The Incredible Preston Pittman and the Cow Manure Gobbler

By John E. Phillips

How to Hunt Turkeys with World Champion Preston Pittman
How to Hunt Turkeys with World Champion Preston Pittman
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United States -( I’ve know some of the nation’s best hard ankle dedicated turkey hunters, but a man that will wipe fresh cow manure all over his hunting clothes to bag a wily gobbler is a cut above the rest.

Preston Pittman has won every major turkey calling contest at least once. Today, he is the only person to hold records in all turkey-calling divisions of the World Championship. Preston has appeared on many TV shows and has had thousands of magazine and newspaper articles written about him.

But the story of Preston Pittman and the cow manure gobbler in the introduction of Preston’s new book “How to Hunt Turkeys with World Champion Preston Pittman” has to be one of the strangest tactics we’ve ever heard of to take one of the smartest turkeys on God’s green earth.

In the world of turkey calling, we have what are known as hand-me-down gobblers. When Edwin Lamb from Perry County, Mississippi, called me and said, “Preston, you know I work offshore on the oil rigs. I have to go back to work, and I won’t be able to hunt the rest of turkey season. However, I’ve found a gobbler on private land that I have been trying to take. I’ll let you have him, if you want him. When someone gives you a turkey to hunt, you know that bird is bad.”

Not only was the bird bad, but the place Preston had to hunt the gobbler was bad.

“I couldn’t believe I only had a 40-acre cow pasture with a privet hedgerow dividing the 60-acre cow pasture into two 30-acre pastures. I decided to at least visit the next morning, get in that privet hedge and call to see what would happen. I selected a stand site inside the privet hedge where I knew the turkey couldn’t see me. The old bird started gobbling before daylight. I gave the turkey some light tree calls and he gobbled in response.

Just as that first early-morning glow began to brighten-up the woods and the cow pasture, the old gobbler pitched out of a tree and landed in the middle of the cow pasture 100-yards away. He was gobbling and strutting and started walking straight toward me.

At about 65 yards, he stopped, stood still for a few minutes and ran back into the woods for no reason at all. I knew that bird hadn’t seen me, and I couldn’t figure out why he didn’t come within gun range. I couldn’t see anything that might have spooked him or prevented him from coming to me.”

How to Hunt Turkeys with World Champion Preston Pittman :
How to Hunt Turkeys with World Champion Preston Pittman :

To learn the rest of the story about how cow manure helped Pittman bag a really-bad gobbler click here to go my book page, , then click on the book cover then scroll down to the table of contents and click on introduction, where you can read the rest online.

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