Best Ruger 10/22 Accessories For Your Rifle

The Ruger 10/22 is an excellent rifle platform for aftermarket accessories. Many Ruger 10/22 performance modifications are useful, versatile, and attractive. This review of the best Ruger 10/22 accessories includes rifle magazines, lights, trigger assembly and stock.

best Ruger 10/22 Accessories
The Best Ruger 10/22 Accessories

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United States-( When it comes to modern 22 long rifle gunning systems the Ruger 10/22 rifle is by far the best example of a benchmark firearm.
The Ruger 10/22 rifle has a long history of exceptional sales volumes since its creation. Its original release as a 22 carbine rifle has expanded to more factory configuration than any other factory rimfire rifle.

Like most people in the shooting sports industry, I have owned several Ruger 10/22 rifles. I have packed the little rifle as a standard stock out of the box rifle system. I have modified and enhanced the rifle with stock conversion kits and accessories as well.
With the Ruger 10/22 being such a flexible barrel receiver system it screams out to be matched up to some varied gunning tasks a field.

The list of best Ruger 10/22 accessories you can easily add to this great rifle:

  • SureFire Fury Scout Light
  • Butler Creek 25 Round Stick Magazine
  • Leupold AR 3X9 Optic
  • GemTech Suppressor.
  • Archangel AAR 10-22 Conversion Kit
  • ATI Ruger 10/22 Strikeforce Adjustable Stock
  • Pro Mag Ruger 10/22 Archangel Adjustable Stock
  • Xtreme Hardcore Gear Ruger 10/22 Picatinny Rail
  • Timney 10/22 Drop-In Trigger Assembly
My special purpose 10-22 rifle mounts on Butler Creek furniture that makes use of a side folding wire stock. The forend mounted laser is engaged with a left side stock button. A Weaver rail is mounted on top the receiver.
For optics, I choose a Bushnell HUD display red dot/ ring sight, and on the left side of the barrel a remote-controlled Surefire Fury Scout Light.
SureFire Fury Scout Light
SureFire Fury Scout Light
butler creek 25 round stick
Butler Creek 25 round Stick Magazine

The purpose of this 22 caliber rifle system? Night hunting along western South Dakota rivers. The targets are everything from beaver, to the raccoon, with an occasional skunk piled into the mix.

My Ruger 10-22 rifle makes use of a Butler Creek 25 round Stick Magazine to minimize reloading in the dark when hunting under adverse conditions. My Ruger 10/22 is task oriented.
Ruger SR-22 Rifle begging for Ruger 10-22 Accessories
Ruger SR-22 Rifle begging for Ruger 10-22 Accessories

Ruger 10/22 Accessories

The Ruger 10-22 rifle has several hundred custom options made by many aftermarket accessory manufacturers. The fact remains that Ruger itself has offered one of the most complete 10/22's by way of the Ruger SR-22 Rifle.
The SR model is the AR looking platform built around the receiver and magazine design of the basic Ruger 10/22 rifle. I own the SR 22 that is carrying a Leupold AR 3X9 Optic, and also the quick attach GemTech suppressor.
This rifle is for day use and it is effective at wiping out whole flocks of starlings. Because the rifle makes hardly a sound, except for the return spring singing a soft sound like the wind in the trees. When shooting from a blind static position I have cleared hundreds of pest birds right out of the front yards of ranch houses and outbuildings.

Ruger 10/22 Conversion Kits

Archangel AAR 10-22 Conversion Kit
Archangel AAR 10-22 Conversion Kit

If you are on the hunt to upgrade your standard 10 22, here are some possible tips that can aid you along the way. Just click into Amazon or Brownells for about a mile long list of options for sale. You will find furniture kits including a look like Thompson sub machine gun aka “The Chicago”. I like the fully in-closed assault variants like ATI Ruger 10/22 Strikeforce Adjustable Stock in FDE, the Pro Mag Ruger 10/22 Archangel Adjustable Stock.

