Snake River Shooting Products Announces Partnership with Shooter’s World

Shooter's World
Snake River Shooting Products Announces Partnership with Shooter’s World on their Canister Powders to the US Commercial Market!
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Emmett, ID -( Snake River Shooting Products and Consulting Inc. (SRSP) is honored to announce a partnership with Shooters World – South Carolina, manufacturer/importer of premium canister reloading and OEM powders.

SRSP manufactures the “Team Never Quit” ammunition line in partnership with retired Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell of Operation Red Wings (Lone Survivor). They produce the best possible ammunition with the cutting edge technological innovations demanded by the industry’s top professionals.

One of the many services SRSP provides their network of partners, is a structured strategic flow of products into a myriad of markets. The Shooter’s World powder provides a great addition to the Team Never Quit line of bagged brass, and Maker Bullets. Dealers and Chains with a focused reloading section can now bring in products allowing reloaders the best in reloading options!

When the market was very short of powder during 2013-2014, the Dealer and consumer reloading market was left empty on their standard supplies of canister powders, with the big powder makers favoring supply to OEM loaders over the consumer market. Shooter’s World set out to build a line of canister powders from their already very popular segment of OEM powders which have a long and rich history in the US market. Their goal was to ensure that Dealers and consumer level reloaders were never again left without a powder supply.

“A partnership with Shooter’s World on their line of canister powders, made great sense to us, as serving those Dealers, and small loaders who are dedicated to the shooting industry is crucial to both them and us as we seek to provide greater service of great products to the market!” – stated Casey Betzold, President of Snake River Shooting Products. “We do a bit of reloading ourselves, and ran these powders through the test and we are sold on their quality so it is a brand we can really get behind and believe our customers can too.”

Media Contact: Casey Betzold – [email protected]

About Snake River Shooting Products:

SRSP, already manufacturing Lone Survivor Marcus Luttrell’s Team Never Quit ammunition line in partnership with some great companies in the industry sees the Maker Bullet line as a fantastic compliment to the overall mission of working with the greatest companies to bring to market the best possible products from components to finished product. “We are happy to join with yet another fantastic partner and bring them into the SRSP family! We see this line as a game changer in the hunting industry and the guys at Maker Bullets embody the same values as we do,” stated Casey Betzold, President of Snake River Shooting Products.

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Countess Ludovika von Wetzheim-Plettenberg
Countess Ludovika von Wetzheim-Plettenberg
5 years ago

More and more people are being murdered in the USA every year, due to the selling without control of weapons. The country is by far the most important seller of automatic weapons in the world; without taking into account the background of the buyers, Many of them are simply insane people, or mere criminals. Please do something to stop such tremendous amount of violence and the assassination of thousands of innocent people. The National Rifle Association is abusing of its tremendous lobby power.

Cal Walsh
Cal Walsh
3 years ago

It sounds like you have been brainwashed to the point of nearly becoming a vegetable with no ability to use any intelligent thought!