Obama Pledges Gun Control Push Following Kansas Shootings

By AWR Hawkins

President Obama
President Obama
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)- On February 26 2016, President Obama cited the Kansas shootings during a speech in Jacksonville, Florida, and pledged to keep pushing Congress to pass more gun control.

He did not mention that alleged Kansas gunman Cedric Ford was a felon who was completely barred from purchasing guns or possessing them. Ford faced 100 percent gun control.

Obama also pointed to the February 20 shootings in Kalamazoo, but was mum on the fact that the alleged gunman, Jason Brian Dalton, used a gun he had “registered” and which he owned “legally.”

Ford and Dalton, coming from opposite ends of the legal spectrum, actually prove the futility of added gun control. Yet a pledge for more gun control is exactly what Obama delivered.

According to CBS News:

“These acts may not dominate the news today, but these are two more communities in America that are torn apart by grief,” he said. “And I felt it was important for me to say something today because somehow–as I’ve said before–this becomes routine, these sort of mass shootings that are taking place.”

President Obama added, “Right now this Congress may not have the appetite to do something about it, but we need one that does,” then vowed, “As long as I hold this office, I’m going to keep bringing this up. Even if it’s not getting the same attention that it should.”

AWR Hawkins is the Second Amendment columnist for Breitbart News and political analyst for Armed American Radio. Follow him on Twitter: @AWRHawkins.

  • 24 thoughts on “Obama Pledges Gun Control Push Following Kansas Shootings

    1. Tattooed Kansas Gangsta goes on a rampage; should’ve been in irons after his attempt to shoot up a cornfield! BHO doesn’t have any comments about the HOODuLUM, does he!

    2. Any time you tyrants are feeling froggy enough to try and take them away (because here in America, we will not line up to turn them in), go for it. Just keep this in mind…..come for our guns and WE WILL KILL YOU.

      And after we kill all your obedient minions that have no problem obeying illegal orders, WE WILL COME FOR YOU.

      We have lists, and know where you are.

      1. Witold, wait, not so fast ! First we have to give them a fair & speedy trial. And when they are found guilty of TREASON, and they will be, they get to be properly TARRED & FEATHERED. All filmed for national and international broadcast. The only details that need to be decided would be what temp the tar should be at, and weather they should be hung, shot, drowned, or gassed. We can maybe leave it up to them to decide.

    3. My uncle was an EMT at Sandy Hook and in no uncertain terms was told flat out not to ever talk about what didn’t happen and that if he did him and his family may have an unfortunate accident. He has since retired and moved to a sunbelt state and is constantly looking over his shoulder. What a travesty that our country should end up like this with insane leaders at the helm corrupt to the core. I have developed an ulcer due to all this and can’t relax ever and know several others that suffer from the same. God please help us. May as well live in Russia soon. I served and will serve again if need be to protect what’s left. I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t try to help divert this. God Bless all you and good luck.

      1. David, according to Wolfgang Halbig, 2 Connecticut State Troopers part for Southern States also, and are under similar conditions. According to Halbig, they supplied him with a copy of the 11,000 page “script” that all the actors were to follow. You probably know this already, but for others who don’t, GOOGLE “David Wheeler Played 2 Roles”. There you will see footage of the known actor David Wheeler, or his perfect look-a-like body double, playing the role of a swat team member during the incident. At times he carries 2 rifles, and at other times he seems to have lost them. Then, the next day he is filmed being on Obamas Air Force One heading out on the gun grab roadshow. This clip is a complete eye opener and must be made viral, so that WE THE PEOPLE wake up. And they have to be made aware of the work, FOIA COURT CASES INCLUDED, that Halbig has done. And attention must be given to James Tracey, and Kevin Barrett, for their investigative work also.

        1. For those who don’t yet know, James Tracey was a tenured professor at a Florida university. He is also the publisher of “The Memory Hole Blog”. He has been very active in the investigation of the Sandy Hook Hoax, and it seems that because of that, the evil powers that be had a compliant co-conspirator moved in as the head honcho at the university. One of his first actions was to have Tracey removed from his position at the school. Yes, a tenured professor was kicked out on spurious grounds, it seems. This was a very chilling move against free speech, and now professors all around the country are on notice that you either do as the PTB say or you will be dealt with harshly. No more goodies for you, Mr. WhistleBlower ! Many of you already know Mr. Barrett for his work in investigating the 911 False Flag op. Amongst other endeavors, he writes for Veterans Today, and is involved with Scholars For 911 Truth.

    4. I wonder how the Bozo managed to miss injecting Global Man Made Global what ever the flavor of the month is into the conversation. Since crime supposedly increases with a Full/New Moon, How about a Presidential Decree banning same?

    5. wow thought I would never live to see this!!! bummer!!! oh yea 3 is international signal for help!!! running out of time folks hope no one ends up on ( the list!!! )

    6. All Marxist dictators have disarmed, or attempted to disarm, the People. Sheikh Hussein al-Obamastan, our Kenyan IslamoMarxist dictator, will not succeed.

    7. Rhetoric and more rhetoric , 7 long years of the flap jaw flapping ! Over exposure of this “president” has made America tone deaf. Just more radical leftist BS which serves no one’s purpose !

    8. Have you noticed that Obama injects his personal opinions into controversial issues where the public is almost always evenly split? His ‘$hit stirring’ over the last 7+ years has only further divided America. A true leader unites the country!

    9. Hey you guys, check the records, Not in American History has a president had more of these type events. Another Obama Record. Since Lincoln, the county has not been more divided than it is now. We are on the verge of an Obama Civil War, We are a divided nation. He has weaken and disrespected our Military,Allowed terrorist in the country and wants to allow more while at the same time wants to disarm the citizens. First let let his secret service detail and his future security detail to turn in their guns and weapons.

    10. Many of these events are staged in order to further the gun control agenda. My first reaction when any kind of shooting takes place is ” false flag until proven otherwise.”

    11. Blah, blah, blah…The Country is ready to move on from this blathering idiot. He is nothing but a Lame Duck that grows more insignificant with each passing day.

    12. Its not that we don’t care we do. But to hear the same thing over and over wishing it would be true does nothing. While leaving out the important pertinent facts. Helps no one care. Waving the bloody shirt leaving out the facts and implying this or that doesn’t help Mr. Soetoro. Use the truth and some facts please. Maybe then folks might hear the message.

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