Team Effort Saves Golden Eagle in Arizona

DPS, Game and Fish, Bearizona and Liberty Wildlife Rescue bird hit by semi-truck

Golden eagle- Arizona
Golden eagle- Arizona
Arizona Game and Fish Department
Arizona Game and Fish Department

Arizona -( Representatives from the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS), the Arizona Game and Fish Department, and Liberty Wildlife on Tuesday (Feb. 2) released a golden eagle that had been rescued and treated after it collided with a semi-truck more than two months ago.

On Nov. 19, DPS troopers were called to the scene of a non-injury collision involving a commercial vehicle and a golden eagle on Interstate 40 near Seligman.

Although the truck driver wasn’t injured, the eagle certainly was. The bird had crashed into and shattered the passenger side of the truck cab’s front windshield. It then flew away a short distance before landing on the right emergency shoulder of the highway. The truck driver stopped and called DPS.

A responding DPS trooper found the injured golden eagle standing in the middle of the shoulder, where it had been for about 20 minutes. Troopers called officials from the Arizona Game and Fish Department to assist in the rescue of the injured eagle. As the Game and Fish personnel arrived, the eagle ran off the road into a ditch before it was captured and taken to Bearizona Wildlife Park near Williams. Veterinarians diagnosed the eagle with a cracked clavicle and transferred the bird to Liberty Wildlife in Scottsdale for treatment and to recover.

On Feb. 2, after more than two months of recovery for the eagle, officials from Liberty Wildlife, Arizona Game and Fish, and troopers from DPS climbed the top of a small hill in an area known as Pica Flats, which is in Aubrey Valley about 5 miles west of Seligman. The eagle was then released and flew back into his natural habitat near Chino Point.

“I couldn’t believe the bird was still alive after the crash and could recover from his injuries so quickly,” said DPS Trooper Douglas Redig, who was one of the first responders during the original collision.

This happy ending is a tribute to the great coordination between the Arizona Department of Public Safety, Arizona Game and Fish, Bearizona and Liberty Wildlife.

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