VOTE YES on the Recall of Grover Norquist from NRA Board

By David Codrea

Grover Norquist
ALL CREDIBLE DATA indicates amnesty supported by Grover Norquist and Michael Bloomberg for economic reasons will also result in overwhelming Democrat/anti-gun majorities.
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USA –  -(  “For the first time in my 16 years on the NRA board there will be a recall on the NRA ballot,” NRA Director Todd Rathner notes. “I urge you to VOTE NO on the recall of Grover Norquist.”

Rathner characterizes the recall effort as an “attack” on Norquist. He writes the motive behind it is personal, by a “troubled” and “obsessed” individual.

“There are no allegations in the Recall Petition that have anything whatsoever to do with the NRA, its mission, purpose or programs,” Rathner assures us.

Perhaps.  The petition and its supporting documentation appear to ignore an important issue that has plenty to do with NRA Bylaws purposes and objectives. And that distracts attention from Norquist’s support for “amnesty” while wearing his Americans for Tax Reform hat.

What’s that got to do with gun rights?

Obama’s Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson insists that illegal aliens have “earned the right to be citizens.” Democrat Rep. Kurt Schrader claims immigration will decide “who is in charge of this country for the next 20 or 30 years.”

All credible polling shows that this will result in millions of new anti-gun Democrat voters, establishing unchallengeable majorities in the legislatures, a resultant stacking of the courts through confirmations of anti-gun activist judges, and a reversal of all legislative and judicial gains enjoyed in recent years.

NRA Director Norquist demonstrated his priorities on another occasion when competing loyalties between guns and taxes offered incompatible outcomes. Case in point, he endorsed Bob Dold for Congress, even though it was known that Dold “supports restricting gun purchase & possession.” That penchant for infringements would later win Dold an award from the Illinois Council Against Gun Violence.

What further conflicts Norquist's participation in the Hispanic Leadership Fund and the Council on Foreign Relations present remain to be identified.

Also of concern is Norquist's continued alliance with Michael Bloomberg's amnesty-supporting “Partnership for a New American Economy.” There’s a reason why Bloomberg believes that will advance his interests. There’s a reason why the Department of Homeland Security under Obama is “turning foreigners into citizens as quickly as possible.” There’s a reason why Hillary vows she’ll go further than Obama. And none of those reasons bode well for gun owners.

Bring all three branches of government into the “progressive” sphere, and gun owners can forget political and “legal” remedies. And don’t look for the insiders and players putting their names behind Norquist to get behind anything else when those stop working.

As far as the Norquist recall goes, it’s probably a moot point. The voices in his corner will easily drown out mine.The Fairfax establishment is solidly behind the guy, in no small part because of his connections and the doors he can keep open for them. Besides, Jeff Knox of The Firearms Coalition has estimated something like only 7% of eligible members even bother to vote anyway.

So if Norquist beating the recall is a foregone conclusion, what’s the point in calling attention to it?

Essentially to springboard off it to repeat what the gun groups won’t tell their members because they’ve been avoiding it: Immigration is a legitimate issue for the firearms rights community to be involved with, and importantly, for gun rights groups TO SCORE POLITICIANS ON. Which they won't do.

It would be easy to dismiss this article as just another personal attack. It would be harder to explain how Norquist's support for amnesty, combined with the “pathway to citizenship” will not result in overwhelming Democrat majorities that control the legislatures and the courts.

Who can do that?

So far, Norquist and his allies have ignored the specifics, offering only incomplete context historical references, opinions, anecdotes, wishful thinking and platitudes. Those aside, they’ve produced nothing to refute all credible polling reflective of current conditions. They’ve offered no numbers that can be independently validated to show anything less than a collective 70+% advantage in favor of the Democrats/gun-grabbers.

I wish they could. Truly.

Barring that, this Life Member is voting YES on recalling Grover Norquist. And I’m reserving my director votes for candidates willing to unequivocally (and correctly) answer specific questions so that an informed choice can be made.

That said, there’s a much more important concern than who sits on the NRA Board. There is an existential threat, not just to the Second Amendment, but to the Republic, what a friend and colleague calls the “cultural terraforming” of America. Any politician not working to remove that threat, and any lobby group enabling such a politician, is part of the problem. That's no matter which “good” votes they’ve cast, because they’re making inevitable the day when those votes will no longer be enough.

