Afflictor Broadheads LLC Signs Chevalier Advertising as Agency of Record

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Afflictor Broadheads LLC, one of the fastest growing broadhead manufacturer in the outdoor industry, is pleased to announce Chevalier Advertising Inc. as its Agency of Record. This win-win partnership will combine the superior product portfolio of Afflictor Broadheads with Chevalier’s 63 years of specialized experience in advertising, marketing, and public relations within the outdoors industry.

Locked & Loaded

Together, the two companies will accelerate the already rapid growth rate of the Afflictor Broadheads brand. Chevalier will facilitate the public relations, marketing, and future advertising initiatives for the partnership. Afflictor will continue its role in product research and development, manufacturing, and distribution. Founder and president of Afflictor Broadheads LLC, Keith Powell, expressed, “The Chevalier team has a distinguished understanding of this great industry and we are excited for the wave of impact our partnership will
have, leading Afflictor hunters to a happy ending to their blood trails.”     

Chevalier account executive, Aaron Lisech said, “We are excited to be aligned with new disruptive technology that is rewriting the way broadheads are expected to perform.” Lisech and the Chevalier team are excited to play a vital role in spreading the Afflictor message to the masses.

Fully Expanded

About Chevalier Advertising Inc.:

Located in Lake Oswego, Oregon, Chevalier is a premier full service advertising, marketing and public relations agency specializing in the marketing of hunting, outdoors, shooting, and law enforcement products.

About Afflictor Broadheads LLC:

Founded on the desire to solve an ongoing industry-wide problem, Afflictor president, Keith Powell, made it his life’s mission to develop a broadhead design that would prove to be fail-proof by design and highly lethal by function.   Powell’s determination and innovation has led to what is now Afflictor Broadheads LLC.

Dealer inquires can be directed to 866-202-5002 for more information.