MultiCam Premieres Baja 1000 Video

Documentary to Feature Former Special Operations Veteran and Baja 1000 Ironman Jeff Benrud.

MultiCam Camo Baha 1000 Bike
MultiCam Camo Baha 1000 Bike
MultiCam Camo
MultiCam Camo

Brooklyn, NY – MultiCam, a division of Crye Precision’s camouflage pattern designed for use in a wide range of conditions, has partnered with renown video production house, Foxhound Productions, to launch a documentary highlighting Team MultiCam® member Jeff Benrud’s solo journey as he competed in the 48th SCORE International Baja 1000.

The video, set to launch February 2nd through MultiCam®’s youtube channel ( ), tells the story of Benrud’s third Baja 1000 run; with his previous two races having participated as part of a relay team on a dirt bike, this attempt was entirely on his own as a participant in the Ironman division.

Known as the longest point-to-point off-road desert race in North America, the Baja 1000 puts participants through a grueling pursuit, racing for close to 1000 miles through relentless terrain comprised of jagged rocks, loose sand, powdery silt beds, technical hill climbs and even more technical descents – not to mention livestock roaming freely. The Ironman division required riders to take on the burden of the entire race, on their own. No teammates, no rests.

Playing host to 250 competitors, seven in the Ironman class, in vehicles ranging from dirt bikes to high horsepower trophy trucks, participants found themselves managing the added element of danger amongst each other – most notably during the night stages, as the trucks would pass Benrud, at speeds of 120mph in some sections.

Benrud is an Army Special Operation veteran who teaches defensive and offensive driving capabilities to the military special operations community at American Offroad, with his business partner and off-road racing legend, Ricky Johnson (who can also be seen throughout the film). The combination of his military and off-road experience prepared him for the 821.38-mile course; in which he rode his #715x MultiCam® Alpine wrapped Honda CRF450x (which was auctioned off recently at the 2016 SHOT Show; with proceeds benefiting several Special Operations charities).

“There are few people who show as much fortitude, drive and overall conviction as Jeff. Our pride in being able to support him and his efforts is immeasurable,” stated MultiCam® Brand Manager, Ernesto Rodriguez. “Jeff is not only a hero to our country, but he is also one of the toughest men on the planet.”

The film highlights Benrud’s journey throughout the 25-hour race, and follows his emotional finish with blistered hands, a dirt caked face and his support team of his family and friends. Viewers will be taken alongside Benrud, leaving them feeling exhausted and excited as if they were there with him.

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