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About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and also posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

  • 79 thoughts on “VOTE YES on the Recall of Grover Norquist from NRA Board

    1. Great article! For those who think immigration is not important or related to gun rights, ask yourself this question: why are virtually all of the same loudmouth individuals and groups who back banning guns also in favor of mass immigration and amnesty for millions of new voters? Why is it that the same people who support a wall around Israel and tight immigration laws there want massive third world immigration here?

      Why does Obama want to legalize millions with an order he said in the past was not in his power? Why do the billionaire classes like Adelson, Bloomberg, Gates, Zuckerberg, the Koch Brothers, etc all seem united in pushing for mass immigration and no borders? And why do far left gun banners like Hillary and sanders agree with them?

      The left has won just about every cultural battle it has fought with traditional America and Americans for the last few decades. Over and over again, the left wins. What is the one exception to that? The gun rights movement – where not only have the pro gun people been holding on, but have also been advancing and winning the emotional arguments, not just the intellectual ones. This is reflected in polls that received almost no coverage from the media a few weeks ago by the New York Times/CBS and the Washington Post/ABC showing that banning “assault weapons” is now a minority view in this country – a result that has had a net swing of dozens of points in just the last two decades.

      The answer to being able to beat this group of people who keep defeating the elites and the establishment at the ballot boxes? Simply change the rules of the game and import millions upon millions of new voters who do not come from nations or cultures with respect for self defense or firearm rights. It is why Bloomberg pushes amnesty and immigration – he knows he can’t win with current demographics, and he is tired of being humiliated by the rubes in flyover country.

      This is why immigration is the most important issue we are facing. If we do not stop mass immigration in this nation then being pro second amendment is irrelevant – the votes to ban guns will out number the ones to keep them legal. It is also why I am supporting trump despite disagreeing with him on a giant range of issues. Make no mistake that if you want to support gun rights then you have to also support stopping mass third world immigration – just ask Europe how that little experiment is going for them now for a preview of our future.

      1. While I wholeheartedly agree with all you’ve written, I think a person’s integrity character is also very important. After all else is stripped away, what else does one have? And while I do not know if Mr Norquist lied, I can say that his representation of the facts seemed to be at serious odds with the facts I saw presented (aka history?). I would like to believe the NRA board members have the kind of integrity and character and can stand above this kind of controversy.

        1. deanbob: Good points. I do not trust Norquist. I’ve been an NRA Life Member since 1958 and plan to vote for his recall as soon as I receive my ballot this year. I hope someone will start a recall petition for Ted Nugent, this lowlife draft dodger is a constant embarrassment to the NRA. Just because he is “Pro gun” doesn’t make him an asset.

        2. How did Norquist become a member of the board to begin with? Was he voted in by the members or was he escorted in via board members? If he was escorted in by members I think that would/should be a subject brought up for discussion also. Is this sort of thinking out of line?

    2. Not to mention Norquist is a closet Muslim advocate. His wife is a Palestinian Muslim and he is probably a closet convert. He brought radical Muslims into the Oval Office under Bush 43, and pushed the “Islam is a religion of peace” mantra. Not only should he be dumped from the NRA he should be tried for sedition. Calling him a quisling is not without merit.

      Best regards to my fellow inmates.

    3. Sorry to say it, truly, but either this election the statement was made that Republicans “Can’t just be about white identity politics.” This is absolutely not the case, and that’s EXACTLY what we need to do. America is no good to anybody in the rest of the world if it falls to the level of the world.

    4. Yep. Time for Norquist to go. We don’t need someone who is on the Board simply to “check a box” rather that as a full-throated advocate for the rights of firearms owners and enthusiasts. Sorry, Grover, but you may be able to divide your time between all your varied interests, but dividing your loyalties is completely unacceptable.

    5. Codrea is being disingenuous when he criticizes Norquist for supporting Bob Dold. Yes, Dold did have two weak areas where gun control was concerned but his opponent voted for every single gun control measure that ever came before him including reinstatement of the assault weapons ban and confiscation. Dold was the Republican challenger and had a far better record.

    6. Thank you David.

      I am a Patron level member of the NRA.

      I will be voting for the recall of Grover Norquist.

