Officer Shoots Suspect After He Draws a Gun ~ VIDEO

Officer Shoots Suspect After He Draws a Gun
Officer Shoots Suspect After He Draws a Gun
Gun Save Lives
Gun Save Lives

USA –  -( Somewhere, everyday in the USA, 2100+ people use a gun for self defense, to stop a crime or save the lives of themselves or their family.

“We believe that the American public deserve to understand that on the average, guns save 2,191 lives and are used to thwart crimes every day,” says Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation

Most times you won't see these tales on the news as it does not fit the main stream media's story line of “Guns and Gun Owners are Bad“.

This is just one of those stories;

Officer And Suspect Draw On Each Other In Close Firefight


Let the second guessing begin….


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  • 34 thoughts on “Officer Shoots Suspect After He Draws a Gun ~ VIDEO

    1. Pulling a gun on a cop is certainly a poor choice unless you are looking for suicide by cop. Poor choices bring poor results.

    2. This should be a police training video of bad judgement and what not to do. First Mistake: In the restroom the guy should have been cuffed and searched. Second Really Big Mistake: They should have never walked him through a public area with lots of innocent patrons; Can you imagine what would happen if the shootout had happened in the restaurant? Would you guys think the cops did a great job if your child had been shot in an altercation? Third Mistake: The guy had his gun out pointed at both officers and had time to run sever yards before either officer could react. the female office was in total panic mode and it was over before she knew what was going on. The guy was stupid, but obviously didn’t intend to use the gun and never fired a shot. Look at the amount of time it took for the officers to react. In the same scenario, if these two cops had come up against someone trained, who really intended to use his gun, you would have two dead cops, both with their guns still in their holsters.

    3. I never had a female partner and never would ! Office work/dispatch duty only for female cops.
      ! On the streets things can go south quick and a female cop will do what this one here done every time,scream and run ! A female officer will cost male officer lives on the street !

    4. One can easily argue apprehending the suspect in the bathroom could have been equally dangerous with bullets flying thru the sheet rock walls.

    5. Good thing there weren’t a string of cars going by downrange of this guy. What, twelve, thirteen rounds fired by the cop? Wonder how many of those rounds actually hit the perp? Why didn’t they check for weapons in the men’s room?

    6. This went from a simple detain and question to a shots fired situation very quickly. The male officer involved was very professional in dealing with the suspect. He also made every attempt to keep the incident as low key as possible by moving the suspect outside the restaurant and not involving any other citizens. The suspects initial demeanor and appearance did not indicate aggression, thus the officer did not escalate the encounter inside the restaurant but moved it outside away from bystanders.

    7. It really amazes me how all these chest-thumping tough guys on this site love to get their testosterone fix by the osmosis of high-5ing a cop for killing the suspect. You know what is obvious to most unbiased observers is how brainwashed some of you are. You are like a bunch of trained seals clapping at the TV when the bad guy takes the lead. So pathetic, and I’ll bet many of you who do this claim you are Christians, as well. You appear to be Pharisees more than anything else. The commenter above speaking of blood lust seems to be the most accurate. You all just love a good murder when the police are doing it. But when you sit on the jury and the DA tells you its a civilian, what do you say then? Ohhhhh this citizen thinks its the OK Corral, who does he think he is? But the Badge is right no matter what. You simply beg for your own slaughter. You bend over to the supposed authority of the State and call it “respect for Law and Order” when it is anything but that. What it is, is a Government out of control. What it is, is Summary Execution. What it is, is Street Justice. I think what you are is a gaggle of goons pretending to be human beings. I hope I should spend no time in the same heaven with you when I die. Go to Hell, the whole lot of you ex-cops, toadies, and lackeys. There isn’t a Constitution possible that you would not find a way to violate. Civil servants, like a pile of stinking crap 6 foot high with a shiny badge, the lot of you.

    8. This video should be used in all training classes and as a refresher.

      They should have ‘detained’ him and searched him for weapons.

      Agree the female officer should have pulled her service weapon.

