Sauer 404 Rifle – A Gun For All Adventures

By Jason Reid
Reporting from the 2016 Safari Club International Convention.

Sauer 404 Rifle
Sauer 404 Rifle
AmmoLand Shooting Sports News
AmmoLand Shooting Sports News

Las Vegas, Nevada – -( Looking at the examples of options available for the hunter to choose from at SCI 2016 is a bit mind boggling, even for the heartiest of adventurers.

Taking into consideration the wide range of hunts some folks might take, how do hunters at this level choose their gun?

I went to investigate and stopped at the Sauer booth on the show floor to ask questions and got more than I expected. The Sauer team introduced me to the new Sauer 404 and handed me the carbon stock version. A carbon stock gun has been a dream of mine for years and now it is a reality.

The Sauer 404 Rifle system is very unique in it is a modular system capable of interchanging parts and pieces to fit each type of adventure.

Available in standard and magnum calibers, one can change the gun from being a standard .30-06 deer rifle to a magnum caliber for giant brown bears by simply swamping the bolt heads the entire gun, which was laid out in pieces on display, and in about half a minute was fully put back together ready to hunt. This gun is also ideal for travel since it back be stored in a small case. Those traveling internationally or into sheep camp may have a particular interest in this gun.

The interchangeability of this gun is made possible by the Sauer SUS universal key. It is built into the frond swivel swing, which detaches and is able to build and disassemble each part of the gun. The Sauer team really spent time in explaining that this gun is customizable to make it truly your own gun. You can adjust the length of the trigger and the trigger pull from 1.2 lbs to 2.7 pounds with the simplicity of the Folding Hex key

Despite the great features, one concern some people had was about maintaining the accuracy.

The Sauer Universal Mount (SUM) has solved that. In simple terms the mount base is already milled into the housing of the gun. These milled slots lock in the receiver and secure the scope with from and rear levers. In third party testing, Deva Laboratories confirmed the repeated ability for the gun to repeatedly return to its zero. I’ve had issues with my gun being bumped off target on a short two hour ride to deer camp, the SUM system is an impressive design to be able to detach the scope for travel and have it zero in without problems.

With any gun the safety features are an integral part of the design, usability and marketability.the S404 provides two significant safety features. First, the bolt head can easily be separated in seconds. This ensures no unauthorized users can fire the gun if it is stolen. Just don’t forget to keep track of the piece as you prepare for your next trip.

The S404 also comes with a highly anticipated manual cocking slide on the Bolt. Like a revolver, you must slide the cocking device into the firing position. The device is slightly wider than your thumb for better control and grip, especially in cold weather when you would be wearing gloves.

I mentioned the S404 comes with the carbon stock. The Sauer team explained this is a hand laid stock and they can produce one per day as this is a time intensive process. So get your orders in now. This is the stock you will want for those high country hunts.

In all this gun, ergonomically is super comfortable to shoulder. Clearly the range of options it provides makes it a leading option to consider when planning any hunt around the world.

About Jason Reid:
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