      As Mark Levin has said;

      ..But somehow now, Grover Norquist is now an expert on immigration, on affairs with Muslims. Oh, I think he’s also in favor of same-sex marriage…and he’s a conservative leader? How so? This guy’s no conservative. He’s a K Street operator, and has been for a long time. – See more at:

      Grover Norquist is not who we need on the NRA Board and should be removed immediately, it saddens me that the board did not do it themselves. My question is also how did he ever get on the board in the first place?

      1. I am also a patron member of the NRA. I agree with every thing that you have written. I voted to recall Norquist. And let this be a warning to the other NRA Board members, RINOs, and political elitists. Why don’t we institute a statutory right of recall for all federal legislators, judges, and the POTUS?

        1. Unfortunately, without a constitutional amendment, the only constitutional statutory right of recall is to remove in a normal primary, runoff, or general election.

    7. After reading Rathners, vote no, article. I was ready to unsubscribe from Ammolands daily read. Thankfully, today has delivered a ray of light. Read the facts folks. Again I say, read about these people, look for their true motives. Understand how our country operates, and is affected by these behind the scene operatives of freedom haters.
      Lastly, again I will offend. Spend as much time and money on educating yourself, and being involved in the issues. As you do on you do on preparing for the baloon going up. And maybe we can keep it on the ground. This is one life member, Oathkeeper, and patriot, who will vote YES to recall Norquist. The facts are there. Or go back to your politically correct computer, and bash uncle Ted some more, for using his 1st amendment right. You may not agree, nut its only his opinion. Not a threat.

    8. Vanns40- the disingenuous one is you. I made a point of linking to my earlier article for those who want to know more, and it specifically notes:

      “While it’s true the Democrat opponent in 2010, Dan Seals, was also abysmally anti-gun, as was victorious 2012 challenger Brad Schneider, Norquist’s endorsement of Dold in spite of his known anti-gun views while wearing his Americans for Tax Reform hat shows how NRA directors promoting competing advocacy positions can choose one at the expense of another.

      “There is no way an NRA board member, especially a long-term one, should ever have endorsed a candidate with Dold’s established anti-gun record and sentiments, no matter what the reason or who his competition was. Putting other issues ahead of the Second Amendment and working to empower gun-grabbers to achieve other ends is not something the nominating committee should support, or the voting members should forget.”

      The other one being disingenuous is Norquist himself, who embarrassed by Dold betraying him on his tax pledge, reclassified the video of his support as “private” in order to bury it.

      If you want to support someone for the NRA Board who endorsed a gun-grabber, that’s your call. Just remember you’re the one who introduced the word “disingenuous” into the conversation.

    9. I have read both articles – for and against Grover Norquist. I like to be fair.
      I have only one question – Why is he still on the board of the NRA? This man should have been removed ages ago!
      He is one of the reasons the NRA has failed at truly standing up for our Rights!
      From a Life Member and a disabled veteran to Grover Norquist – better catch “the next train out of Dodge”, the “sheriffs are hot on your heels”.
      I VOTE YES on the Recall of Grover Norquist from NRA Board!

    10. Does the NRA board care who NRA-ILA hire as lobbyists? NRA and Richard Pearson of ISRA did nothing to promote concealed carry for 20 years. Then they recruit Otis McDonald to sue Chicago because it’s trendy to have a black face for their lawsuit.

      After the U.S. Federal Appeals Court in Chicago totally overturns IL’s concealed weapons law in Dec. 2012, NRA contract lobbyist for IL Todd Vandermyde cuts a deal with the anti-gun Chiefs of Police to put Duty to Inform in Rep. Brandon Phelps HB183 carry bill. NRA made $1.3 MILLION in legal fees on the McDonald case, so dead gun owners means job security. NRA is in bed with the criminal police state.

      Vandermyde was a lobbyist for William Dugan at the Intl. Union of Operating Engineers local 150 in Countryside, IL, before Dugan was convicted by U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald in 2010. Chris Cox & Chuck Cunningham can’t do a criminal background check on the lobbyist who sold out Otis McDonald? NRA is loaded with traitors.

        1. And if one is already a Life Member, how does that work
          I heard that it’s in the Publication
          Which one?
          If I get the electronic version, do we have a link?

    11. The NRA should support everyone who supports 2A rights, and not get into other issues. Grover Norquist is solid on 2A, and his position on other issues only helps grow the base of Americans who might support 2A issues. A vote against Grover is a vote against growing the 2A coalition.

