Jewish Gun Rights Group Welcomes Ted Nugent as Newest Member

By David Codrea

Ted Nugent
Ted Nugent maintains he's not anti-Semitic, and explains how a thoughtless Facebook post created a firestorm that not many “friends” have been interested in asking him about.
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USA –  -(  Practically everyone, including conservative and gun rights groups, reacted with understandable outrage to rocker and RKBA diehard Ted Nugent’s Facebook post of a graphic featuring Jewish anti-gun politicians with Israeli flags.

While quick to distance themselves from a celebrity they’d have happily claimed as an ally the day before his ill-conceived post, none of his detractors even attempted to contact him afterward to ask if accusations of anti-Semitism were true.

Wanting to understand what he was thinking and how he managed to make himself a media target for charges of anti-Semitism, Nicki Kenyon of The Zelman Partisans spoke with Nugent, and found her group was alone in asking him what happened. Additionally, Nugent took TZP up on an offer it made a week earlier and ended up joining the group.

The recently-formed organization is comprised of former members of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, who split off in disagreement following JPFO’s acquisition by the Second Amendment Foundation. Naming themselves in honor of JPFO’s founder, the late Aaron Zelman, TZP activists who knew and worked closely with Zelman consider themselves more in keeping with his fiercely uncompromising nature, and believe their approach to be truer to the legacy their friend, colleague and mentor would have wanted.

Perhaps there’s something to that, as JPFO, instead of reaching out to Nugent, merely issued a statement decrying his post. And while they are correct (in a Captain Obvious kind of way) that “Aaron Zelman, founder of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership was far from anti-gun,” the statement ignores that Zelman reserved some of his harshest criticism for Jewish citizen disarmament proponents, and even coined the term “bagel brained Jews” to describe them.

In many ways, Aaron Zelman and Ted Nugent were alike, particularly in not worrying about who might be offended.

“Do Jewish leaders want us all to be victims?” Zelman asked in one powerful essay. He’s also the man who, in his trademark politically-incorrect, take-on-all-comers style, told the Anti-Defamation League to “burn in hell.”

People are going to have their opinions about Nugent and about what he posted on his Facebook page, and on his adamant refusal since then to back down.  In a way, that works in his favor against those who will now claim he only spoke with Kenyon and TZP as a pandering move to try and ingratiate himself back into the good graces of those calling for his expulsion from the NRA Board.  He just doesn’t appear to be the type of guy to back down or to bow to political correctness.

Was it ill-conceived?  Considering how easy it is to trace back to true anti-Semites who have used the same graphic, it was certainly thoughtless, and Nugent admits as much.

Was it evidence of bigotry? Of course not.

And those tripping all over themselves to distance themselves from Nugent ought to know better.  What are you guys afraid of, that Media Matters and The Huffington Post will say mean things about you? Like they won't regardless of how much you try to appear “reasonable“?

My own takeaway from this? I’ve not involved myself that much in Nugent’s doings, aside from writing an article critical of his supporting Tom Tancredo, given some of that politician’s bipolar positions on guns. I’m hardly in the tank for the guy – I’m just looking at what makes sense to me.

On the other hand, I go back years with Nicki, and if there’s one person who will not mince words and is not afraid to rip into someone who deserves it – and colorfully – just ask her readers how timid and reserved they think she is. I’m pretty sure if she perceived Ted was BSing her, she wouldn’t be afraid to publicly field dress the guy, and maybe even not just metaphorically.

Go read her article (and take the poll) and make up your own mind.

David Codrea in his natural habitat.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and also posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

  • 29 thoughts on “Jewish Gun Rights Group Welcomes Ted Nugent as Newest Member

    1. It has nothing to do with bigotry and everything to do with hypocrisy.
      Attempts to disarm US citizens by jewish politicians is much like the nazis disarmed the Jews.

    2. There is a Jew conspiracy in this country to trash the 2A ! Nugent was spot on about that ! It’s so obvious to everyone ! Jews place the race card as good a blacks do ! If you tell the truth about Jews,and they don’t like it you’re anti Semitic !

