How To Locate Public Land Turkeys – The Turkey Hunter’s Bible

by John E. Phillips

Turkey Hunting
How To Locate Public Land Turkeys – The Turkey Hunter’s Bible
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USA –  -( If you’re going to take a tom turkey this season, one of your best sources of information is “The Turkey Hunter’s Bible”. Below is an excerpt from this useful book on finding the best turkey hunting on public land.

Many states have national forests, which have been set aside by the federal government to ensure wild places for Americans to hunt, fish, camp, hike and enjoy the outdoor experience. Often national forest lands will have huntable populations of wild turkeys.

Begin your search for wild turkeys by calling the U.S. Forest Service which should be listed in your phone book. If you cannot find the number for the U.S. Forest Service, call your state’s Department of Conservation or your local game warden / conservation officer and ask him for the phone number. Then contact the U.S. Forest Service, and ask them which area of the national forest in your section of the country should provide the best turkey hunting. Get the phone number of the area ranger, and call him to set up an appointment. Ask him to bring a map of the close-by national forests that have turkeys.

The Turkey Hunter’s Bible :
The Turkey Hunter’s Bible :

Your next choice will be state game lands, often called wildlife management areas. Most states usually have an area manager for each of their gamelands who patrol their areas daily and will be able to tell you where and how to hunt turkeys on their lands.

Ask the area manager to mark a map of the region to pinpoint where you most likely will discover turkeys.

Next talk to large landowners in your state — timber companies, utility companies, coal companies and large corporations which own vast tracts of woodlands. By contacting these corporations and determining if they have lands for the public to hunt either through a fee or a paid permit system, you often will locate good turkey hunting lands close to your home.

Another quick yet reliable way to find both public and private lands for hunting turkeys is to contact the conservation officer or game warden in the area you want to hunt, because these men usually patrol one to three counties per day.

They know which companies own the best turkey land, and whether or not the land is open to public or private hunting. Because they are defenders of wildlife, they will also know the hunting policies of the landowners whose property they patrol.

These tips and more can be found in my book “The Turkey Hunter’s Bible”

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About the author:
For the past 40+ years, John E. Phillips of Vestavia, Alabama, has been a fulltime outdoor writer, traveling the world interviewing hunters, guides, outfitters and other outdoorsmen about how they hunt and fish. An award-winning author, John has been hunting and fishing since his kindergarten days.