    12. I am a nra member and havebeen for twenty years or more an I agree we need to remove grover norcrest we eed people who have the same standers as we do thanks for bringing this to my attention Albert. Orton

    13. Another Kansan, but giving amnesty to several million new anti gun voters is only going to reward gun banning politicians. Al Franken from Minnesota won by a margin that has been proven to be from illegals who should not have voted. Making them legal is only going to make sure more and more gun banners are elected all across the nation.

    14. By voting against Norquisling if you’re already a voting member. Otherwise by dumping NRA and joining GOA, GRNC or OFF instead. Last thing you want to do is give NRA’s beltway vampires more money.

    15. Are you really too dumb to realize that over-immigration is THE long term gun rights issue, or just pretending?

      The single issue argument is bogus and hypocritical anyway. NRA gets involved in all sorts of indirect gun rights issues, including campaign finance.

    16. Being a retired Marine with considerable Hands on in your face combat operations time followed by 25 yr LEO career, I really look at the PC Police supervisors / Chiefs, who are against gun ownership. Especially since retired LEO, can apply for and receive a federal permit under US Code 218, Like most Politicians they seem to think their lives are more important then the people they get paid to serve and protect vie their TAXES. Most are only at the supervisor / Chief level because they Kissed enough fannies to climb over real LEO supervisors and street officers, who put their subordinate Officers and the general public welfare, before their own Sorry ___ careers. I retired as a division Administrator myself, and I’ve seen guys promoted over other better qualified LEO’s because of POLITICS!

    17. Wasn’t Norquist tied in with C.A.I.R, an un-indicted co conspirator to fund islamic terrorist groups? Whichever way he was tied in with islamic groups it isn’t good, he’s got to go, and should’ve been gone when Glenn Beck also raised the alarm about him. It isn’t safe to have Anti-American spies in the NRA.

    18. Thank you David for the excellent article, bringing up points against Norquist that others had not. We need to get this weasel off the NRA board!

      There is a competing article also posted here on ammoland arguing in against his recall. I strongly resent the argument by Todd Rathner that Norquist’s ties to a group that supports and donates money to other terrorist organizations has nothing to do with the NRA’s mission. The 2nd Amendment should always be against any group that supports pro-Islamic terrorism, no matter how much money they might have or what their connections could do for the NRA. Defending this country against a murderous ideology that wants to kill Americans ought to be high on the list of NRA priorities. Many NRA members or gun owners are former military who fought and died in the sands of Iraq and Afghanistan defending this country against radical Islamists of the same ilk who Norquist is married into and supports. In my humble opinion his continued place on the Board of Directors is an insult to every American life lost in those wars.

    19. Don’t look like norquist will be infiltrating the NRA much longer. All the evidence points to him being a piece of garbage that will be thrown out !

    20. As a Patron Member of the NRA, a member of the GOA and several other pro-gun organizations as well as being a former police offers, an NRA Instructor, retired Army Master Sergeant, I have routinely voted against Grover Norquist because he is anti-American, he supports CAIR and other Muslim organizations and works with K Street to subjugate the people of the United States to the United Nations and the One World Government.
      I totally and absolutely support his removal from the Board of Directors of the NRA and, most likely from the United States.
      This may be a tad over the top, but………………if it walks like a duck, etc.

    21. @Russn8r,what do you really think about the NRA ? J/K,Seriously,I too have really become disillusioned with the NRA over the last 4 years. Protecting the 2A rights of its members has become a secondary agenda for the NRA. I still can’t get past what they said about OCT a year and half ago,then retracted. I am also a member of GOA but unfamiliar with GRNC and OFF !

    22. Recall This bastard who wants to infringe on our 2nd amendement rights ! I will support and defend all of the constitution of the United States of America !

    23. Here is what everyone is missing and what Todd Rathner is try to get at. This is not a yes or no vote for Norquist to be on the board.

      This is an recall question that has been forced upon the NRA membership by a few anti NRA people who have found a loop hole in the NRA member bylaws. They are using it to create an issue where none should be and cause fighting among NRA members.

      If you don’t like Norquist you can just vote him out when his board term comes up. But if he is voted out through this end run, the antis will have a field day touting how the NRA is corrupt and it will become a tactic for them to target and impugn other NRA board members.

      VOTE NO on the Question.

      If you hate Norquist vote him out next time he is up for election, not this way. Anyone insisting on this recall vote is clueless or worse, not on the side of gun rights and the 2A.