    3. It is astounding that the level of reading comprehension in the general population of the United States has fallen to such a low level.. The Nuges comments in no way were racists, those of us that are able to understand and comprehend the written word understood Teds comment. perfectly. Ted was also correct in his assessment of gun grabbing collectivists anti second amendment Jews. If you can find a living Jew that survived the Warsaw Ghetto, just ask him or her about how they feel about the gun grabbers both Jewish and Gentile.

    4. It is astounding that the level of reading comprehension in the general population of the United States has fallen to such a low level.. The Nuges comments in no way were racists, those of us that are able to understand and comprehend the written word understood Teds comment. perfectly. Ted was also correct in his assessment of gun grabbing collectivists anti second amendment Jews..

    5. I am glad to see that Mr Nugent has taken up the offer from TZP. I have more than once embarrassed myself with an importune statement but Fortunately not on the interwebs or a national public format. (to my knowledge that is to say)
      I don’t know Mr Nugent well enough to say that I think he is anti-semitic or not. I am however more than willing to wait and watch and see just what his Actions, from the past and into the future, have to say about his public expressions of opinion.
      So far it seems that he is living up to his “Wildman” reputation. Fortunately that is not either morally or legally offensive in spite of the attempts to make it so being made by the “progressive” PC crowd.

      On the rebuttals to the unfounded statements of Mark Abramson:
      Well spoken Claire and Nikki.
      It is amazing to me the number of people who refuse to use their common sense and do even cursory research before blasting their way into a conversation and lambasting a person and/or group about which they know nearly nothing.
      Then I observe the education system being forced upon this country and I am further distressed for knowing that the situation is going to get worse before it gets better.

      stay safe,


    6. People can get into all sorts of trouble when they make assumptions based on people names. They can presume they know what people are and how they believe. They may even think they know where they came from and who they are.
      You know the old saying about making assumptions, right?
      I also came from JPFO.
      This team, The Zelman Partisans, banded together, a small band of people fiercely determined to keep Aaron Zelman’s LEGACY, as well as his name alive and working. To do that, we worked as partisans. Each of us using what skills and resources we had to work to keep precious freedoms alive.

      You think you know us? You presume too much.
      שטויות במיץ עגבניות

    7. I’ll chime in here as well, since Mark Abramson sees it fit to impugn the credentials of an organization about which I care an enormous deal. And well… frankly, I wrote the original piece, so I should probably respond.

      “Nothing Jewish about it”? REALLY? You’re either illiterate or a liar.

      Here are my Jewish credentials, and my purpose and ethos, you supercilious prevaricator.

      It’s quite nauseating to watch you malign an organization into which we put blood, sweat, and tears, because you either a) lack the reading comprehension to understand our “purpose, and ethos” or b) are some kind of communist who thinks that profits are somehow an evil thing and an organization needs to be impugned based on its bloody IRS status.

      Either way, your disingenuous claims cannot go unanswered, so I’ll add my voice to the others’ in telling you that you’re dead wrong.

    8. Way to go Claire, tell it just like it is and not care what “air heads” think. A hypocrite is a hypocrite is a hypocrite no matter what their other labels may say.

    9. Uncle Ted needs to take a trip to Israel and hobnob with the troops as well as meet President Netenyahu. It would lay this anti Semite issue to rest once and for all except for the nasty Wasserman Shultz types who have no regard for the truth. I’m proud to support Israel and IMI. They market some great gear.

    10. My paltry submission:

      Mark A. –

      Good morning.

      I am not sure what directed you to your conclusion that TZP “has no Jewish leadship, purpose, or ethos.” Have you actually visited TZP’s website? Did you notice the mission statement?

      Leadship-wise, the President, Secretary/Treasurer, and the majority of the writers are Jewish, including Nicki. JPFO – upon Aaron’s demise, the president wasn’t Jewish. Most of of the writers were. Claire wasn’t Jewish then and, so far as I know, she still isn’t – yet she is the creative driving force behind this organization. Thus, Jewish representation in the original JPFO was no higher under Aaron’s leadership than it is in TZP.

