Why Some People Don’t Support the NRA – From Junk Mail to Mortars

By Don McDougall

NRA Junk Mail
NRA Junk Mail
Don McDougall
Don McDougall

United States -(AmmoLand.com)- Here are some of the reasons people decide not to support the NRA.

“I’m leaving the NRA because they sent me a flier! Yes, a FLIER and it came to my house, and I had to read it. MY GAWD to you realize how traumatic that was? I’m sure the whole family saw it.”

“I REFUSE to join because the NRA because the ILA didn’t fight the ’68 gun bill hard enough!”

“They called me once and asked for an additional donation.”

“The Bill of rights says what it says and the NRA REFUSES to stand by the 2nd I have my eye on a sweet little 3in mortar for home defense – no one is going to screw with me!”

I wish I was making these up. But they’re all based on response to earlier articles.

So if you want less stuff sent to you by the NRA simply e-mail them at [email protected] or call them at 800-NRA-3888 and request to be placed on the “Do Not Promote” list.

This will significantly reduce the amount of mail you receive without affecting important mailings, magazine service, or your membership renewal. You can learn more about the ILA here, ILA-Link .

As for the other complaints:

I’d point out the ILA didn’t exist until 1975 and that as a non-profit the NRA could not lobby Congress to fight anything until the ILA was formed.

As for the mortar guy (I think it’s a guy) The elevation setting on the mortar gives is a minimum range of a couple of hundred yards. So I’m assuming it is best for rural use. Also, they’re considered explosive devices and not firearms so I’m not all that sure you’re going to win this argument. I found the history of the mortar to be interesting as so you might want to read the following. https://www.militaryfactory.com/smallarms/detail.asp?smallarms_id=651

Do not make an enemy of the good because it lacks perfection.

ONLY the NRA has the resources to blunt the liberal gun grabbers as they work to deny you the right to own a firearm for personal defense.

Join the NRA.

About Don McDougall:

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA” committee. If he’s not at the range you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

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I’ve heard every excuse under the sun for people not joining the NRA. Basically they are cheap, lame excuses from people who don’t want to do their part. If I were a gun dealer, I would not sell to non NRA members. We are carrying these freeloaders and you can bet that when they lose their rights they will be the first to squeal “Why didn’t the NRA do something?” I’m a Life/Endowment member and donate heavily. NRA membership should be 50 million plus. If it were, we’d be unstoppable. Time to stop whining just because they sent you a… Read more »

Ken S.

How about not wanting to pay that child rapist Nugent to sit on the board?


I have been a member of the NRA since 1985 and a Life Member since 1994. I used to donate frequently to the NRA-ILA, but I stopped doing so when I noticed that after donating, I was flooded with additional requests for money. It got so bad, I had to call them up and request that they stop sending me so much email. Eventually, the flood of solicitations from the NRA ended. Now, whenever I donate to the NRA-ILA, I do so anonymously.


I’m not sure why everyone would get so upset with getting mailers from the NRA. Just shred/throw them out if you don’t want them and can’t be bothered to get on the do not promote list. Ok, getting calls from them is annoying, but that can also be dealt with by politely requesting to be removed from the call list. I did that and haven’t received a call since. Besides, every now and then they offer some decent stuff for making a donation.

Kella Stanley

Once you have taken care of renewing your membership they should quit sending you mailings saying you need to renew. They are wasting money that could be spent on other great causes. There is a lot of money being wasted on poor management and unnecessary mailings and phone calls. I have called and asked them to quit wasting the money sending me notices and even told them I was not interested in the free bags, jackets, and knives they wanted to send for me for renewing my membership. The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. The… Read more »


Don forgot to mention that many think that joining the N.R.A. will somehow expose to the Government that they have firearms. They figure that someday the GOV. will get hold of N.R.A. Membership records, and know where to come pick up the guns. Perhaps they think that the mailman will turn them in when he sees American Rifleman arrive in their mailbox. And YES there is a blizzard of requests for money in your mailbox after you join. I once just saved it all up for six months, and the pile was over a foot high. I had a conversation… Read more »


I have joined, I have renewed, I will still – but the NRA lets their marketing treat us like children. I read most of these ‘objections’ and they are from Members. This is not an ‘excuse’ it is a complaint! NRA mangement, grow up and supervise your marketing, eventually other groups will take your place.

Legal Eagle

Proud Benefactor Life Member and NRA donor. In these hostile political times every penny counts and is needed to ensure and protect our rights. If you aren’t doing your share by at least being an annual member, then you have no right to complain. Nothing worst then people burying their head in the sand as they try to justify why they are not willing to pull their weight. It reminds me of people who don’t vote and then complaint about who gets in office. Do your part.

Wild Bill

Every dollar that you give to GOA, CCRKBA, SAF, JFO, and NRA-ILA is an obstacle to the Obama-Clinton agenda.


