Stunning Knife Rights Donated Damascus Dagger to be Auctioned to Benefit NRA-WLF

Liberty's Steel II - Fires of Perseverance
Liberty’s Steel™ II – Fires of Perseverance™ – Photo by Eric Eggly

Gilbert, AZ –-( – Knife Rights has donated Lady Liberty’s Steel™ II – Fires of Perseverance™, a stunning one-of-a-kind 16.75-inch Damascus dagger by the world’s first woman ABS Master Smith, Audra Draper, to be auctioned off at the National Rifle Association’s 10th Annual Women’s Leadership Forum Luncheon and Auction during the 2016 NRA Annual Meeting.

Lady Liberty’s Steel™ II – Fires of Perseverance™ will be a featured auction item at the NRA’s 10th Annual Women’s Leadership Forum Luncheon and Auction on May 20, 2016. Proceeds from the sale of Lady Liberty’s Steel™ II will support NRA programs. To buy tickets to the NRA Women’s Leadership Forum Luncheon and Auction go to:

Knife Rights Chairman and Founder Doug Ritter said, “Knife Rights and the NRA have a close relationship, both organizations fighting to defend our Second Amendment Rights. Knife Rights has for the past five years donated an extraordinary custom knife to support NRA-ILA, raising almost $100,000 for NRA. When my wife Sue got involved in the NRA Women’s Leadership Forum, we expanded our contribution to support the WLF’s efforts to engage more women in our fight for freedom.”

Master Smith Audra Draper
Master Smith Audra Draper Forges Liberty’s Steel™ II – Fires of Perseverance™

“We are indebted to Master Smith Audra Draper for her time, talents and creativity that took our inspiration for Lady Liberty’s Steel™ and turned it into an extraordinary dagger that will raise money to support the NRA Women’s Leadership Forum for the second year in a row.” Last year’s dagger brought in $19,500.

Lady Liberty’s Steel™ II – Fires of Perseverance™ was conceived and sponsored by Knife Rights expressly for the NRA’s Women’s Leadership Forum Auction.

A Damascus dagger is among the most difficult of blades to make due to the symmetry required. After an abortive start that itself took nearly three weeks, it took an additional month of effort for Audra to forge and grind the 11.25-inch double-edged blade into its distinctive and historic shape symbolizing courage and daring, and then carefully carve the Damascus guard and pommel and the rare African Blackwood handle. Audra’s trademark leaves of the guard and pommel symbolize the celebration and promise of new life. The carved Damascus leaves surround and embrace the blade and handle as we all protect and embrace our freedoms. The span of the guard is 4 inches and the overall length is 16.75 inches.

Lady Liberty’s Steel™ II – Fires of Perseverance™ is presented in a custom-built walnut display case by master craftsman Michael Zieba of Zieba New York located in Brooklyn, New York. It features glass on four sides and the top and a composite concrete and brass base.

Additional information and more photos of Lady Liberty’s Steel™ II – Fires of Perseverance™ and Master Smith Audra Draper can be found at:

About Knife Rights:
Knife Rights ( is America’s grassroots knife owners organization, forging a Sharper Future™ for all knife owners. Knife Rights is dedicated to providing knife owners an effective voice to influence public policy. In the past six years, Knife Rights has passed pro-knife legislation repealing knife bans in 15 states, stopped anti-knife legislation in 7 states and helped defeat ivory and mammoth ivory bans in 18 states. Knife Rights is also the lead plaintiff in a federal civil rights lawsuit against New York City and the New York District Attorney over their persecution of knife owners. Knife Rights is the Second Front in Defense of the Second Amendment™.

About National Rifle Association’s Women’s Leadership Forum (NRA-WLF):
With more women picking up firearms than ever before, and with so much at stake in our country, there is no more vital time than now to stand up and take an active role in preserving our cherished freedoms. The NRA Women’s Leadership Forum ( is the only philanthropic society of its kind and the fastest-growing community in the NRA. Not only do we care deeply about the future and want to make a lasting difference; we also have a tremendous amount of fun doing it.

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One more thing I cannot and never will be able to afford…
One does not live amazingly well on a disabled veterans income but we survive.

Sgt. Dad

Same boat☝️. I wonder what it’s like to drop $20K on something ornamental and bauble? Thank you for your service brother. Keep fighting, and keep your spirit up.