      As for myself, I actually haven’t had my ancestry questioned in recent memory and I had to chuckle upon reading that doing so. To address your concern, as President of TZP, I can assure you of my Tribe membership. My granddad was the rebbe of his Russian village prior to moving his family to these shores in 1914 and I lost as many relatives to the Shoah as any other Jew. My dad was instrumental in the founding and organizing of the first Synagogue in our small midwestern town – a town with a total of 7 Jewish families.

      As yes, we did register as a for-profit corporation. I made that decision early on because of the hassle that 501(c)(3) conservative organizations were having being approved by IRS. Had we not done so, I doubt that our application would have been approved by now. And the “for-profit” status doesn’t reflect the actual financial status of the organization, I assure you. The bankroll for our store items, along with the startup cash, was all privately donated by myself and others. We contributed what we can and will continue doing so to keep the mission alive. No one here is rolling in the cash and we never will be, although we do hope to remain financially viable.

      I hope this addresses your concerns, Mark. I urge you to take another look at us. And also, to maybe ask yourself why it is that no one else was able to provide Mr. Nugent a fair opportunity to re-engage with the freedom loving mainstream.

      And by the way – our agenda is public. What, exactly, is yours?

      Brad Alpert
      President, TZP

    11. And David … sorry I didn’t say so earlier, but thank you for the terrific article. Your comments about those who “reported” on Nugent without attempting to talk with him are right on — as is your take on Nicki. She would indeed “field dress” anybody she thought was BSing her. You and Nicki are two of a kind, but you’re a little less savage. 🙂

      Didn’t say it earlier because I was too busy having hysterics over a mental image of how Aaron Zelman would have reacted at being accused of possessing insufficient gravitas.

    12. Mr. Abramson,thanks for that clarification. Why, I’d been so convinced of the Jewish aspect of TZP that I was watching sunset times on Saturdays to avoid posting anything or sending alerts on the Sabbath. My bad.

      So TZP has gentile members and workers like me. That wasn’t a problem when I worked for JPFO under Aaron. Why is it now?

      Did you worry about gravitas when Aaron’s JPFO was producing comic books?

    13. Dear Mark Abramson,
      Appearances can be deceiving. So can names, to those who jump to conclusions. Speaking as the Treasurer of the organization; I am indeed Jewish. As is my wife, my four children, and four grandchidren. One daughter was married at 770 Eastern Parkway, and lives in Crown Heights! For a nominal fee I can arrange for you to examine my schmekel. Feh.

    14. Mark Abramson writes:

      “The problem with TZP is that there is nothing Jewish about it.”

      Wait. You mean you’re willing to write public calumnies against The Zelman Partisans without first doing any research? TZP president: Brad Alpert, Jewish; TZP treasurer, Eric Andreason, Jewish; TZP writer, Nicki Kenyon, born in the Soviet Union to a Jewish refusnik family; TZP writer Y.B. ben Avraham … well, to think he’s not Jewish, you’d have to be so deliberately ignorant there’d be no use talking to you. And writer Sheila Stokes-Begley may not be Jewish, but she speaks Hebrew, knows Israel, and knows more about Judaism than many Jews do. Me, I’m not Jewish. Neither are a couple of others. But then, we have always billed ourselves as a group of Jews AND FRIENDS.

      Besides, did you know how often JPFO was accused of “not being Jewish” in Aaron’s day? And do you know how little Aaron cared about such accusations when he hired the best people he could find to help him express his very specifically Jewish aims? He didn’t subject us to religious tests.

      “It is a for profit entity”

      So. This is a crime now? We’re also an all-volunteer group and I assure you no “profit” is going to we who’ve built the organization. The reason for our “profit-making” status, BTW, is so that at some point we’re free to go in a politically activist direction, which JPFO could not.

      “since 2AF saved the old one from an embarrassing financial debacle”

      Really? And you know this exactly HOW, Mr. Abramson? You were privvy to JPFO’s financial records? Well, in that case I do wish you’d share. Because those records were hidden from JPFO’s own people as if they were state secrets. It’s absolutely true that JPFO struggled after Aaron’s death. But what you don’t know is that a group of long-time JPFO contractors and corporate sponsors offered to rescue JPFO — but the board had already — secretly and with no input from the membership or the workers — decided to sell out to SAF.

