Human Rights Advocate Paul Lathrop Needs Your Help

By Rob Morse

Paul Lathrop
Paul Lathrop
Slow Facts
Slow Facts

Louisiana- ( Paul Lathrop needs your help.  Paul owns the Polite Society Podcast and is a strong second-amendment advocate.

By day he is a long-haul truck driver and driving instructor.  He was arrested in Nebraska on suspect charges.

From Gunfreezone.Net:

“The student driver had stopped at a station to refuel. As the student pulled away from the pump, another driver apparently felt that the student was too close to his rig. Although there was no collision, the irate driver of the other truck rushed over to the driver’s side of Paul’s rig and aggressively approached the student.The student told the other driver to back off. Paul also demanded that the driver back off.

After some back and forth, the other driver finally went back to his vehicle and the student drove off. Unfortunately the other driver decided to call the police and accused Paul of threatening him with a gun. The student swears that he never saw a gun at any time during the confrontation, but the police stopped them and Paul was arrested.

Paul is being accused of making “terroristic” threats. Many of you are aware that is one of the latest ploys used by ambitious prosecutors all over the nation. In addition, they included “Possession of a weapon during the commission of a felony”. Of course the “felony” is the trumped up charge of making terroristic threats. I find that to be a self-referencing, catch 22 type of charge.

Paul’s student was driving the truck out of a truck stop while Paul was back in the sleeper section.  Another trucker yelled that Paul’s student drove too close to the trucker’s rig.  The trucker said Paul threatened him with a gun.  Paul and his student say Paul never touched his firearm.  Paul is now back on the road earning a living but the legal expenses will run to tens of thousands of dollars.”

Paul’s resources are modest and he really needs the help of the 2A and human rights community.  You can help Paul by making a donation in any amount. Can you donate the cost of a box of ammunition?

Paul spoke with his lawyer last Friday.  He needs another $5,000 before the lawyer will take the case.

The lawyer is optimistic, but they need more than that amount of money to mount a good defense.  The goal is $15 thousand.  We’ve opened a GoGetFunding site.

Please donate here.

Fundraising with GoGetFunding


Rob Morse: Rob writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily and on his SlowFacts blog. He co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. He is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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Phillip Evans

Thank goodness all charges were recently dropped!


If the complainant is in fact a long hall trucker, from out of state, there is a very real chance that he, the only witness, just won’t make it to the trial to testify. No witness, no case. I’m a little amazed that the local Cops would even make an arrest, based upon the complaint of what for them surly is viewed as an out of state transient. No doubt what this is really about, was a possible opportunity to confiscate a gun. Perhaps they have a bug up the stove pipe about out of State Truckers rolling through their… Read more »


This is why I do not even put a NRA sticker on my car. The wackos out there is getting serious.


I wouldn’t carry at all without Texas Law Shield insurance. The gungrabbers lie and the Swatters are everywhere. Get insurance,it’s critical !


I wouldn’t carry at all w/o Texas Law Shield insurance.

Dave Z

We all know who the REAL aggressor was that day; who probably has a history of it.


What sort of decision is “pore”? Brandishing a gun to an aggressor? What the heck are guns __for__, if you can’t point them at an aggressor? I guess it was “pore” to stand up for his student.

Dave Z

First, you’re assuming he showed his weapon. If Paul had done that, he would have been the first to call 911. Paul, by his own admission, admits he’s a bit of a hothead when riled up. Now I’m going to do some assuming. Since the guy, (who I wish I knew who he was,) reported that Paul made terroristic threats, Paul must have let him know that he was armed and would lose any violent aggression. We all know who the real aggressor was that day.
Second, it’s poor, not pore.


Sorry Lava, I did not know that the spelling police were monitoring this forum. Do you get paid by the week or by the comments?


Too few facts for me to jump in feet first. If more details are released that indicate he didn’t make threats I’ll donate. And ‘make threats’ does include ‘I’ll grab my gun’.

Burke that was unnecessary. He pointed out an error, man up.

How can we expect to be taken seriously if we can’t speak, or type as is the case, intelligently? Please take the time to read before posting to prevent mildly embarrassing mistakes and don’t get insulted if someone points out an error.


After thinking about this for a bit I have to say I am not sure. Paul could be a victim of someone making false statements or Paul could be someone that made a pore decision. With these few facts it is hard to tell who is telling the truth. If he and his student keep to the same story I find it hard to believe that a jury would convict. Some juror will have reasonable doubt and cast a not guilty vote.


PayPal is a rip off operation, speaking from personal experience here.


I’m going to donate if the site accepts PayPal when I get there, otherwise he’s SOL, as I don’t give out my CC data over the wire anymore.

But he truly needs our help, as if he’s stuck with a public defender, he’ll get convicted of a lesser charge, as that is all a PD will do for you.

F Riehl, Editor in Chief

The service accepts PayPal.


Would a jury actually convict him if both he and his student stick to their story that no gun was ever brandished? Seams it would be their word against the other guys. Hey, a lot of truckers carry guns so nothing out of the ordinary there. and people make false accusations all the time. That said, 15 k does sound about right.


5 grand to start and 15 grand as a target is very conservative. Going up against an aggressive prosecutor can get very expensive. And, the good attorneys are not cheap.
Many who carry guns get concealed carry insurance . That way, they have quick access to experienced attorneys without breaking their bank.


Sounds like Paul needs another lawyer !

Rob Morse

Bail, lawyer’s fees, witness costs..


Thanks Rob… 🙂
Every little coin helps.