Pro Mag Ruger 10/22 Archangel Adjustable Stock
Pro Mag Ruger 10/22 Archangel Adjustable Stock
Chicago Furniture 10/22 Rifle Conversion Kit
Chicago Furniture 10/22 Rifle Conversion Kit, Discontinued 🙁

Ruger 10/22 Accessories and Rails

I would suggest adding a real Weaver / Picatinny style rail, like the Xtreme Hardcore Gear Ruger 10/22 Picatinny Rail. A versatile rifle, the 10/22 works well with a range of optics from high magnification glass to red dot target acquisition systems.


ATI Ruger 10-22 Strikeforce TactLite Stock
ATI Ruger 10-22 Strikeforce TactLite Stock

Ruger 10 22 Accessories Rifle Magazines

Ruger 10/22 Magazines

Aftermarket Magazines are a preferred user-driven upgrade for the Ruger 10/22. If your hunting often like I do then high capacity magazines are a nice feature and don't cost a whole lot of money. The Ruger rotary magazine design is excellent. Increased capacity aftermarket magazines offer leverage for easy magazine operation.

Ruger 10/22 Stocks

Timney - 10/22 Drop-In Trigger Assembly Ruger 10 22 Accessories
Timney – 10/22 Drop-In Trigger Assembly

Rifle stocks can make a complete conversion of your rifle and some conversions mandate a switch in barrels. Here price can vary depending on exactly what you are looking for in stock furniture. Changing to a Primary Weapons Systems Raptor Stock and carbon fiber PWS Tension barrel, with an added Timney Drop In Trigger will turn the standard 10-22 into a precision 22LR rifle.

The price for this upgrade in the do it yourself market? Under $600.00.

Of late the introduction of the new Ruger “Take Down” series of 10-22's adds still another brand new group of options to the mix. Now we have an over the counter survival weapons system that can make use of special backpacking designs. Carry bags for these rifles are available. New model bags are coming that encompass a complete field of Ruger 10-22 Accessories and kit.

Ruger 10/22 Takedown With Target Barrel
Ruger 10/22 Takedown With Target Barrel

About the Author L.P. Brezny:

Author L.P. Brezny is one of the industries most recognized shotgun experts and authors. L.P. is a contributor to several firearms publications, including Wildfowl, Shotgun Sports, Varmint Hunters, and he is a regular columnist in the Gun Digest annual.

AmmoLand Editor Comment:  This article updated to reflect improvements/availability on 10/30/2017.

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James Wilcox
James Wilcox

Have been wanting to dteaa out my 10/22 forever, just couldn’t find where to buy right parts, this is great. Wish you had a paper catalog cause I,m not great on computers so I hope I don’t loose this sight.wish me luck

Charlie Mason
Charlie Mason

If you Google “10/22 aftermarket upgrades” you’ll find a whole lot more!! Tactical Solutions is awesome but very high priced. Kidd has lots of barrels and triggers. Search 10/22 on eBay! You’ll see a whole lot of different parts! Cheers!

Derek Hardesty
Derek Hardesty

Your rifle looks cocky as hell, and it looks like something that the military is using. I’m in the process of modifying my Ruger 10/22 as I speak. My rifle is the black/grey laminate with the black barrel. I put a muzzle brake on the end of the barrel, and a 3.5 x 30 compact scope, with 3 different color light settings with it. I also put a bipod and sling on it and just recently purchased an eagle heat shield handguard. It’s looking sweet.

Denny huber
Denny huber

None, its perfect out of the box.


Seen this by my friend, InfamousJ, on

InfamousJ 10/22 Custom Rifle

Chock full of after market goodies by Magpul, Dlask and Timney. VQ & Raunch Tactical as well.

Parts List

Ruger SR22
Dlask 12.5 Bull Barrel w/ ACC Blackout Muzzle BrakeDlask 7.0 Hand Guard & RailsDlask .920 Barrel Support Block
Magpul UBR Stock
Magpul MIAD Grip
Magpul MOE RVG
Magpul Pmag 10/22 Faux AR Magazine
Tasco Propoint w/ ACM Larue Mount
Tactical Innovations Super Charger Handle
Kidd Extractor
VQ Auto Bolt Release
Timney Trigger
Raunch Tactical Mag Release
NC Star Flashlight mount with Ultrafire Torch
KAC Style SCAR Flip Ups
Urban-ERT Sling System
“Dark Earth” Arma-Coat Paint Job