NEWSMAX TV Signs Centurylink, GCI Cable Carriage Deals

News and Information Channel Gains Distribution & Viewers.

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Boca Raton, Fla. –   -( Newsmax TV continues to expand its distribution, securing carriage agreements with CenturyLink and GCI. The agreements increase the fast-growing news and information channel’s viewers’ availability across the U.S. Newsmax TV’s success in building its distribution network reaffirms its ability to steadily grow its subscriber base at a time when many other channels are losing viewers.

CenturyLink offers TV, internet and voice services to customers across the U.S.

GCI provides cable service to about 75 percent of Alaska residents, with wireless, broadband, voice and digital TV services. As such, it is Alaska’s biggest cable operator.

Much of the credit for the sustained growth of Newsmax TV’s distribution is the channel’s unique focus as a news, information and lifestyle channel aimed at serving an under-served Baby Boomer audience. Especially notable in this year of presidential politics, Newsmax TV offers reliable, independent political coverage and unique insight that has also featured appearances by virtually every major GOP 2016 presidential contender in-studio.

In addition to its extensive political news coverage, Newsmax TV provides an array of informational programming and lifestyle content serving Boomers in the areas of health, finance and personal well-being. Its on-air talent includes John Fund, Alan Dershowitz, Michael Reagan, JD Hayworth and the latest addition, acclaimed documentary filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch.

“We are pleased that CenturyLink and GCI are embracing Newsmax TV’s approach along with our programming and look forward to welcoming new audiences in these key parts of the country,” Newsmax TV CEO Christopher Ruddy said.

Newsmax TV now reaches nearly 45 million U.S. homes via DirecTV, DISH Network, Fios and through several cable partners. Newsmax is the only 24/7 cable news channel available without authentication on OTT devices like Google TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, smart televisions and over 100 million smartphone apps.

With headquarters in Boca Raton, Fla., plus additional studios in New York and Washington, DC, Newsmax TV currently offers 7 hours of live programming in prime time, and is expected to expand to 12 hours of live programming in the coming months.

About Newsmax Media, Inc.
Founded in 1998 and based in Boca Raton Florida, Newsmax Media, Inc. is a privately held broadcasting and multi-media organization. In addition to being the parent company that is launching Newsmax TV, its media holdings and products include The Newsmax Feed Network,,,, Newsmax Magazine and more than a dozen health and financial online and print newsletters. ComScore has confirmed Newsmax’s current “total reach” is in excess of 50 million unique monthly visitors and is acknowledged as one of the nation’s most trafficked news politics websites.

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