VOTE YES on the Recall of Grover Norquist from NRA Board

By David Codrea

Grover Norquist
ALL CREDIBLE DATA indicates amnesty supported by Grover Norquist and Michael Bloomberg for economic reasons will also result in overwhelming Democrat/anti-gun majorities.
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USA –  -(  “For the first time in my 16 years on the NRA board there will be a recall on the NRA ballot,” NRA Director Todd Rathner notes. “I urge you to VOTE NO on the recall of Grover Norquist.”

Rathner characterizes the recall effort as an “attack” on Norquist. He writes the motive behind it is personal, by a “troubled” and “obsessed” individual.

“There are no allegations in the Recall Petition that have anything whatsoever to do with the NRA, its mission, purpose or programs,” Rathner assures us.

Perhaps.  The petition and its supporting documentation appear to ignore an important issue that has plenty to do with NRA Bylaws purposes and objectives. And that distracts attention from Norquist’s support for “amnesty” while wearing his Americans for Tax Reform hat.

What’s that got to do with gun rights?

Obama’s Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson insists that illegal aliens have “earned the right to be citizens.” Democrat Rep. Kurt Schrader claims immigration will decide “who is in charge of this country for the next 20 or 30 years.”

All credible polling shows that this will result in millions of new anti-gun Democrat voters, establishing unchallengeable majorities in the legislatures, a resultant stacking of the courts through confirmations of anti-gun activist judges, and a reversal of all legislative and judicial gains enjoyed in recent years.

NRA Director Norquist demonstrated his priorities on another occasion when competing loyalties between guns and taxes offered incompatible outcomes. Case in point, he endorsed Bob Dold for Congress, even though it was known that Dold “supports restricting gun purchase & possession.” That penchant for infringements would later win Dold an award from the Illinois Council Against Gun Violence.

What further conflicts Norquist’s participation in the Hispanic Leadership Fund and the Council on Foreign Relations present remain to be identified.

Also of concern is Norquist’s continued alliance with Michael Bloomberg’s amnesty-supporting “Partnership for a New American Economy.” There’s a reason why Bloomberg believes that will advance his interests. There’s a reason why the Department of Homeland Security under Obama is “turning foreigners into citizens as quickly as possible.” There’s a reason why Hillary vows she’ll go further than Obama. And none of those reasons bode well for gun owners.

Bring all three branches of government into the “progressive” sphere, and gun owners can forget political and “legal” remedies. And don’t look for the insiders and players putting their names behind Norquist to get behind anything else when those stop working.

As far as the Norquist recall goes, it’s probably a moot point. The voices in his corner will easily drown out mine.The Fairfax establishment is solidly behind the guy, in no small part because of his connections and the doors he can keep open for them. Besides, Jeff Knox of The Firearms Coalition has estimated something like only 7% of eligible members even bother to vote anyway.

So if Norquist beating the recall is a foregone conclusion, what’s the point in calling attention to it?

Essentially to springboard off it to repeat what the gun groups won’t tell their members because they’ve been avoiding it: Immigration is a legitimate issue for the firearms rights community to be involved with, and importantly, for gun rights groups TO SCORE POLITICIANS ON. Which they won’t do.

It would be easy to dismiss this article as just another personal attack. It would be harder to explain how Norquist’s support for amnesty, combined with the “pathway to citizenship” will not result in overwhelming Democrat majorities that control the legislatures and the courts.

Who can do that?

So far, Norquist and his allies have ignored the specifics, offering only incomplete context historical references, opinions, anecdotes, wishful thinking and platitudes. Those aside, they’ve produced nothing to refute all credible polling reflective of current conditions. They’ve offered no numbers that can be independently validated to show anything less than a collective 70+% advantage in favor of the Democrats/gun-grabbers.

I wish they could. Truly.

Barring that, this Life Member is voting YES on recalling Grover Norquist. And I’m reserving my director votes for candidates willing to unequivocally (and correctly) answer specific questions so that an informed choice can be made.

That said, there’s a much more important concern than who sits on the NRA Board. There is an existential threat, not just to the Second Amendment, but to the Republic, what a friend and colleague calls the “cultural terraforming” of America. Any politician not working to remove that threat, and any lobby group enabling such a politician, is part of the problem. That’s no matter which “good” votes they’ve cast, because they’re making inevitable the day when those votes will no longer be enough.

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About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and also posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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I’ve been looking online for a vote count on the unsuccessful recall but can’t find it. My guess is it’ll be in the American Rifleman in a few months. I voted to recall Norquist. I trust Andy McCarthy & Frank Gaffney more than Bob Barr & company. I also only voted for new Director candidates who were not endorsed by the Board; my goal was to change the board completely. They should have ousted Norquist on their own, due to his Islamist connections. I abandoned any thought of contributing to NRA or buying any of their products, after two phone… Read more »

Dr. Mitchell J. Sojack.

He is not one of us. He can not be trusted.


Please respect other cultures Mr. Codrea! The correct Arabic spelling is Groveler al Nor’Qu’isling, may his pomp and glory continue!

Peace be upon those who submit!


We do not speak or write in Arabic in the USA thank you very much.

Carlos Perdue

You will if Groveler al Nor’Qu’isling continues to have his way with the NRA, may his pomp and glory continue!

Peace be upon those who submit, pay the jizya, wear the hajib, put their daughters in burkhas and treat women like chattel. Grovel to Mecca 5X/day. That’s all we ask!

Ron K

He must GO


An NRA life member, this is only the second time I’ve voted.
I voted NO on the recall.
All the personal attacks, smear campaign, all seemed to be backed by supposition at most. It’s so sad to see the huge effort on a person’s integrity, but based on just guesses. Everyone does agree that he has been the most influential person in the last few decades to support decreasing government spending and decreasing taxes. There is no question on that. As to the accusations, just a bunch of made up innuendo.

Paul Wylie

Who gets to vote? Please be more specific about how we go about it. If I don’t get the magazine, what do I do?

Mr. Bear

I get the digital edition of American Rifleman, but there is NO ballot inside. Nothing for me to print and mail in. I’m a life time member. Shouldn’t I get a say in this?

David Codrea

I’m not sure– I thought digital subscribers eligible to vote would get a separate mailing– call
NRA Member Programs 1-877-NRA-2000 or email

David Codrea

You need to have five years continuous membership or be a Life Member or higher. For magazine options, call
NRA Member Programs 1-877-NRA-2000 or email

ole Shoemaker

Rodger W. Hollister: As per the NRA. Where do you find that information? I was all over the NRA website and saw nothing on the Election period. In fact, nothing on even who the board members are, what their views are or anything much of anything on the site at all except how to donate money and a few Propaganda adds… Somebody please tell me where this missing information is and how to access it on the NRA website… Maybe it is time a lot more voting members did a little research on who is on the board. And as… Read more »

Roger W. Hollister

Vote no for Grover Norquist as per the NRA. I will. Roger

Brian Imperatore

Tired of the liberals taking over everything and people just let it happen. Dump this ass hat if he is in anyway connected to The King of Anti gunners Bloomberg he is out. Do your job and do it fast. We don’t have to be members of the NRA we choose to be.

Tenring Rob

If a board member is not performing his/her duties they should be removed. Any elected official or representative who are a detriment to the organization should be removed. It should not need a special election or recall ballot. We have elected a president and executive board for this purpose. We are not seeking to replace the president of the NRA. The longer you let an infection exist, the harder it is to cure it. My wife and I are NRA life members. If you choose not to remove him, maybe you should resign your position as well. We have enough… Read more »


trumped: Yep. Do you hear the crickets?