Hillary Will Take Your Guns – Part II

By Don McDougall

Hillary Clinton Supports Australian-style Gun Confiscation
Hillary Clinton
Don McDougall
Don McDougall

United States -(AmmoLand.com)- I contend that Hillary sees the 2nd Amendment as a collective right and that she will use litigation as her primary tool to destroy the gun and freedom loving culture in America.

Also that the only reason we see a big push for gun control is that it is a way for her to excite her base and that our rights are expendable to her, as part of a get out the democratic vote campaign.

So what can you do? How can you help preserve your right to own a firearm?

  1. Get involved in social media. Facebook, Twitter. etc. And spend 10 minutes a day defending our rights. Most of these sites keep track of the volume of pro and anti on many subjects. Your pro gun activity helps defend our rights.
  1. Visit the news section of Bing, Google, or Yahoo and when you see an anti-NRA or gun rights article comment on it, use facts and show the author why they are wrong. But be polite as well!
  1. Support pro-gun candidates even if they are not your 1st choice.

In 2012, Romney won the Independents votes, what he failed to do was get conservatives to vote for him. Had conservatives shown up for Romney in the same numbers they did for Bush 43, there would not have been an Obama 2rd term. ANYTHING would have been better than the last three years!

Once Hillary finagles the Democrats nomination she will pivot to the center. “Of course, I’ll respect the 2nd Amendment, I just want reasonable gun control laws…for the children.” Then we’ll hear that cackling laugh and she’ll repeat that line over and over.

Don’t let her redefine herself, again! If you do nothing else, help prevent Hillary from hiding her gun banning agenda.

The gun grabbing left have already started to spin her position. In an online discussion, two Hillary supporters stated to me emphatically, that there never has been and never was ANY call for a gun ban or confiscation, by either Hillary or Obama. That it was all invented by the NRA because Hillary is a woman and Obama is a minority. I mean SERIOUSLY? I suggested they look up President Obama’s call that we follow the EU model of gun control or Hillary suggesting an Australian style gun confiscation. They responded, ”THOSE THING NEVER HAPPENED!”. Most of America will buy this lie IF it is repeated enough and goes unchallenged often enough.

Gun owners are a private lot, we don’t want the attention. But we no longer have that choice; the new digital age means we must take the battle on-line.

You’ve registered to vote, and you joined the NRA. You read Ammoland every day to keep up on the right news. Now YOU need to find a voice and speak up. A human eye can make out the flicker of a candle at 30 miles. Enough candles will light up a stadium. Lend your voice. You don’t need to do much, just 10 minutes a day to let your voice be heard.

All you have to lose is your right to own a gun & freedom.

About Don McDougall:

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA” committee. If he’s not at the range you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

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Tex and Wild Bill – I know you are proud of your State, I understand that. I lived in Houston, BTW the “arm pit of the nation”, for 2 1/2 years, visit relatives there and Yorktown. I personally am not impressed and I thank my lucky stars I no longer live there, just my opinion. However, as far as guns go you guys are WAY behind. Your state passed “shall issue” in 1996 when mine was doing that for the past 20 years. Yes, 20! I open carried back 30 years ago and you guys just now passed open carry.… Read more »

Wild Bill

Hey, Tex if you let the secret out about how wonderful Texas is all that liberal trash will come down here. If you just let them think what they want we won’t have to put up with them. When I mustered out, I could have chosen any of the several states to retire to. I chose Texas. My new neighbors were extremely welcoming. Each and every neighbor stopped by, introduced themselves, and chatted. One of them made me read a book about Sam Houston and early Texas history so that I would fit in. I am taking “Texan as a… Read more »

Clark Kent

Tex: Yup, the truth hurts coming from a Union general who was part of the TOTAL and COMPLETE crushing of the Confederacy during the Civil War. And the GDP (look that up in a dictionary if you know what a dictionary is; which I doubt) of Texas would be zilch without Yankees. Texas IS like a whole other country; unfortunately that country is Honduras. ‘Nuff said; grow up.

Clark Kent

Tex: Yup, must be tough for you to hear the truth from a Union general who TOTALLY and COMPLETELY kicked the asses of the Confederates during the Civil War. And Texas would have the GDP (look that up in a dictionary; if you know what a dictionary is) of Panama if it was not for the Yankees. Texas IS like a whole other country; unfortunately that country is Honduras. Grow up, ’nuff said.