    24. tred law: I don’t understand your logic… It is the same thing the other article by todd said… How does dumping some one who does not look and smell like he is 100% above board and for what the NRA stands for make us look weak and corrupt? To me it makes us (and by us I me as a life member and all other members) look like we care how the NRA is perceived to the world and others who are looking for an organization to represent there believes in this country…. I have heard lots of people say lately they don’t like what the NRA is doing on this or that issue and that is why they do not join. I always say to them, get you and 10 million of your closet friends to join and change it to do what you want it to do…. And I sincerely mean it… I cannot see any reason for norquist to be on the board and to wait is not helping anything… I have read all the articles and most of the referred to articles and do not see that norquist has any reason for being on the board… You have not said anything new and todd’s article is filled with references by commentators to norquist’s questionable believes and functions in many areas…. I don’t think we need that type of person representing the NRA… AND I STRONGLY RESENT YOU CALLING ANYONE WHO DISAGREES WITH YOU AN ANTI-NRA MEMBER … NOBODY PUT YOU IN CHARGE ( OR ANYONE ELSE, FOR THAT MATTER ) OF WHAT THE NRA’S AGENDA IS !!!!! If that is the way it is going to be, then I want my membership money back !!!! I thought it was the membership and the elected board members who are voted on by the members, who determined what direction it should go…. Maybe it is time to dig into the personal agendas of all of them…. All said to say that the NRA organization has to keep up with what it members want or they will not have any, and it has been appearing to me that somewhere they are getting out of touch with the membership on some issues. If we are to believe that the means justifies the end, [keeping someone because of his/her contacts or whatever reason] then why fight the enemy in court, why not take the 5 million members to Washington and drag the “enemy” out of the White House and Congress as well as where ever else you find him/her and dispose of it ?????????

      At any rate, I personally have read a lot of and heard a lot of the information the writer of this article, Mr David Codrea, has said/written and would give much more credit to his level-head believes, than any “slick-willy” looking/acting/answering mouth piece norquist from Washington. Did you see his interview on Sixty Minutes ???? His arrogant smile and actions alone, let alone his dodging of questions, makes me puke and not want him in any organization I want to be represented by….

      VOTE YES ON THE RECALL, and maybe it is time to dig into the agendas of all the members and have a few more recalls if the need be !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is our organization or used to be, and if that is changed, then it is time for a change !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    25. Furthermore, everyone is always screaming “dirty tactics” used in Government and “all the dirty deals” that are made and we need to drive all the “weasels” out of Washington D.C. [ and everywhere else ] but then turnaround and crawl in bed with these same “weasels”….. Sorry, you can’t have it both ways….. Either you want to clean up the situation or you are becoming just like them……………………………….

    26. OLE, you are right, in that you still do NOT understand. It is about the process, not about whether I like or you like Grover Norquist.

      The correct way to add or remove board members, that you may or may not like, is by regular board member elections. Every board member comes up for re-election every three years.

      The recall was initiated by a super minority of 450 petitioners out of 5,000,000 NRA members.

      That is called tyranny of the minority.

      This minority, taking advantage of a NRA bylaw loophole, has thrown the stable process or orderly elections into disorder, no large organization can effectively function if the board members and the organization is having to deal with random recalls or chaotic changes in board members. All initiated just because a super minority of members has a grudge against a newly elected board member.

      To put it in terms you can understand, say your guy who you love was just voted onto the NRA board.

      Well I don’t like him, so all I need are 450 of my Facebook friends who meet the qualifying NRA voting guidelines and I can have a recall order thrown against him and force him into resigning his board seat until after the next member vote. It is chaos and that is what is going on with this question on the ballot. If the antis are successful with this effort we will see this used to disrupt the entire board operation. And your shouting yes to the recall is only helping their cause of harming the entire NRA organization and that is why I question you allegiance to the NRA.

      Vote NO on the 2016 Recall Question

      1. Why wait to get rid of Grover? Why call it a loop hole, it is there like the other rules. A few astute people became aware and alerted the rest of us, what is wrong with that? “…thrown the stable process of orderly elections into disorder…” Really? My ballot arrived on time. I sat down in the cool dispassion of my office. I considered the literature, the debate here, and some advice that I received, here, and committed my decision to paper. The USPS picked up my ballot. Deloitte and Touche are doing their job I presume. So… to what disorder are you referring? That dog don’t hunt.

