An Establishment in Panic

By Pat Buchanan

Donald Trump to close.
Now in a panic that America's destiny may be torn away from it and restored to its rightful owners?
Pat Buchanan
Patrick J .Buchanan

USA –  -( Donald Trump “appeals to racism.”

[F]rom the beginning … his campaign has profited from voter prejudice and hatred” and represents an “authoritarian assault upon democracy.”

If Speaker Paul Ryan wishes to be “on the right side of history … he must condemn Mr. Trump clearly and comprehensively. The same goes for every other Republican leader.”

“Maybe that would split the (Republican) party,” but, “No job is worth the moral stain that would come from embracing (Trump). No party is worth saving at the expense of the country.

If Republican leaders wish to be regarded as moral, every one of them must renounce Trump, even if it means destroying their party.

Who has laid down this moral mandate? The Holy Father in Rome?

No. The voice posturing as the conscience of America is The Washington Post, which champions abortion on demand and has not, in the memory of this writer, endorsed any Republican for president — though it did endorse Marion Barry three times for mayor of D.C.

Anticipating the Post's orders, Sen. Marco Rubio has been painting Trump as a “scam artist” and “con artist,” with an “orange” complexion, a “spray tan” and “tiny hands,” who is “unfit to lead the party of Lincoln and Reagan.”

The establishment is loving Rubio, and the networks are giving him more airtime. And Rubio is reciprocating, promising that, even if defeated in his home state of Florida on March 15, he will drive his pickup across the country warning against the menace of Trump.

Rubio, however, seems not to have detected the moral threat of Trump, until polls showed Rubio being wiped out on Super Tuesday and in real danger of losing Florida.

Mitt Romney has also suddenly discovered what a fraud and phony is the businessman-builder whose endorsement he so avidly sought and so oleaginously accepted in Las Vegas in 2012.

Before other Republicans submit to the ultimatum of the Post, and of the columnists and commentators pushing a “Never Trump” strategy at the Cleveland convention, they should ask themselves: For whom is it that they will be bringing about party suicide?

That the Beltway elites, whose voice is the Post, hate and fear Trump is not only undeniable, it is understandable.

The Post beat the drums for the endless Mideast wars that bled and near bankrupted the country. Trump will not start another.

The Post welcomes open borders that bring in millions to continue the endless expansion of the welfare state and to change the character of the country we grew up in. Trump will build the wall, and repatriate those here illegally.

Trump threatens the trade treaties that enable amoral transnational corporations to ship factories and jobs overseas to produce cheaply abroad and be rid of American employees who are ever demanding better wages and working conditions.

What does the Post care about trade deals that deindustrialize America when the advertising dollars of the big conglomerates that benefit are what Big Media fat and happy?

The political establishment in Washington depends on Wall Street and K Street for PAC money and campaign contributions. Wall Street and K Street depend on the political establishment to protect their right to abandon America for the greener pastures abroad.

Before March 15 2016, when Florida and Ohio vote and the fates of Rubio and Gov. John Kasich are decided, nothing is likely to stop the ferocious infighting of the primaries.

But after March 15, the smoke will have cleared.

If Trump has fallen short of a glide path to the nomination, the war goes on. But if Trump seems to be the near-certain nominee, it will be a time for acceptance, a time for a ceasefire in this bloodiest of civil wars in the GOP.

Otherwise, the party will kick away any chance of keeping Hillary Clinton out of the White House, and perhaps kick away its future as well.

While the depth and rancor of the divisions in the party are apparent, so also is the opportunity. For the turnout in the Republican primaries and caucuses has not only exceeded expectations, it has astonished and awed political observers.

A new “New Majority” has been marching to the polls and voting Republican, a majority unlike any seen since the 49-state landslides of the Nixon and Reagan eras.

If this energy can be maintained, if those throngs of Republican voters can be united in the fall, then the party can hold Congress, capture the While House and reconstitute the Supreme Court.

Come the ides of March, the GOP is going to be in need of its uniters and its statesmen. But today, all Republicans should ask themselves:

Are these folks coming out in droves to vote Republican really the bigoted, hateful and authoritarian people of the Post's depiction?

Or is this not the same old Post that has poured bile on conservatives for generations, now in a panic that America's destiny may be torn away from it and restored to its rightful owners?


Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of the new book “The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority.

  • 19 thoughts on “An Establishment in Panic

    1. Patrick J. Buchanan, I really don’t care for your one sided article, in fact I’ve never cared to much for any of your rhetoric.
      It’s very evident you think Clinton would be the best person to put in the White House despite all her lies! As far as I’m concerned it’s about time we elected someone that doesn’t have ties to so many Special Interest Groups! But keep writing maybe some day you’ll get right!!!