I left the NRA when they did not fight against the “Cop Killer Bullet Ban”, in the late 80’s. I am a member of GOA, CCRKBA and SAF. I made a couple of donations to the NRA for Camp Perry since, but stopped when they again started to back down on important gun issues. When they backed HoHouse Hairy Reek, I decided that I will never join NRA again. They are just like the worhtless CWA they take your money, support worthless candidatesw who you would not vote for and leave you out in the cold when you need their… Read more »

Charlie from New York

Quit your bitch`in and do your part. I get tired of the constant phone calls, junk mail , email and letters wanting more donations. Just like every organization I`ve belonged to, ten percent of the members do most of the work. I`m retired and live on a fixed income and give what I can afford. Once they abolish the 2nd. Amendment and take away our firearms you will never get them back. Just ask the Aussies.


Hmm. I left the NRA because they were promoting poorly made GARBAGE in their “articles”, constantly asking for donations their magazines were on the level of AARP magazines filled with cheesy advertisements and celebrity based crap. Anybody can advertise with them and reading a story about Rock River Arms low quality garbage is unacceptable. The fact it took 6 months and 3 requests to receive my membership card was bad enough not to mention their “free NRA hat” was made in China. I received 6 calls for donations before I got my membership card. My son and I joined at… Read more »

JR Bailey

The NRA – ILA has proven itself to be an active opponent of Open Carry legislation in every state for the last 30 years. This is not my subjective personal opinion, this is record of fact and can be easily checked. They refuse to support any legal actions against the states in which open carry is either not allowed, or which has a very strong anti open carry sentiment in the state houses. Worse yet, they continue to give high ratings to politicians who continually stymie, block, and vote against pro concealed carry, and Pro Open Carry legislation. Further, as… Read more »

Clark Kent

Do us all a favor and sell your firearms and take up stamp collecting. You are as big a threat to the Second Amendment as any anti-gunner. What have YOU done to make the NRA better? Hint: Complaining does not count.

2nd Amender

How many TROLLS hitting this discussion?

Stay Safe….Stay Armed….Stay American …!!

Now, imagine if the progressive/socialist/communist party, formerly known as the Democratic Party, gain total control of the United States government


As Jeff points out, The NRA is all of us. Frankly, the excuses I read here for not joining or renewing are embarrassing. Let’s be frank; these excuses sound designed to save some bucks. Sure, I’m hit-up, we’re all hit-up by anyone because we have two nickels to rub together. I don’t think it a stretch to say that without the NRA that our right to keep and bear arms would be somewhere between nonexistent and in a world of hurt. How do you spell kalifornia or new york? To the excuse makers….if a stranger helped you would you fail… Read more »


“A single flier”?? BWAHAHAHAHAHA. I receive them weekly, sometimes two a week. Junk email? More than I can count. I’ve unsubbed five times so far and called and they keep on coming. Sometimes there’s a couple of months interlude of silence and then whammo, back to it again. It’s unrelenting.

Clark Kent

So tossing items in a recycle bin causes you stress? And you own firearms? You need a major re-think, amigo.


Superman , I don’t have a recycle bin, I own a tree farm, so keep on using those trees. Smart fund raising is needed and government mail is not the answer. I bought “forever stamps” when the were .45 cents and I hope the PO goes away before I use them all and I certainly will not use 5 a week to respond to the mailing’s I get.

Wild Bill

Absent the NRA, you would not even have a single barrel shotgun, today. The NRA is effective. It is the best money that I ever spent.
Yeah they beg, and yeah they buy cheap stuff that is not made in America to reward those contributors that need a reward, but they have to… American politicians are expensive.


I’ve been a Life Member of the NRA since 1957 or ’58, and I have supported them throughout that timeframe. In general, I still support them; however, I live in TX, and recently received the NRA-ILA’s list of candidates they support. At the top of the list is the incumbent State Speaker of the House, Joe Strauss. The fact that they would openly support him is almost unbelievable, since he has used his position as Speaker of the House to squash and otherwise prevent voting on, pro-gun legislation repeatedly over more than a decade. He is the reason we Texans… Read more »


With 300,000,000+ guns in America, you’d think more than 4-5 million gun owners would join the NRA. It’s not like anti-gunners have thrown in the towel. You can’t keep up with the local, state, and federal restrictions they’re all trying to implement across the country. And right now, with the press as their support arm, they sense victory is right around the corner. I took up pistol shooting 14 years ago, and lost my naivete when the Democrats took both houses in Minnesota and immediately went after gun rights. (Within a year, we had moved to North Carolina.) So I… Read more »

Mike Twidle

There isn’t any excuse for not joining the NRA if you are a gun owner, they are the only organization with enough clout to prevent the government from making it impossible for the average individual to own a firearm. The 2nd amendment may stop the government from totally disarming us but it won’t stop them from making us like England or Australia. These individuals who make poor excuses for not belonging to the NRA must not be married or have a prefect marriage. The only good reason I ever had for breaking up with a girl was her dislike of… Read more »

chuck schuette

After years of participation in nra bullseye shooting including competing at camp perry and running the pistol program at the club level my wife and I met wayne lapierre at an event in md where he insulted my wife. She had worked tirelessly to run the nra regional matches at our club for years and was a key figure in the mid atlantic region. His sexist derrogitory comments to her that dsy combined with an ill timed flyer with my name in bold red letters proclaming I didnt care about gun rights! WHAT??? That was the last straw. For many… Read more »

Clark Kent

AND YOU SELFISHLY DON”T CARE ABOUT GUN OWNERS. I just wish those words were 6″ tall and in red.


