An Empire Strikes Home ~ Part One

By Elias Alias

Jose Guerena - Marine;An Empire Strikes Home ~ Part One
Jose Guerena – Marine;An Empire Strikes Home ~ Part One
Oath Keepers
Oath Keepers

United States -( Please Note: I have just posted an article which is a re-make of an original article I published at Oath Keepers back in May of 2011.

This article is part of a five-part series on a SWAT murder of a Marine war Veteran. In reporting on that murder it occurred to me that the individual members of the SWAT team which murdered the young father/husband was a symptom of a national “policy” emanating from the Federal government's incessant drive to militarize our local Police and Sheriff's Departments. This entire series is no longer available online, so I am rebuilding the series from my notes, which I recently found on an old computer.

Over the course of the next few weeks I hope to complete all five parts of the series and post all at Oath Keepers.


But it would have been okay, even if he had told the full colorful version of the story, since the suspect had fired on the S.W.A.T. team as they were simply serving a warrant.

After all, we do know that law enforcement offices around the nation are given regular profile updates on “extremists” and “lone wolf radicals” and “anti-government” misfits of nefarious ilk. We also know that the Department of Homeland Security has published its opinion that returning veterans from America's numerous foreign wars are primary objects for extra police scrutiny because they get kinky in their brains sometimes and think they've seen something wrong with how the Federal government administers itself upon the American people and especially how it administers itself upon foreign peoples in various countries. This of course would make our returning war vets highly susceptible to radical or extreme views. That, and of course the combat vets know damn well how to use firepower, same as or better than many cops who've not been in combat.

So we must ask, did the Pima County Sheriff's Department pass this kind of government propaganda, which demonizes our war heroes, our veterans of foreign wars who served this nation by placing their lives on the line in combat zones around the world, on to the deputies and the S.W.A.T. unit members of the PCSD? We may never know, because DHS and the Fusion Centers prefer to keep these kinds of profiling of citizens secret. We can know that there are very solid grounds to ask that question, and I do not want that question to be lost in the shuffle of what's to come later in this article…

But that's okay, in a way, because S.W.A.T. trains for unexpected shifts in “scenarios”. Each new home invasion has its own unique set of circumstances, its own special challenges, its own list of variables which are to be accounted for in planning a S.W.A.T. operation. They call such raids “scenarios”. Here is how Deputy Ogan put it, precisely –

“We are trained to always be on alert because you never know when a scenario is going to change.”

See? They're trained to see home invasions as “scenarios”. That is because they are specialists and because they have been militarized psychologically. I say that because in the S.W.A.T. team members' heads, a home invasion is an “operation”. That's how soldiers see that kind of work. (So here we have a case of cops thinking like soldiers.) And that is how an increasing number of our local peace officers across the nation are seeing it, because an increasing river of Federal funding continues to grow its way into our Counties, such as Pima County, Arizona.

Along with that funding comes training, courtesy of Federal programs. The local peace officer becomes psychologically cognizant of a more professional approach to law enforcement. He has, through Federal grace and Fusion Centers, a notion of interface with the U.S. military, which also is being schooled and trained to interface with local law enforcement. So it's obvious that a common perception of a common chain of command with a common set of tactics and training “scenarios” is called for. We are after all in modern times, and all that.
But Deputy Ogan was happy to say plenty to the news journalists. Look at what he said next –

“We don't always know what the bad guy is going to do,” said Pima County Deputy, Jason Ogan.

And that brings up an interesting point as well. The training S.W.A.T. team members receive seems to paint any citizen who is the object of a warrant-serving scenario as to be automatically seen as “the bad guy”. Pretty simple symbology, that. If there is a warrant, the intended recipient of that warrant must be “the bad guy”. Case closed, no judge and jury required. Were it not so, the system would not send a S.W.A.T. team to serve the warrant, right? Of course. Deputy Ogan spells that out for us too, in his following sentence –

“The SWAT team is used deliberately for high risk type warrants, this met that criteria and that's why the SWAT team served the warrant.”

…We were told by the Sheriff's Department that the S.W.A.T. shields deflected the shots so that no deputy was injured. Remember that? Now we're told by that same Sheriff's Department that the man did not fire a single round at the S.W.A.T. team. What can we make of that?
I imagine it's just the fog of war…


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Elias Alias, editor

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Elias Alias
Elias Alias

Updating the links for this series at Oath Keepers, because we lost all posts from 2011 when we were hacked. I have rebuilt the articles. I’d like to thank Ammo Land for preserving this —

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Elias Alias, editor for Oath Keepers and Founder, The Mental Militia –


Sorry if you guys don’t agree, oh, no I’m not. When I took my Oath and went to Benning for boot and AIT I never thought the government I was helping would consider me guilty and burst into my house in the middle of the night, which would sure as hell give me a reason to be on high alert to defend myself and my family. Even if I had a carry permit they could have walked up and asked to see my firearm. As I was trained I would have followed procedure and turned it over. There by making… Read more »


Could it be that our police are acting like soldiers because most of them are soldiers. I believe the soldiers who become cops do so because the training and the military structure is already in place.


Hinky not kinky….


I see everything but the solution of how to do it better and you actually executing it from somewhere not behind a keyboard


NRA is doing it’s part to advance the profiling capabilities of the criminal police state. Check out the original UNLIMITED privacy waiver that NRA lobbyist for Illinois Todd Vandermyde let the police unions put in Rep. Brandon Phelps HB183 carry bill in 2013: ” a waiver of the applicant’s privacy and confidentiality rights and privileges under all federal and state laws, including those limiting access to juvenile court, criminal justice, psychological, or psychiatric records or records relating to any institutionalization of the applicant, and an affirmative request that a person having custody of any of these records provide it or… Read more »