      Male officer had his hand on the guy back/neck before he bolted,
      good job drawing his weapon and takes out the lowlife.

    9. I think Glen needs to back to the couch and watch his kiddie shows …. obviously not in touch with what we call “reality:” – Go back to the idiot box cupcake!

    10. Hey now. If they had taken the gun off of him in the bathroom, or anywhere else prior to making an arrest of a ‘law abiding’ gun lover, the NRA and gun nuts would have had a royal sh*t hemorrhage.


    12. As for where this video came from it was the officers body cams, body cameras work great and give a superb picture/video. The location for those never having eaten at one is an Applebee’s Restaurant. The interiors are setup the same across the country.
      Being the man was escorted outside for questioning and not under arrest, a pat down was only needed for officer and public protection if the officers involved felt a need or that the suspect was known to be armed.
      In this shooting the number of round fired is irrelevant and as taught officers shoot until the threat is eliminated. Once the suspect is on the ground does not mean he is incapacitated and until the officers are positive he cannot return fire they are not held up to stop shooting at him.
      This suspect had no reason to do what he did other than to make the strong decision of not wanting to be arrested for whatever reason, be it being armed or being a suspect in the crime they were investigating. His action of pulling a weapon on the officers was that of knowingly asking to either shoot the officers or be shot and most likely killed in the process. He got his wish

    13. Mike7.62 – you sound like a disgruntled and p*ssed off hoodlum. I’ll bet you never served one day behind a badge. And your name says a lot about your personality !

    14. Where did this take place at. This looks like a mock film. I would also like to know where the fantastic clear camera and great camera shots came from. Dont always believe what you see.

    15. This guy was not handcuffed and searched at the beginning because he was not told he was under arrest; only that he was a suspect. Assuming that he died as a result of the shooting, he brought it upon himself. These cops did exactly what they, and all the rest of us, have a right and a responsibility to do; they put up their own defense and protected themselves. The number of shots fired is irrelevant. Who counts shots in a situation like this? The guy knew they were cops, he knew they had guns and he knew they would make every effort to protect themselves. He did not draw his gun just to try to scare them enough to give him time to run away. So, as the saying goes, he’s paid for.

      This is a prime example of why we all owe it to ourselves to be prepared for an attack. And the best way to be prepared is to legally carry a loaded weapon. A handgun. If you are required to have a permit, get trained and get one. If you don’t have a handgun, get one. And when all the legalities are in order, load your weapon and carry it on your person; every day. I hope you never have to use it.

    16. The guy got what he deserved, however at least the last three shots were not fired out of a need to eliminate the threat. They were fired out of pure adrenalin. Hard to control the adrenalin in such circumstances, but this is something they should be better trained for. Also, he should have been cuffed in the bathroom to prevent anything from happening in the dining room.

    17. Yes, thing could have been done different, but that always applies. This was a clean and good shooting. I have been getting real tired of the bad ones, IE he may have had a gun, he went for his pocket, well maybe. This is the only kind of Police work I want to see. Yes it is a dangerous job, and if you don’t have restraint, don’t be a Cop. Or, make sure your being taught restraint. Only complaint is what ever happened to the double or triple tap they did not show any restraint with the number of rounds fired. But, a dead guy won’t sue you. Good Job Man and Lady. Dave

    18. Fine shooting by the officers. I agree in the bathroom they should had taken the weapon off of him before going outside. Really fine shooting !

    19. Actually they should have patted him down while in the confines of the restroom and not risk taking him through the restaurant. Had he pulled his gun there I guarantee you the police missed shots (and there were some) along with collateral fire from the moron perp would have ruined a bunch of lives. These two cops should be talked to strongly by their commander.

    20. Well Mike and Mikrat, did either of you notice that the guy started to run away, then turned to face the officers while pointing his gun at them? I guess you two have never had to fight for your lives. I do agree with Tim who noted that the guy should have been cuffed and searched in the bathroom. But I bet the outcome would have been the same. That pocket pistol came out in a flash, didn’t it?

