Are We Protecting Victims or Are We Playing Gun-Control Games With Their Lives?

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Covington, VA -( HB 766, Delegate Gilbert, and SB 626, Senator Vogel, turn a protective order into a temporary concealed handgun permit, covering the person being protected by the order while waiting for their CHP application to be processed and their permanent CHP to be issued.

Both of those bills passed the House and Senate. They provide *real* protection for the victim, not just a piece of paper that will not save the victim from a determined assailant.

You would think that McAuliffe, the gun-control lobby, and groups representing domestic-violence survivors would be cheering at the top of their lungs because of the protection these two bills offer victims.

Well, you’d be dead wrong.

The the gun-control lobby and groups representing domestic-violence survivors both have said in General Assembly committees that women would not be capable of defending themselves with a firearm in an emergency. Now this is a real war on women! The elitism, sexism, condescension of that position is staggering, but the media, as usual, just gives them a pass.

Now the Governor has jumped in and provided his own version of the bill, which goes back to the Legislature for consideration. The Governor’s version neuters the bill’s intent of allowing a victim to immediately begin to carry a concealed handgun for protection.

The Governor’s substitute shows little concern for innocent human life. It has these ridiculous requirements:

1.  Gives the power to a judge to arbitrarily deny the temporary permit. Virginia had been a “may issue” CHP state before 1995 and it was a miserable failure, with some judges denying women permits because the judge didn’t think women needed guns, for example.

2.  Requires the victim to have already applied for a CHP before the protection order was requested. So a victim is supposed to know ahead of time that they are going to need a protective order and have already applied for a CHP in anticipation of said need?

3.  Requires the victim have already completed the firearms training needed to get a CHP, but such training CANNOT BE DONE USING AN ONLINE COURSE! The victim is SPECIFICALLY denied access to extremely quick training via an online course. It could take weeks to get face-to-face training, allowing the abuser plenty of time to commit murder, and all with the blessings of the Governor.

How’s that for disregarding the safety of victims? The Governor’s wording creates a domestic abuser empowerment bill.

Gun control is not about saving lives. It never has been and never will be. It is about control, even to the point that it causes innocent persons to lose their lives to violent crime. To the antis such deaths are an acceptable, maybe even a necessary, means to an end.


Let’s contact your Delegate and Senator and urge them to reject the Governor’s substitute wording.

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