TSA: Total Security Abyss

By Michelle Malkin

TSA: Total Security Abyss
TSA: Total Security Abyss
Michelle Malkin
Michelle Malkin

USA –   -(Ammoland.com)- While a TSA agent pawed my hair bun this weekend, presumably on high alert for improvised explosive bobby pins, I pondered the latest news on the Somalia airplane terror attack.

Intelligence officials released video footage of airport employees in Mogadishu handing a laptop to a jihadist suspect before he boarded Daallo Airlines Airbus Flight D3159 last week. The device allegedly contained a bomb that exploded on the plane, which created a massive hole out of which the bomber was fatally sucked. Two other passengers were injured in the blast before the pilot successfully made an emergency landing.

Several airport workers have now been arrested and the FBI is in Africa assisting the investigation.

The Somalia incident is not the only suspected in-flight inside job of late. Investigators believe a ramp worker at Egypt's Sharm el Sheikh airport was recruited by ISIS to plant a bomb on the Russian airliner that crashed last fall in the desert of the Sinai Peninsula. All 224 passengers and crew members aboard Metrojet Flight 9268 perished.

America can rest easy knowing that TSA aggressively tackled my harmless chignon like the Denver Broncos on Super Bowl Sunday.

But as the TSA carries out its multibillion-dollar charade of homeland security on babies' bottles of breast milk, veterans' prosthetic devices and suburban moms' updos, who is screening the screeners?

Last summer, the Department of Homeland Security's inspector general raised the alarm on the TSA's faulty aviation worker vetting process. The IG's testing showed “that TSA did not identify 73 individuals with terrorism-related category codes because TSA is not authorized to receive all terrorism-related information under current interagency watchlisting policy.” Nor does the transportation bureaucracy have effective controls in place for ensuring that its employees “had not committed crimes that would disqualify them from having unescorted access to secure airports areas” and “had lawful status and were authorized to work in the United States.”

On top of that, “thousands of records used for vetting workers contained potentially incomplete or inaccurate data, such as an initial for a first name and missing social security numbers,” investigators found.

“TSA did not have appropriate edit checks in place to reject such records from vetting.”

Stunningly, the IG disclosed that TSA has had to “deny credentials to 4,800 individuals that the airports had previously cleared for work in the United States because it could not verify lawful status for those individuals.” The report does not specify when exactly these 4,800 potential illegal immigrants from around the world finally had their badges yanked.

Eight months after this disclosure, the IG reported this week, “as few as one percent of all aviation workers applications” at larger airports are subjected to the inspections process to screen out aliens here illegally, visa overstayers and individuals convicted of disqualifying crimes.

Only in the last year has the Obama administration cracked down on airport and airline employees' unfettered access to sensitive areas and ability to bypass security checkpoints.

Only in the last week has the federal government finally changed its policies to allow TSA to access counterterrorism databases.

Actually, it's not clear from the DHS inspector general John Roth's follow-up testimony on Capitol Hill this whether and when exactly this will happen. “TSA now or will soon have access to this information,” he told Congress. Hmm.

Even if and when TSA officials gain access to terrorism data, however, the question is whether that information is worth anything at all. DHS whistleblower Philip Haney, a 15-year veteran of the bureaucracy, reported last week on politically correct purges of counterterrorism databases ordered by his superiors. He says he was forced to “delete or modify several hundred records of individuals tied to designated Islamist terror groups like Hamas from the important federal database, the Treasury Enforcement Communications System.”

It gets worse. “Going forward,” Haney recounted, “my colleagues and I were prohibited from entering pertinent information into the database.” Whitewash in, whitewash out.

A budget of $7 billion. A workforce of 55,000. Useless explosives-screening “puffing” machines. Unreliable full-body scanners. Thousands of lost and stolen badges and weapons. Unknown numbers of criminals, illegal aliens, imposters and terror operatives with security clearance to do as they please on ramps and runways across America.

Welcome to TSA: The Total Security Abyss.

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    1. Government hates the people, have they made the official declaration of war on the citizens yet? Government causes most of the problems people have trying to live in the US today, try just try to run a business with them standing over you.

    2. I hope the bomber wasn’t knocked out by the blast so he could enjoy the view on the way down. When political correctness is in charge of security millions are anoid by those operating on ignorance; is it just luck that so far we haven’t lost another plane? Watching TSA all it could be is luck, but the odds keep getting worse as we go.