    21. And, you’re ignorant, Mike7.62, and a victim of the affects of living a soft life on a couch, and living in you’re fantasy world inside your big screen TV, while surfing the web on your smart phone, all at the same time. It also seems to me that you don’t like cops and/or the law, period. Maybe, just MAYBE, this douche-bag could have gotten off one more round that COULD have killed an officer or a nearby civilian, as he kept moving and turning. And, since we human beings and not super computers, we can’t do millions of calculations per second that it would take to perform the type of Bleeding-Heart Liberalism for the criminal with a drawn gun that you’re calling for here. Every single law agency, military training organization, self defense program, and person with common sense on this planet knows and teaches to do exactly what you saw on this video. The police in this video were protecting themselves (and others in this VERY public establishment) EXACTLY the way they are trained to do. What the Hell is wrong with your thinking. I would bet the farm that if you still have your Right to vote and if you even exercise that Right, that you supported/voted for our current administration, because this is where we only hear this type of un-common sense rhetoric. And, if I’m wrong, and you turn out to be a pro 2nd amendment, NRA card carrier, and a veteran of these United States, then the only explanation is that Nei degrasse Tyson is correct in his belief of alternate universes, and I must have woke up in one of those this morning. I haven’t been outside yet, though. But, I CCW and trust my training and experience…and common sense.

    22. @Mike7.62
      Exactly. Those that constantly stand behind every cop shooting are the chest-pounders that think if they support the tyrant then they will be invincible when things go tits up. Like you said – Just wait till one of your family gets put down like a rapid dog by one (or more) of the pigs for simply being a bit lippy or not “Complying” fast enough.

      And whats funny is the Pigs think they are also invincible and that their Bosses / controllers will protect them when the time comes – guess what, your all expendable chattel.

      Police = Police State

    23. Looking at this video. I’m glad the bad guy was taken off the street. But don’t you think that there being two police officers at the scene. Should they have checked him for a weapon and handcuffed before taking him out of this establishment This whole thing looked very fake and unprofessional

    24. I’d have to say the perp brought about his own demise pulling a gun on the cops. Yeah there are bad shootings by cops, but this isn’t one of them. Another criminal bites the dust.

    25. Only one g-d idiot in this story. Well, maybe two considering your comments. You obviously haven’t had a gun in your face at 10 feet, might feel differently.

    26. White on white shooting, won’t see this on the news, no riots, no Jesse, Al or Mr. President. A justified shooting and two very sharp LE officers, just like most police shootings regardless of race of the suspect. You defy, you die. Good rule when you are dealing with law enforcement.

    27. It really makes me sick the way some guys on this blog celebrate when a paid government tyrant snuffs out some dude. Yeah the A-hole was in the wrong for drawing on the cop. Yeah I heard it all before. But he shot the guy to kill him, some using the euphemism “until the threat was eliminated.” — Well, all our lives are threats to these people when we offer any kind of resistance. Are you going to cheer when one of these pumped Punks decides to off your teenager for mouthing off to him? Or maybe it will be your Dad. Wouldn’t that be just desserts for your stupid, self-hating family.

      Well I say no to the black shirts using excessive force. The first 2 shots took this guy down and obviously changed his mind about drawing on the cops. The rest of those shots amounted to a revenge killing. I’d shove that so-called police officer so far in jail that 2026 couldn’t get here fast enough for him. ENOUGH WITH SNUFF POLICY POLICING. ENOUGH WITH THE BLOOD LUST. Bunch of G-D idiots.

    28. This guy must have had something else going on besides a simple theft case.
      If he would have been convicted, maybe do a little time, and move on, but to
      try and draw on a couple of very observant officers, that was for sure the last
      mistake he will ever make. It does prove a point my ccl trainer said many
      years ago, that a gun fight is usually over in under five seconds. Now they
      can change the guys shirt to say stay bloody my friends.

    29. Nice touch to push the tableware away on the walk out. His awareness was awesome, as well as his shooting.

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