    27. @Another Kansan (February 11, 2016 at 11:21 PM)

      Did you even read this article before responding? If you did, you may want to work on your reading comprehension. Mr. Codrea lays out perfectly why Quislings such as Norquist are not needed.

    28. @trumped

      Yes I did, 100%, because a substantial majority of the voters signed on for a recall of their representative.

      Unlike this NRA recall which only 450 individuals of 5,000,000,000+ plus members started a recall. Again that is .000009% minority that is disrupting the NRA organization. If you don’t like Norquist vote him out when his term come up.

      But do NOT be fooled into supporting this effort to undermine the NRA by a small bunch of antis that have found a loophole in the NRA and are using it to attack NRA board members.

      Vote NO on the 2016 NRA Recall Question

    29. Tred Law: Sorry, I disagree with you and you are “Weaseling” around the “FACTS” like norquist is always doing….

      First, you are saying “loophole”…. It is not a loophole if it is in the LAWS of the Organization….. it is there for use for instances just like now…. It is there for members to “Clean House,” who where misled or given false info to reconsider there vote.

      Second, you are lying when you compare 450 to 5 million members…. You know very well that not all 5 million members have voting rights. And where did you get 450 members who found this loophole ????? There may have been a lot more than that as I see a lot of members against this guy… And for your info, I am not on Facebook… How do you sell out to somebody who wants to take your rights away and let him make more money off you ????? Do you ever protest him or just bend over and enjoy it ??????

      Third: Don’t try to patronize me with that “what if my guy just got voted in…” If I was misled in anyway then I would what to be the first to know and he/she had better thank God that God has not appointed me Judge,Jury and Executioner, because I would be first in line to want to take action…

      Lastly, as I said before, it is the members that should be generating the agenda for the NRA… Not a few at the top, not even just a few 5 year members and life members, of which I am a life member, by the way… Why don’t all members get to vote and set the course!!!! Also, so you know, I believe nobody is above reproach, up to and including the TOP BRASS…. If the top brass did some thing to destroy the NRA I want a way to get ride of him/her right now, not two years from now… Anything else is stupid and not reasonable…. And why is it that the NRA when they want to ask for money or take a pole, they can send me a big envelope marked all up with Poling info, but to vote on board members they hide in the monthly magazine that time and again I don’t get around to reading till it is to late to vote ???? Makes me wonder when they are trying to slip norquist through !!!! AGAIN I say, if they don’t want to do what the members want or agree with, then they will have no members….. You can question my loyalty all you want, my intentions are plain and simple, I want an organization to represent me that is 100% above board and going in the direction I and the rest of it’s membership want it to go…. I question your intentions when you want to throw your lot in with slime balls and weasels….


    30. Who is tred law ??? you own this blog ???? You make your article into a story and it says nothing but what todd said ???? I spend my time writing a reply to your crap and it disappears ???? Thanks, but you logic is stupid, like I said in my conveniently lost rebuttal, your loophole is there in the bylaws of the organization to be used to “Clean House” of trash NOW when we need it, not 2 years from now. You are a lair too, as you know there are not 5 million voting members and as I said, probably the reason more people don’t join…. You have no point about it being used against the NRA, as the media uses everything against it no matter what… To shorten all the other replies let me just say, your logic is stupid, if you want to crawl in bed with slime balls, that is fine, I don’t… If that is the NRA you want to be a member of, tell them to send me my money back and I will find an Organization that will serve my purposes…

      VOTE YES YES YES YES YES on the recall !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      and that you in advance for not posting this either……………………..

    31. “Yes I did, 100%, because a substantial majority of the voters signed on for a recall of their representative.”

      That is simply incorrect. A substantial majority of the voters in those two districts did not sign a petition to initiate the recall elections.

    32. Goodbye Norquist? Don’t bet on it. Not unless the sponsors took out ad space in the magazine, and even then. The corrupt, subversive, self-serving beltway clique that runs the NRA is in bed with Norquist, who is in bed with Bloomberg. They obviously see Norquist as a key part of their self-serving beltway agenda and they’re fighting to keep him no matter the cost to the alleged single issue of gun rights. Combine that with the clique’s overwhelming built in money and communication advantages and the fact that the vast majority of members have no idea what’s up and don’t vote.

