Rockingham Man Jailed for Vermont F&W Offenses

Rockingham Man Jailed for VT F&W Offenses
Rockingham Man Jailed for VT F&W Offenses
Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department
Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department

Vermont -( On January 19, 2016 Christopher Brough Sr., 45, of Rockingham, Vermont appeared in Windham Superior Court and pled guilty to taking big game by illegal means, taking deer in closed season and giving false information to a police officer.

On December 7, 2015 Warden David Taddei was driving by Mr. Brough’s residence when he noticed an antlerless deer hanging from the front porch. Warden Taddei stopped to inspect the deer for compliance with Fish and Wildlife regulations.

While inspecting the deer, Warden Taddei was told that it was shot by Christopher Brough Sr. and that it was reported at the RT 5 Shell Station in Rockingham as a bow and arrow kill.
December 5, 2015 was opening day of the second part of the Vermont archery deer season which coincides with muzzleloader deer season.

Warden Taddei noticed that a wound on the deer was inconsistent with an arrow wound and believed that the deer was shot with a bullet. Christopher Brough Sr. did not have a muzzleloader tag for an antlerless deer. Warden Taddei seized the deer for further examination.

A necropsy was performed on the deer the next day by Warden Taddei and Warden Richard Watkin. They determined the deer was shot with a bullet after finding several bullet fragments inside the deer.

Warden Taddei and Warden Watkin interviewed Christopher Brough Sr. on December 12. Wardens also interviewed his son, Christopher Brough Jr., 22, who was present at the time the deer was killed.

The wardens were able to obtain confessions that on December 5 the deer was shot by Christopher Brough Sr. with a muzzleloader from inside his vehicle on Rockingham Hill Road in Rockingham. Wardens also discovered that the deer was shot before legal shooting hours and that Christopher Brough Jr. used a flashlight to illuminate the deer from inside the vehicle.
Legal shooting hours for deer in Vermont begin one half hour before sunrise. It is illegal to illuminate wildlife with an artificial light, and a person must also be 25 feet away from the traveled portion of the road in order to shoot at a wild animal. It is also illegal to shoot a wild animal from a motor vehicle.

Mr. Brough pled guilty to his charges and was sentenced to six to seven days in jail. He will lose his right to hunt, fish and trap in Vermont for three years. He will also need to take a remedial hunter ethics course in order to regain these rights.

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I quit hunting years ago. I got over my anger problems and just hung it up. Illegal hunting here will/can cost you your hunting/fishing privilege for Life and if the judge senses disrespect he/she can also take your Gun/Guns, ammo and your vehicles. Still have some people that are progressives and figure they are above the law.

Big Bill

Laddyboy says: “English is the OFFICIAL language to be used in all public transactions and communications within the borders of America.” Evidently, you don’t vote here in the US, or you would know that what you wrote just isn’t true at all. Here in Phoenix, just about all official notices and communications are in English and Spanish, local and Federal. Also, there is absolutely nothing to back up your assertion that, “while in Public arenas ENGLISH is to be spoken.” Nothing at all. Got that? NOTHING. You can go back to patrolling the border now, to show just how ‘murican… Read more »


English is the OFFICIAL language to be used in all public transactions and communications within the borders of America.
If you want to speak a foreign language, or first language, privately within your home or club, so be it. However, while in Public arenas ENGLISH is to be spoken. When you do not speak English, you are showing your IGNORANCE to those Americans around you.


Well-said Whodaty. Like it or not, Spanish will in short time be a much more common language in this country. While it should not become the official language of government and education, it will nevertheless become more common in advertising, commerce, and in other ways which can easily be imagined. In SOCAL and SOFLA, even a rudimentary fluency in Spanish will make life easier at the range or in a gun store.


Translation as I intended it:
Gentlemen, please show a little courtesy and politeness and do not be such stereotypically rednecks. Learn a little Spanish (I did in high school) it could expand your horizons and save your ass at some point if you need backup from a Latino. They are, in my experience, generally polite and wonderful people who have good “Christian” good values. Read the book Texas by James Michener for some relevant history. Immigrants are excellent, illegal, not so much.

And then, there’s Google “translator” which does it’s job fairly well.


Señores, por favor, muestre un poco de cortesía y educación y no tenga sureño de manera estereotipada. Aprender un poco español (lo hice en la escuela secundaria) podría ampliar sus horizontes y guardar sus asnos en algún momento en caso de necesitar alguna copia de seguridad de un latino. Ellos son, en mi experiencia, en general, la gente educada y maravillosas que tienen valores buenos “cristianos”. Lea el libro de Texas por James Michener para un poco de la historia pertinente. Los inmigrantes son excelente, los ilegales, no tanto.

we all know he plead guilty because he probably coudnt afford a lawyer…it was hanging so he obviously needed the meat..if its a sport, then pay for the entertainment, but if its a necessity to eat, then leave people alone, poaching and harvesting is two different things

Randy Barlow


john carr

I couldn’t have said it better icetrout.


can’t wait for the new American sport of rounding up & deporting wetbacks starts… VOTE TRUMP ! & take U R foking bedbugs with U ! 😛


Por favor escriba utilizando tanto mayúsculas y minúsculas. El uso de mayúsculas es como gritar groseramente cada palabra en vez de hablar con cortesía. La mayoría de los lectores se considere el uso de letras mayúsculas irrespetuoso y ofensivo.


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Jorge Norberto Pedace