    3. AW come on now we all ought to chip in for a glass navel for silly old “tin kitty” so he can see the light of day,,,it’s pretty dark up where he has stuck his head. hahaha

      Oh yeah,,,Great article (as usual)….Michelle Maklin

    4. TJC: So you don’t believe that government enslavement is any better than private enslavement? I can tell you AREN’T a “government uber alles” progressive, liberal, illiterate who HASN’T read our Constitution. I believe our Constitution is on the Common Core list of banned readings . It only bodes well for home-schooled moral FAMILIES, not the public-schooled common-core crap of babysitters using the socialist indoctrination regime. (I sound like my father discussing LBJ’s “great society subterfuge,” I know he’s rolling in his grave seeing what the U..S. has become).

    5. What I was taught in “civic classes” 45 years ago – had nothing to do with the present conversation. The founding fathers are rolling over in their graves – of that you can be sure. America the Great is now ‘America – the great joke’ thanks to people that think government rules the people. In reality the government is Supposed to serve the PEOPLE!

    6. irontiger65: “BTW-did you skip civics classes; or rather did you even receive any education at all? Since when do the feds have anything to do with city clerks, mayors and councilmen who are LOCAL government? Do you even think at all about what you think?”
      I can see that while you PRETEND to know what you are talking about, you at least pretend to misunderstand the problem I referenced. The Federal government has allowed unelected “officials” to promulgate many regulations that are NOT part of Article 1 section 8, removing the Article 10 powers of the states or the people (and the mayors, councilmen, and clerks) and/or Congress, by design. These are the polits-in-training of which I wrote. Back when what you call ‘civics class’ was again taught in basic training, in case anyone missed something. When did you attend basic training, and was ‘civics class’ still taught, then? It was 1/10 of what ‘civics class’ in High School was, but even then it taught that the fed’s power was LIMITED by our Constitution, not empowered by it. [But that was almost 50 years ago, and I don’t know what is promoted now. If you are an example of current propaganda, I now know the problem].

    7. Hey Irontiger65 you moronic left winger foreign idiot. Are you totally ignorant or did your head just get stuck up your rectal passage while refilling the space between your ears? If you believe all that BULLSHYTE you just spewed you DO NOT belong in this country and DO NOT deserve to own even a water squirt gun. Why don’t you move to China, Cuba, or Venezuela; Maybe one of the dictator controlled african countries would be a better fit for you.
      I BET your Mother and Father are ashamed to admit you are their child.

    8. I read nothing that should draw such poisonous personal criticisms. Name calling merely reveals more about you than whomever you are targeting. Such blatant name calling could bring to you such comments as “Hey, papertiger, calm down and call your Dr to get your meds changed” or ” Hey, Ironsocialist, your knowledge of history (from the founding fathers to when schools last taught civics) is the work of a revisionist hater control freak.” But I will not let you drag me down to the level of a second grade debater, and I am proud to see that the other commentators won’t either.

    9. “…think like a citizen of a decent society.”

      Umm, typical of those who believe they are smarter than everyone else, thus tell us what is best for us and attempt to pass un-constitutional laws for our own good.

      Ah, but of course I’m too stupid to know what is in the best interest of my nation. Probably, why I served in the armed forces? But of course those who “…think like a citizen of a decent society.” are to cowardly to stand up to armed enemies.

      Hey Irontiger65, I’ll see you at the next Bernie Sanders rally with all you other fools!

      Michelle, good work as usual!

    10. Screw you and your idiot “founding fathers”. Most of the founding fathers were con artists and slobs on the make, many of whom wound up destitute after their post-war speculation antics failed. The idea you nincompoop is to have good government, not the absence of government. Clearly you haven’t the capacity to think like a citizen of a decent society.

      BTW-did you skip civics classes; or rather did you even receive any education at all? Since when do the feds have anything to do with city clerks, mayors and councilmen who are LOCAL government? Do you even think at all about what you think?

    11. It gives me nothing but confidence to believe the entire government bureaucracy is the same, from the TSA to Congress, WH, city clerks, mayors, politicians-in-training (council members), and “educators.” Our Founding Fathers should have been even more Anti-Federalist, but who could have known?

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