Begin the New Turkey Season with ALPS Outdoorz New Grand Slam Turkey Vest

This time of year serious turkey hunters inventory their gear & take a hard look at what doesn’t & what does work. Like the ALPS Outdoorz Grand Slam Turkey Vest…

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Begin the New Turkey Season with ALPS Outdoorz New Grand Slam Turkey Vest
ALPS OutdoorZ
ALPS OutdoorZ

New Haven, MO -( This time of year is when serious turkey hunters inventory their gear and take a hard look at what works and what doesn’t.

If you think that one of the things that doesn’t work perfectly for you is your turkey vest, or if your vest is “okay” but getting old, right now is a great time to upgrade to the new ALPS Outdoorz Grand Slam Turkey Vest. The vest is a new design by a company with a long track record of making superior products for hunters – and for supporting conservation organizations like the National Wild Turkey Federation.

ALPS Outdoorz Grand Slam Turkey Vest

The people who work at ALPS are turkey hunters themselves, and realized that they could use their practical experience in the field and their experience with cutting-edge hunting pack design to make a vest that works better than any other on the market. After years of research, development and testing, they brought the best design together with the best technology in the Grand Slam vest.

The vest features a “sit anywhere” removable kickstand frame. It makes for a fast set-up and is comfortable enough for a long sit. Experienced turkey hunters know how tough it is to hold absolutely still when they are in an uncomfortable position. With the Grand Slam’s kickstand frame, you can set up anywhere without needing to find something to lean against, and anywhere you set up is comfortable. And the more comfortable you are, the easier it is to hold still. And the less you move, the more turkeys you kill.

The legs are adjustable and feature fast locking technology to ensure you can set up quickly when the need arises. A thick padded fold away seat is integrated into the design, and detachable shoulder straps ensure maximum comfort and range of motion for when it’s time to take the shot.

If your style tends toward the run-and-gun end of the spectrum, though, you can detach the kickstand frame for a vest that’s comfortable at the base of any pine tree, thanks to an ergonomically designed padding in the back of the vest that doesn’t just protect the center of your back, but your shoulder blades too.

The comfort of the Grand Slam comes in an extremely lightweight package as well, as you would expect of a run-and-gun vest. Of course, if you decide you want a heavier vest – say, about 22 pounds heavier – the Grand Slam also comes with game pocket large enough for a tom turkey.

ALPS Outdoorz Grand Slam Turkey Vest :
ALPS Outdoorz Grand Slam Turkey Vest :

The vest boasts numerous call pockets, including a removable protective diaphragm call pocket, two slate call pockets, a striker pocket (which holds up to 3 strikers and 1 large locator call), a locator call pocket, and a protective and silent box call pocket. For anyone who carries a box call in the woods, the box call pocket itself is worth the new vest. Box call pockets on many vests are one of the things that often don’t work perfectly. This one does. You’ll never again find yourself in the turkey woods without the call you need, and until you pull the call out, it will be silent and securely stored.

The Grand Slam turkey vest is H2O compatible, and also includes two side water bottle pockets. Two mesh zippered pockets inside of the vest are perfect for stowing valuables, like truck keys and pocket knives, and the included smartphone sleeve allows you to use your phone while it’s securely in the pocket. Five shell loops give you fast access to extra ammo, and the side compression straps guarantee a perfect fit no matter your body type.

This is a vest designed for turkey hunters by turkey hunters and reflects ALPS OutdoorZ commitment to hunting and excellent design. If you want a new turkey vest this season, you owe it to yourself to put your hands on ALPS Grand Slam and see for yourself.

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