TRUGLO Introduces New Lightweight CARBON XS Stabilizer

carbon xs stabilizer TG845J :
carbon xs stabilizer TG845J :

Richardson, TX -( Ultra-lightweight stabilizer featuring adjustable weight, included sling, and effective vibration dampening.

TRUGLO Inc., manufacturer of the world’s most advanced line of sights and accessories for the shooting sports industry presents the new Carbon XS, the ultra-lightweight adjustable-weight stabilizer with sling, a perfect performance-based composite for tunable bow balance while reducing vibration and noise.

This balance-improving stabilizer features a vibration dampening suspension system that allows the user to adjust and alter the stabilizer to custom tune their bow. Carbon XS is designed to maximize harmonic dampening, reducing vibration from the bow resulting in a more efficient set up. TRUGLO has added the TRU-TOUCH soft technical coating to further reduce noise—this coating is also non-reflective and minimizes glare in the field. As the majority of archers installing a stabilizer will inevitably need a bow sling, TRUGLO includes one with all Carbon XS stabilizers, adding value to performance. The wrist sling helps shooters support and balance the bow for maximum accuracy and comfort.

Carbon XS Stabilizer Tg840B :
Carbon XS Stabilizer Tg840B :


CARBON XS is designed for all levels of archers, especially bowhunters. This stabilizer combines high-end performance features with value-driven accessibility and maximum compatibility.


CARBON XS is available in is available in a 7-inch model and a 9-inch model. Each size is available in black, Xtra, or LOST finishes. MSRP is ranges from $49–$62, depending on size and finish. Black Models include a matte black sling and camo models include a woven camo sling. All models include interchangeable colored dampening rings for customizing color accents. Product is available for purchase at shooting sports retailers and at


  • Performance-based composites for vibration/noise reduction
  • Interchangeable colored dampening rings
  • Super stiff sling included
  • Vibration dampening adjustable weight suspension system (includes 2 stainless steel 1 oz. weights)
  • Engineered for performance bows
  • Continuously curving designs for balanced energy transfer
  • TRU-TOUCH technical Coating
  • 9” MSRP: $56 Black / $62 Camo
  • 7” MSRP: $49 Black / $56 Camo

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