      1. “The corrupt, subversive, self-serving beltway clique that runs the NRA…” You’re being too kind with your description of the bureaucrats at NRA, Inc.

        If Chris Cox & Chuck Cunningham at NRA-ILA pay scum like Illinois state lobbyist Todd Vandermyde to betray Otis McDonald and 12 million people in Illinois by putting Duty to Inform in our 2013 carry bill, then there must be a least one more traitor at NRA HQ to cover for him. NRA is not a gun rights or civil rights org, NRA is a rotten front of traitors that actively promotes the criminal police state and feast on the blood of their own membership.

        1. You are mistaken. Your accusations against the NRA are like Trump calling Ted Cruz a liar. Groundless repetition of a false charge does not make it true. But it does work on the ill-informed.

    33. Tred Law: nice try.

      What a load of idiotic double talk. Of course it IS a vote for whether or not Norquisling should be on the board. If you don’t think he should be on the board you vote yes. If you want a quisling on the board who collaborates with Bloomberg against the interest of the membership and for the demise of the USA, you vote no. It’s simple unless you’re a simpleton.

      The recall was “forced” on the subversive clique who have hijacked the NRA, according to NRA rules and by NRA voting members.


    34. Trumped: Good point. The rule is signatures equal to at least 25% of vote count in the prior election. Since turnout is a fraction of registration, only an idiot or a liar would make the claim Tred Law made.

      his other ridiculous implication is that no one should vote for a recall unless a big majority of the electorate signed the petition. If that’s the case, why ALLOW recalls in the first place unless a big majority of the electorate signs? It’s not a “loophole”, it’s a safeguard, and it’s the law.

      The clique that runs the NRA knows there would never be a recall if a majority of NRA voters had to sign.

    35. Maybe it is time the Members consider “term limits” for board members and everyone else Running the Organization…

      Allen G in the other article by tred law named a bunch of Reagon people and people that have been on the board since Hector was a pup…. Time voting members took this a lot more serious. Time the NRA sent the ballets separate and made a lot bigger deal of it…. Or is this what they want is nobody voting except there “INSIDERS???” All the references Allen G gave sounded like Washington insiders and Deal makers… Sorry, I don’t want to make a deal…. I want an organization that represents me and does not make deals on the Second Amendment. No Compromise PERIOD !!!!

      So 7% of the qualified “voters” are electing the board who dictates the future of the NRA ???? Now mr. law, we are getting down to a minor few running a big budget organization and seemingly straying from what the members even want them to do… You complained about a few controlling many or causing you grief with this recall ??? WOW !!!!

      I am voting Yes on the recall and Against all the long time board members I can vote on… Time to shake the tree and see what falls out !!!

      You want new members, you better start acting like it and look at protecting their needs and wants, not yours…………….

    36. 1. Vote him out on the recall.
      2.The author believes himself to be a Hemingway style author with the photo he has at the bottom of this article…Come on, your pro 2A, not like a south Florida Mojito drinker..Plant your butt in some Levis and put a shottie over your shoulder broken open at the range…!

    37. RDNKTXN: GRNC is Grass Roots North Carolina. OFF is Oregon Firearms Federation. Both competently run, loyal, no-appeasement, no-sellout organizations.

    38. I wonder if at any given time, all gun supporters and gun owners and second amendment proponents always 100% of the time do and say everything the right way in support of our freedoms and liberties and gun rights?. I have seen outrageous comments from “gun guys” that are an embarrassment to pro-gun individuals and groups. If their comments or ideas were part of their “position” or status, they too would be ostracized and in some cases, kicked out (of whatever). I read an article in favor of Norquist….and now this one opposing….which is the truth?…..does it even matter?…. how “pure” can we be..? Who do we believe? Here is the truth: this whole event will hurt (HURT) the pro gun movement. Mark my words…..

    39. russn8er,

      Making such a blatantly incorrect comment like that certainly does not do his anti-recall side any favors. I am sure he supported the recall process began by a small amount of voters in CO because it favored gun rights. He also probably saw the point I was making by asking if he hypocritically disapproved of recalls if he opposes the goal, but there is no room on our side of the debate to make up facts like that – we aren’t gun banners!

    40. Jack: Well “your” clearly not an author. For starters “your” illiterate. Anyway, what are you, a zebra? Does everyone have to look the same and take the same picture to make you happy? Looks like he’s next to a horse fence, not a marina, and I don’t see a mojito. What’s wrong with a lounging in his backyward with a cigar and a drink?