I have to admit that the constant junk mail from them drives me nuts.

Clark Kent

If JUNK MAIL drives you nuts perhaps you should sell all of your firearms. Ever hear of a recycle bin?


Hey drone, no ones cares about you.


The last time I joined I received a “Renewal Notice” before I had received my “Welcome” letter. I then received a plead for donations or another renewal notice at least every month sometimes more often. I’ll bet good American money the number of people they recruit greatly outweighs the number who renew. If they are not smart enough to figure that out, how in the world can I expect them to be smart enough to defend gun rights. I’ll pass.

Clark Kent

Thanks, Mikail. With friends like you who needs enemies?

Steve K

It can be annoying, but they do good work for us, so I grin and bear the endless “renewal” notices. The first time I got a renewal notice several months early, I was angry thinking they were trying to pull a fast one on me. They need to call them “extension” notices, unless the membership is about to expire.


The NRA is a joke only GOA has been pushing for complete restoration of the 2A as written. The case of Heller is a great example. The NRA hides behind bogus excuses citing mental illness is ok negating the fact that the requirements for that disqualification are lower than spending a night in jail at least the Felon gets the benefit of strict scrutiny and competent legal defense. Veterans lose their rights to ideologues with MD’s that’s why many in the veteran community do not support the NRA. Completely bogus and happy to perpetuate a lie created by liberals

2nd Amender

I have just since January upgraded to a life membership. I called the NRA, gave them my membership number, told them what I wanted to do, and all was handled over the phone. No problems! And it’s MY WAY!
As far as an 81mm mortar goes….a good mortar gunner can drop a round just about anywhere he wants within the 4,000 meter range depending on the charge. Accuracy fails as distance grows, but experience is the best judge of any situation. Having used mortars as artillery support and knowing my location on a grid map is basic!

Warren Boyd

I got tired of the constant begging.

Clark Kent

Warren: I get tired of paying my taxes. But I still pay them. And your point is?


Hey superman, the government will imprison you – the NRA cannot. Big diff, ‘Clark’.


I was a member and will probably join again. Reason why I’m not a member now. I live in Ct. The N.R.A. is non- existant. Untill they start showing up and doing events in my state I will stay away. No support from them.


Ridiculous reason…NRA is not some mysterious group of people…its you and me. So maybe the reason the aren’t doing anything in your state is because you haven’t done anything.

C. Kane

When I renewed my membership I was sent a crappy hat that was made in CHINA. That did it for me.


I agree with your objection to the CHINESE CRAP. But I didn’t just quit. Normally I just check the box that says: “Don’t send me the (CHINESE) gift”. The time I forgot to do so and received the hat…first, I kicked myself for not checking the box, and second I sent a letter to them detailing my displeasure. Membership in an organization is a PROCESS in which one must actively engage. Pressure from membership could possibly change the NRA’s investment in China.Inc. You want something to really [email protected] about? How about their lack-luster involvement in combating WA State’s I-594 legislation.… Read more »


I told them to not send anything – yep, they still do, ’cause they let zombies work for them – making them look stupid. Then the ILA sends those ‘surveys’ – it is hard to actually care about what the NRA does after they treat me like I am learning impaired. They treat us like crap and want us to be reasonable? AND give more money? Get real.

Tim Schenks

It’s good that they use zombies in the workplace. That’s a lot less we will have to fight off during the zombie apocalypse.


Got the same hat and it was When the USA had 28 States! At least that’s what the Flag denoted. All organizations you contribute to will bombard you with, give us you first born and make us the beneficiary of your Estate and we will make sure you receive every mailing/phone call we can manage until death do us part, Now who is your next of Kin and mailing info. When an organization has to constantly Spend resources fund raising, some body needs to have an Ah HA moment and minimize money and manpower and start using their heads instead… Read more »


I recently tried to upgrade my NRA membership and they wouldn’t send me an invoice. They said I had to make an initial payment over the Internet. I don’t do anything involving money over the Internet. I don’t get it, they send me tons of junk mail solicitations for money but won’t send me an invoice when I ask for one.


you can always ask them for the name and phone number of a local recruiter. Many clubs and gun stores are recruiters and can deal with you face to face. You have till the end of the month to take advantage of the $500 life membership. george OCShooters.com


I do get a call at least once a month from the NRA hitting me up for ‘another’ donation ! I donated money to the NRA several times over and above my membership ! Once you donate money you are on a call list for sure !


I was tempted to do the $500 lifetime offer, but when I got to thinking about it, I wondered what it was really for. I mean, I pay $500 and then I get a lifetime membership card and… that’s it I guess. Maybe it buys a few dinners for LaPierre, I don’t know. What can I do with the membership? Seems like if anyone has spare cash they want to devote to gun rights, they’re better off donating to the ILA.