Another Florida Chairman Denies a Hearing – to Pro-Self-Defense Bill

Charles McBurney
House Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles McBurney (R-Jacksonville)
Marion P. Hammer
Marion P. Hammer

Florida –  -( The self-serving conduct of a House committee chairman is threatening to undermine our self-defense rights.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles McBurney (R-Jacksonville) seems to be taking lessons from Senate Judiciary Chairman Miguel Diaz de la Portilla. Both are now refusing to hear progun, pro-self-defense bills in their Committees and are denying Committee members the opportunity to vote.

McBurney is refusing to hold a hearing on the “Burden of Proof” bill, SB-344, which restores the presumption of innocence in self-defense cases.

It has been reported that McBurney, a former prosecutor who is now term-limited out of the House, wants to become a judge.

To do that, he needs the help of prosecutors. SB-344 is opposed by anti-gun prosecutors.

If McBurney runs for an elected judgeship, he’ll need prosecutors to help raise campaign funds for him. If he seeks an appointed judgeship, he’ll need those same prosecutors to send favorable recommendations to the Governor on his behalf.

Chairman McBurney is putting his self-interest above your self-defense rights and your right to the presumption of innocence. By refusing to give this bill a hearing, he is ignoring the basic doctrine that a person charged with a crime is innocent until proven guilty.

In addition, the Speaker of the House asked McBurney specifically to hear this bill and authorized him to hold a special committee hearing in the eighth week of Session for that purpose. Despite that, McBurney is refusing to give a fair hearing to the bill.

McBurney and the House Majority Leader, Dana Young, have even claimed that some House members are complaining that they need to be “protected,” and asking that they not be forced to vote on this bill. However, NO HOUSE MEMBER has come to us to express concern about the bill.

It’s time to let Chairman McBurney know that protecting the constitutional rights of the people should come before his personal desire to become a judge. Legislators should do the job they were elected to do, namely protecting the fundamental self-defense rights of the people.

Email Charles McBurney TODAY. Tell him how you feel.

In the subject line put: PLEASE GIVE SB-344 A FAIR HEARING

[email protected]

Call McBurney’s office at: (850) 717-5016

PLEASE DO IT TODAY — Time is short !!!

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He LOOKS like a greedy self-serving moron and pig.
I hope he NEVER becomes a judge; He would rule like the socialists on the SCOTUS.


Being nice has gotten us nothing for 20 years (or even 140 years) with RINO’s like McBurney.
There comes a point when you stop asking and start demanding.
If those from whom you ask refuse, you demand.
If those to whom you demand balk, you vote them out.
Eventually, they’ll get the picture as we proved this last election cycle.
It becomes VERY expensive to get reelected.


FL needs a discharge petition like the US congress has, a member can file a petition to bring a bill out of committee for a floor vote and if 51% agree the bill is up for a vote.