      Oh, and you might ask, if the rumored financial failure would have been “embarrassing,” how embarrassing is it that JPFO has virtually disappeared since being bought out? Its alerts are second-hand news articles. It publishes almost nothing. And its only public pronouncement that I’ve seen in the last 18 months was its embarrassingly premature condemnation of Nugent’s “anti-Semitism.” But oh boy, did Alan Gottlieb get that mailing list he wanted.

      “mission, vision and gravitas”

      Well, la-de-dah. Our mission is spelled out on the TZP website. As to “gravitas,” if that’s so important to you, go found your own gravitas-based outfit. We don’t aspire to anything so airy and politically correct.

      That said, we still have a lot of growing to do, and we’ll do it with the help of those who donate and volunteer. Not those who stand on the sidelines and look down their ill-informed noses at us.

      Claire Wolfe
      Long-time JPFO writer
      One of several co-founders of The Zelman Partisans

    15. The cool thing about Nugent is that he ain’t into that political correct BS ! He will say things that other people would like to but don’t !

    16. What religion teaches “Thou shall not offend”? Where in the Constitution does it say “don’t offend”? “Offended” is the new “race card”, designed to silence anyone that has a differing outlook or, especially, when an idea, or belief, is counter to your own One of the reasons I served 20+ years in the military was so that even morons could speak freely. Grow up, get over it; you’ll have a much happier life.

    17. “In an age of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

      We welcome Orwell’s warning but do not accept his prediction for our country’s dystopian future.

      Social Justice Warriors ignored, the tried and true litmus test for everything – is it true?

      Yes Mr. Nugent, what you Tweeted is true.

    18. The problem with TZP is that there is nothing Jewish about it. It is a for profit entity that appears to have no Jewish leadership, purpose or ethos. I am happy they reached out to Uncle Ted, whom I believe to be a passionate and highly intelligent guy whose mouth gets ahead of his thoughts, which diminishes his effectiveness.

      Thanks for sharing this news. I continue to look for an organization that can replace the real JPFO since 2AF saved the old one from an embarrassing financial debacle. I was hoping TZP was it, but it is clear to me that it lacks mission, vision and gravitas.

    19. I saw the meme as a calling out of those individuals who are forgetting that what should never be forgotten, those who are willing to allow, who actually encourage, the disarmament of their countrymen. Ted Nugent has come to the age of a lot of us old farts who don’t have the time or the inclination to be nice to those we see as anti-americans who have no respect for us, our constitution, and/or our rights. The jackasses who got their feeling hurt are probably the very people who should re-examine their positions and ask themselves if just maybe they are becoming an embarrassment to their ancestors.

    20. I’m gratified that Nicki ask for a comment.

      Debbie Schlussel, whom I used to kinda like, now thinks Ted is a Nazi for posting that meme. I saw the meme. I also call bullshit on the alleged antisemitism allegations. Crap, people, don’t we have thicker skins than the SJW crowd? Apparently not. Even “conservative” Debbie Schlussel – who branded Nugent with the Nazi moniker, can be as inflamed over some alleged “offensive” slight as any Black Lives Matter activist.

      Frankly, the 12 people in the “offensive” meme ARE anti rights. Some are the face of anti-gun organizations, and others advance legislation that is anti- rights. Damn right Aaron would have – and did – call them out.

      If this meme were directed at Christians – like the alleged “Christian” organizations listed in the NRA’s anti-gun list, I don’t think all “Christians” would drop the same Facebook cow that “conservative” Jewess Debbie Schlussel dropped.
      This is the sort of stuff that simply adds credence to the “Zionists are taking over the world” stuff. When supposed “conservatives” like Debbie Schlussel are painting Hitler mustaches on Ted Nugent photos, and jumping up to support their anti-rights brethren because of a meme, they have, IMO, done substantially more harm than good.
      Oh – BTW – don’t hold your breath hoping these “conservative SJWs condemn someone who is Jewish for some perceived slight against a Christian – or “group” of Christians.

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