    2. I grew up with the “Great Trump”, did you know that you can’t swing a dead cat in midtown Manhattan without hitting someone he owes money? I thought not. Shell corporation after shell corporation. Properties mortgaged 3 and 4 times….he actually failed in the casino business, if that doesn’t raise eyebrows, I don’t know what will. The 7 bankruptcies (3 personal, 4 corporate) should have opened the eyes of most of you to this snake oil salesman.
      Do some personal vetting, he’s more likely to be arrested, than elected. Oh , and you can bet your ass he’ll come for the guns, if he lied about everything else, then why not that too?

      I know of only ONE politician who has consistently voted pro veteran and gun rights? Sanders.

      1. @Jake,

        Never forget, Sanders looks at firearms as accessories for hunting. The man might garner the support of disaffected FUDDs, but he should not be mistaken as being pro-gun. His ratings from gun rights groups are abysmal and he has voted in favor of terrible, oppressive gun control already. He catered to the hunters to hold onto his power but put him on a national stage and the only person worse is Hillary Clinton. Cruz is the ideal pro-gun candidate, and the guy I’d prefer to see become POTUS, despite the fact that I don’t see eye to eye with him on certain social issues. Donald Trump? Better than the two Democrats, though that’s not saying much.

    3. As a natural born AMERICAN, both of whose parents happened to have been born Black, I believe Mr. Donald Trump’s power is what American needs. As Mr. Wayne LaPierre recently pointed out : Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia “The only article in faith that plays any part in my judging is the commandment, Thou shalt not lie.”
      No human is perfect but Mr Donald Trump speaks the truth, apparently, out of habit.

      Mr. HP, I am waiting as well to hear Mr Trump say something undeniably racist.

      We will need to watch President Trump, and always be wary of the power of the Presidency, but, to survive and thrive in this world we need to POWERFULLY fight back on all fronts. Be it ideologically, politically, economically, diplomatically, and yes, militarily.

      Peace Through Truth & Strength,

    4. I keep waiting to hear Donald Trump say something that is actually racist, but I’m still waiting. The progressives seem to think that illegal immigrants and Muslims are a race. They are not.

    5. Trump appeals to all Americans who are tired of the political class(Republican and Democrat) making promises, and doing nothing. Trump appeals to Americans that are tired of the political class dividing us as a nation for their own profit and gain. Whenever the race card is thrown at Trump, it is Slapped down as it is a claim without merit. We are all tired of Special interests playing puppetmaster to those that we elect into office. It’s time to take America back…President Trump will make America great again.

      1. He scares the hell out of me! What is his TRUE position on Anything? Hard to tell because it changes from Day to Day. He simply does NOT have the inner strength required of a National Leader. And I’m sure he has more supporters on the Left than any other GOP candidate. I simply do not waste strong emotions on many things, But, I HATE open primaries!!
        Cruz has proven time and time again that he is willing to go Against the Washington Establishment, and is hated by them in return because he poses a threat to their long reign as “Country Club” Republicans. I’m voting for Cruz.

    6. Jorge if you can read English print why can’t you write in English? Are you a dumbass or are you being confrontational? So which is it? America has grown tired of democrats like you that come to our great country but don’t want to speak our language. Democrats like you have been coming to the USA for years soaking up all of our resources and putting us further in debt but you still can’t speak our language. I hope someone builds a wall that keeps all the democrats from Mexico out so maybe we can start rebuilding our country. Jorge do you realize that when all the democrats come here from Mexico how much money they take away from common Americans? The elderly, disabled, the school systems, etc. And you don’t even have the courtesy to speak our native tongue. SPEAK ENGLISH OR FUCKIN LEAVE!!

    7. Mr. Buchanan, I always enjoy your insight and logic. To answer the question are these droves bigoted hateful and authoritarian. Yes. I am concerned for the safety of our nation if Trump wins. There really is little likelihood of Mr. Trump suddenly becoming even tempered, compassionate and reasoning because he has been elected. It is likely he will continue to alienate our allies, and continue to embarrass and diminish our country internationally. He is a loose cannon. Maybe his candidacy will help produce a better candidate next time, but I trust America will not vote for this completely inexperienced carnival side show act.

      1. Trump could not endanger the safety or security of our country more that President Soetoro. No one could. Not even Jimmy Carter. So why all the concern?

        1. The problem is Trump is not waltzing around the Flag pole with acceptable prose demanded by the Elites. DC is a three legged stool comprised of Big Government, Big Business and Big Media. Cut any one of the legs and the stool will not stand. Trump is chopping at all three legs with incredible success and it shows in the sheer panic not only from the RNC but media and the not yet heard from Big Business PAC’s. The primary in MS is going about how I expected. Bennie Thompson has sent his troops out to herd the slaves to the poles and it will be 90% + all Democrat . Nothing new here. The R’s will be split as usual between the Old Guard and the Young Turks trying to be the new Bull in the pen. I predict Trump Cruz in that order. I don’t really expect to see blood in the streets but the talking heads blood pressure is probably 10 pts. higher one reason being they have EGO’s just as big as politicians and hate the idea that they got it wrong.


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