in drafting the Second Amendment. All other gun laws are absolutely “infringing” on that right. Ignoring and defying those gun laws is the only way to preserve liberty and freedom.… Read more »


No, the Second Amendment is not just to “clearly spell-out” the (GOD-GIVEN) acknowledged right of individuals to keep/bear arms… it specifically prohibits the government from interfering with that already-existing right.


Ammolamd needs a copy editor. Or do you just hire retard millennials ? I get so tired of the English language being destroyed with piss poor spelling and grammar.


She has to be elected first. That is the most likely candidate to win at tis time. She is campaigning to win. It is highly unlikely she will follow through with a ban on private ownership, and even if she does, any one person does not have the power to ban private ownership.
All of these belligerent abusive comments do not speak well for you the commenter.


Her plans would set the ball rolling in the court system for everyone to sue car, knife, baseball bat, tool manufacturers. In the event their product was used in the death of someone. Then those businesses would fail due to all the litigation the companies will face. To make matters worse. Gun manufactures will close up shop. Where will Queen Hilary fins weapons and ammunition to arm her military, secret service, NSA, CIA, FBI, EPA, BATF, FEMA, CDC, Border Patrol (if it was not disbanded), Post Office and others too msny to list? Would she buy from Russia, Grrmany, Israel… Read more »


A fluff piece meant to incite all sorts of “from my dead hands” kind of rhetoric.

Never going to happen. Period.


F**k her ||||||||

Robert J. Lucas

Here we have another prime example of a person running for the highest political office in the US, that probably could not pass the background checks in some of the toughest states regarding personal firearms ownership. Many of these people are under the influence of mind altering prescribed & non-prescribed pharmaco amongst other things. This alone would disqualify them, but yet we are going to allow them to make national and global decisions? Remember, anyone not supporting the second amendment of our constitution, will not respect any other aspect of the document that the framers wrote. Take away private ownership… Read more »


Only 20% of Americans self identify as liberals. The other 6% must be merely ignorant, the “useful idiots ” of whom Lenin spoke.

Mr. Popo

I’m pretty sure she was have a severe allergic reaction to lead before she could destroy the constitution.

Mark Are

My RIGHT to own a gun of any sort for my protection isn’t derived from the government or any one who is in the government. It is MINE by birth. I have the RIGHT to my life and thus the correlative right to DEFEND my life with WHATEVER means necessary. I BELIEVE I have the right to own a Stinger missile to protect myself from a tyrannical government that might or would most likely turn an Apache helicopter loose on me or my friends or family. The problem class would be the psychopaths that would ENFORCE such insanity. They are… Read more »


“…it is her decision to allow civil suits against gun dealers and manufacturers…”

No, it’s not “her decision.”
It would take Congress to enact such a law.

hog hunter

she is like the 1/2 breed muslim in the white house she will use her pen and make new laws


Have you ever heard of a government that banned it’s own ARMED FORCES from “Keeping and Bearing” ARMS? Find one government in the history of humanity that felt a need to document a “RIGHT” for it’s ARMED FORCES to possess ARMS. Hundreds of governments have banned their Citizens from “keeping and bearing ARMS” but NEVER has a government banned It’s TROOPS from doing so. The claim that the Government wrote the 2nd Amendment to give Our ARMED FORCES a “right” to carry ARMS is S-T-U-P-I-D. The only reason for the Second Amendment is to clearly spell-out the GOD GIVEN RIGHT… Read more »

Jesse Scott

Oh no she isn’t….that fat cow isn’t gonna be elected


Its already over my friend 30 minutes after the polls close the media will proclaim her the winner , OBAMA and the BITCH know it already and the bitch who is thin now will stay there and the big court will be so far leftist will light up TILT

Tom R.

She can try. LMAO!

Wayne Clark

Her intentions can be whatever they want. The fact remains, she doesn’t have the constitutional power, even if elected (which is practically nill), to ban private ownership. The legislative process would have to be 100% behind her madness & as history has shown, that will never happen either.
She needs to be convicted of the crimes she’s commited & let “Bertha” reason with her sooty ass.


21st Amendment ratified 12/05/1933. NFA signed into law 06/26/1934. Please use accurate information to form pro-gun arguments, otherwise we continue to give more “ammunition” to those who seek to restrict the 2A even further.


It’ll be like prohibition of alcohol in the 20’s and 30’s. The bsn then did stop the production, transportation or consumption of alcohol. It just became more dangerous. Eventually the whole thing was repealed. The same day the NFA was enacted. Why does Hillary and the Democrats think the same thing won’t happen with guns? Evil people will use whatever means the have to cause terror. Terrorism has happened before gun were invented and it will happen long after technology has moved on.


Dear Sir or Madam: RE: Obama’s latest executive decision on gun control I was reading an online newsletter called GunsAmerica, and the author Max Slowik brought up some very troubling information about Obama’s latest gun control executive decision. Redefining what a gun dealer is is not the most insidious and draconian facet of Obama’s latest effort. Please read the following excerpt from the article, and my comments which will follow. Federal Lawsuit Filed Against Gun Control Executive Orders by MAX SLOWIK on JANUARY 20, 2016 The Freedom Watch is also challenging the lawsuit’s new standards for “prohibited person,” also on… Read more »


In texas we grew up with guns and had no problems, every one used to have a gun
in the back window of our pickup. In high school you would see rows of pickups with rifles
in racks in back windows, a 30-30 rifle, a 12 guage shot gun always loaded for rattle snakes.
Texas will protect our guns and rights to carry



Dr. Strangelove

Molon labe, bitch.


WakeUpAmerica!!!! WTF has happened to this once great nation. This nation has so gone to absolute, utter, $hit!!!! My God and baby Jesus.

Reymundo López

I am registered all of my family is ready to vote. I and my family were democrats not any more we will be voting straight ticket for the republicans. Hillary has started a fire that will consume her. We will see on election day. This means war!




Socialist traitor to the Constitution . If she wants to live gun free give up your secret service arms now. You can live defenseless in a world of criminals just like common folks, in the communist states.