      Come to think of it, it’s a bit suspect that “your” focused on what he’s wearing, thinking about his butt and trying to get him to play dress up. Are you one of them insecure fellas? Do you compensate by dressing up how you imagine an extra macho hetero male would? I suggest you try spurs and chaps, and never be photographed without a lever action rifle and a scary look on your face like the opening scene in The Rifleman. Worked for Chuck Connors. No one ever suspected. You could even pose like Cormac MacCarthy on the cover of his novels. Or you could go with a fireman’s costume, with a Scott tank on your back. Let me know if you need any more suggestions, Mr. Hoff.

    41. If a board member is not performing his/her duties they should be removed. Any elected official or representative who are a detriment to the organization should be removed. It should not need a special election or recall ballot. We have elected a president and executive board for this purpose. We are not seeking to replace the president of the NRA. The longer you let an infection exist, the harder it is to cure it. My wife and I are NRA life members. If you choose not to remove him, maybe you should resign your position as well. We have enough elected representatives in government who won’t do their jobs.

    42. Tired of the liberals taking over everything and people just let it happen. Dump this ass hat if he is in anyway connected to The King of Anti gunners Bloomberg he is out. Do your job and do it fast. We don’t have to be members of the NRA we choose to be.

    43. Rodger W. Hollister: As per the NRA. Where do you find that information? I was all over the NRA website and saw nothing on the Election period. In fact, nothing on even who the board members are, what their views are or anything much of anything on the site at all except how to donate money and a few Propaganda adds… Somebody please tell me where this missing information is and how to access it on the NRA website… Maybe it is time a lot more voting members did a little research on who is on the board. And as far as “Vote no per NRA”, Wait a minute, I thought their slogan was there members say, “I am the NRA!” Well then you are wrong because I am a Life Member and I did not say that and there are obviously plenty of those commenting to this article that are not saying that….

      Also I did not see on the website things like what they have accomplished lately….. OR IS THERE ANY????
      Financials, where are they spending “OUR” donated money….
      In there “Alerts” emails, all I see is stories from other sources, newspapers, etc. and no OFFICIAL COMMENT from the NRA on the topic at hand… Where are the NRA’s “Alerts?” and where are the Official comments ????

      AS far as Norquist goes, I say VOTE YES on recall and look very closely at others up for renewal… I am sorry to have to tell you this, in case you do not know, you cannot get into bed with a slime-ball like Norquist and not get something on you that Ajax can’t wash off !!!!! NOT to mention he is an ally and aligned with Bloomberg ??? Are you kidding me ??? What are you people smoking ?????????????????????????????

      1. I get the digital edition of American Rifleman, but there is NO ballot inside. Nothing for me to print and mail in. I’m a life time member. Shouldn’t I get a say in this?

    44. An NRA life member, this is only the second time I’ve voted.
      I voted NO on the recall.
      All the personal attacks, smear campaign, all seemed to be backed by supposition at most. It’s so sad to see the huge effort on a person’s integrity, but based on just guesses. Everyone does agree that he has been the most influential person in the last few decades to support decreasing government spending and decreasing taxes. There is no question on that. As to the accusations, just a bunch of made up innuendo.

    45. Please respect other cultures Mr. Codrea! The correct Arabic spelling is Groveler al Nor’Qu’isling, may his pomp and glory continue!

      Peace be upon those who submit!

        1. You will if Groveler al Nor’Qu’isling continues to have his way with the NRA, may his pomp and glory continue!

          Peace be upon those who submit, pay the jizya, wear the hajib, put their daughters in burkhas and treat women like chattel. Grovel to Mecca 5X/day. That’s all we ask!

    46. I’ve been looking online for a vote count on the unsuccessful recall but can’t find it. My guess is it’ll be in the American Rifleman in a few months. I voted to recall Norquist. I trust Andy McCarthy & Frank Gaffney more than Bob Barr & company. I also only voted for new Director candidates who were not endorsed by the Board; my goal was to change the board completely. They should have ousted Norquist on their own, due to his Islamist connections. I abandoned any thought of contributing to NRA or buying any of their products, after two phone calls and one (unanswered) email failed to replace an issue of American Rifleman that I didn’t receive. The organization has serious problems.

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