@clark Kent,lmfao ! Quoting a POS Yankee blue bellie ! Too funny ! ‘TEXAS LIKE A WHOLE OTHER COUNTRY’ We just need to keep all these damn Yankees out of our state ! In Texas we would rather have wetback Mexicans than Yankee trash here ‘ ‘Nuff said !


Absolutely correct, the next POTUS will appoint at lease two or more justices to the SCOTUS.

Remember that when you are sworn in to the Supreme Court it is a lifetime job until you resign or die.

Roger W. Hollister

My first family ancestor came to America in 1658. He was a British soldier and ,of course, carried his rifle with him. His descendants became American colonists and won our independence during the Revolutionary War. I’m sure most Americans share similiar ancestry to some degree, whether they realize it or not. We are all Americans. We were born with a gun in our hands. It is our history and we have fought many battles to preserve our country. We hold our country close to our hearts! Many of our ancestors have died for our freedoms! .Honest and law abiding Americans… Read more »

Clark Kent

Tex: ‘If I owned Texas and Hell I would rent out Texas and live in Hell’ – General William Tecumseh Sherman. ‘Nuff said. P.S. Be ready for Hillary as POTUS. Don’t forget Obozo was elected TWICE. Stock up on reloading supplies, ammo, and firearms NOW ’cause these are the good old days. P.S. JohnC: With friends like you who need enemies?

Captain Obvious

How is she gonna take them? Obama already took all my guns.


“Gun owners are a private lot, we don’t want the attention. But we no longer have that choice; the new digital age means we must take the battle on-line.” Hear hear!

Let’s not let Hillary redefine herself. Everyone of us knows that she moves left, center, depending on which voters she wants to attract.


Texas is the greatest state in this country ! Texas is the place you want to be during this gungrabbing epidemic going on by the leftists socialists right now ! There are many things I don’t know but I know for an absolute fact that there is no power on earth that will take the firearms from lawabidding Texans !


Here in MONTANA, we take our guns and our hunting very sercilly and I am sure that a lot of us. Need our guns to put meat on the table, and in our freezers. I would happen to guess that most of us would put up a pretty good fight, before losing our guns, either hand guns, or our rifles.and I would bet that we are not alone in this?


Yes Hippy, I do not disagree. My point is to make reasonable arguments to make the point, like you just did.


JohnC, I’m sure you have good intentions, but as the old saying goes…”The road to Hell is paved with good intentions!” You should dig into the history of the world history of the 20th century to enlighten yourself. There were a lot of people in a lot of countries who preached similar dogma to yours. What really happened was that 200-260 million people were liquidated by their own governments after first being disarmed. The 2 biggest offenders were the old Soviet Union and Red China. So, when you hear pompous politicians like Clinton and Obama talking about reasonable gun control,… Read more »


Hillary Clinton sounds like a ‘broken record’ and come to think of it, her political record is broken too!

grim reaper

I’ve read where there might possibly be 4 Supreme Court Justices appointed in the next presidential term. If she appoints them you might loose more than just the second amenment.


Mr. McDougall, do you really think one person can be successful in taking our guns? It is nonsense. I find it hard to believe that so many people are afraid of Secretary Clinton. The fact is the U.S. citizenry has millions more guns now than when President Obama took office. The terrorists and the crazies that have been shooting innocents have guaranteed that. If anything the perception that our President is going to try and confiscate our weapons have promoted sales and expanded gun ownership. Not liking a candidate for whatever reason is OK. But the vitriol often directed to… Read more »

Harry in Ohio

My guess is that Clinton wishes she could go back in time and change her original opposition to gun ownership. At that time, is was a subject that could make her look progressive. Now, violence has escalated to a point that there are many households that have guns, but the home owners are afraid to mention it to their liberal friends. Here in Ohio I was taking my paper work in to renew my CCW license. I met three people I would NEVER pick out in a crowd as CCW people. The younger man looked the type that would run… Read more »


From an Aussie shooter, don’t give an inch.
And criminals still have guns here, that’s not changed at all.