BLM College Debate Team Argues Whites Should Die

by David Codrea

Damiyr Davis and Miguel Feliciano, from the University of West Georgia, College Debate Team, and pawns for Black Lives Matters, argue Whites Should Die.
Damiyr Davis and Miguel Feliciano, from the University of West Georgia, College Debate Team, and pawns for Black Lives Matters, argue Whites Should Die.

Oath Keepers

USA -(  “Black students advocate white genocide at Harvard,” the title to a YouTube video posted by “All Lives Matter” claims. The debate, which was supposed to be about renewable energy, occurred at Harvard University, viewers are told.

Those advocating whites kill themselves or otherwise die are identified as Damiyr Davis and Miguel Feliciano, from the University of West Georgia.

While the white debaters asked why they couldn't just “struggle against the structure,” whatever that means, instead of telling the racists to get bent and walking out, it's difficult not to wonder how such conduct is even allowed, especially in light of campus “hate speech” rules and “safe spaces” for everyone (at least as long as they belong to a “Progressive”-approved race, gender, sexual category, and political affiliation).

Indeed, if a student is “not of the body,” he can expect to be ostracized and forbidden from being part of the discussion.

Bearing in mind that for “progressives,” every day is Opposite Day, this is what they mean by tolerance and diversity.

Who thinks white students would be allowed to ask blacks to justify their right to live without being expelled at a minimum?

Some interesting contradictions are presented here. It's tough to sympathize with people claiming to be “underprivileged” when they're representing even a modest college like UWG, where the annual tuition significantly exceeds per capita income for most of the world's population.  Add to that The Harvard Crimson presenting arguments that “hate speech policies are necessary,” while complaining “Our nation is obsessed with the concept of freedom.”

Chew on that one for a moment….

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    1. Haven’t you figured it out yet? It’s not hate speech if it’s directed at the “cracker white trash”. The libtards and black racists won’t be satisfied until they have started a race war.

    2. What if you spell it ‘kneegrow’? What if you refer to the ‘Monochrome Coalition’? Just expect more ‘minority confidence building exercises’ in the near future and act accordingly. Political Correctness and everything else goes out the window when you’re the target.


    4. Who’s racist??? White people don’t have a Miss White America Beauty Contest! White people don’t have a United White Boy College Fund! I’m sure there are others that I can’t remember right now. Who’s racist!!! They are so full of it- they are the same color of it!

    5. Ray Miller,
      Stop interfering with actual facts… LOL!

      What I have learned recently and clearly is the opposition does not care about facts and they will not look at truth. They will not do any research and do not deserve to even speak about the subject.

      Arguing with people who cannot recognize there were more white slaves than black throughout history, or that they have been manipulated for over a century, or even recognize that voting “Democrat” for generations has never improved their lot in life.
      Show me a slum and I will show you a place where Democrats have been in charge for a long time…

    6. Black Lives Splatter, Move-On Pawns, et al – While these silly children play their little games, I work hard to earn a living, put my five young adult children through college (the University of Texas at Austin, and Texas A&M, a bit of a step up from the University of West Georgia!), and continue to inspire them to be law abiding, informed, conservative, and productive members of our society. My children all read the Constitution, own and are trained in the use of firearms, and have concealed carry permits. More importantly they are moral, educated, and law abiding. They are politically involved and understand the threats posed by these left-wing, racist groups. They are prepared to protect themselves and to participate to the fullest in our society and in the political environment.

    7. All lives matter, not only black lives. BLM only surfaces when it is a white person killing a black. Where was BLM when the thug that had his son executed and refused to cooperate with the police, killed three blacks in retaliation for his son’s killing. I didn’t see the POTUS making a comment on this crime. When the POTUS gets involved, it only adds fuel to the problem. When a black police officer kills a non black, it barely makes the local news. Forget about the national news, or the POTUS, mentioning it.

      Slavery has been in existence for a long time and will continue for a long time. Stronger nations and armies took their captives and forced them to do hard labor. Wouldn’t this considered slavery also? Name a race or ethnic group that hasn’t been enslaved, I couldn’t find one. Every nation has a dark spot in its history, no pun intended.

      What most people don’t know, blacks and whites alike, is that their black ancestors were offered the chance to go back to Africa, specifically Liberia, but declined the offer. Also, in Africa, rival tribes sold their captives to the slave traders, blacks thereby contributing to the slave trade. This is also left out of the history books. American capitalism started early. So in my opinion, If it wasn’t for white people, blacks would still be in Africa beating their drums.

      To me it doesn’t matter what type of ‘CAN’ you are; AmeriCAN, AfriCAN, Puerto RiCAN, MexiCAN, you get the idea. A turd is a turd. Just because you’re educated at Harvard, or any school for that matter, does not change anything.

      1. Not only was it black tribes that sold slaves to slave traders, it was MUSLIMS who operated the business of slave trading. Now the blacks are one of the main believers in that gutter religion. How ironic. But then again they vote Demon-Crat and have been lied to and enslaved to that party for decades, oh well.

    8. I am mixed and I am an AMERICAN first. I served so these twits could flap their gums. I am also pro Second Amendment and today see perfectly good reason for Campus Carry. Also for a helluva lot of sight house training. (Would not want those fighting for their rights to miss.)
      American colleges are becoming a travesty of ignorance. Our government is breeding idiocy and a domestic threat. Apparently “team spirit” is turning into “Gang Spirit”.
      Since these idiots make up a tiny percentage of the 17% their numbers are equal to or less than the number of parasitic Elite. Another “faction’ that needs to be dealt with. Then there is the other factor… One set of parasites financing the other. Soros…and company.

      1. Uh Oh! So much for spell check… Fight House Training! Though sight is spelled properly . . . Spell check does not care then…

        1. It’s called Home Schooling…you house train your dog at least that’s what I do you may allow your critters to go where and when ever they have a need, me I house train them.

    9. Never thought I would ever really see a race war. As a white male who grew up in Mississippi I always heard grumblings of a race war but never really gave it any serious thought or consideration. I will say that I don’t desire something like that, but I also realise that you can only poke a sleeping bear so much until the inevitable happens. Sad to see things like this even being discussed, but hey, what do I know, I’m an evil white Christian male that loves God, his family, country and, freedom.

        1. Hey Paul did you know or understand what he meant ? Big whoop a word was spelled wrong. Get a life, who made you an expert ? “GFYS”

          1. Ray you must live in a blissful world, as in ignorance is bliss. So you can GFYS, as this is probably the only pussy you get.

          2. What if it’s a troll acting dumb and shrill as, you know, a dig at gun enteusiasts? The bait you’ve taken, was it tasty?

            1. Ray, I can take criticism all day. When given correctly it makes me smarter. But you using the acronym-GFYS made me stoop to your level. You must have graduated from UWG.

              Pete I agree, he must be a dumb acting troll.

              Ray my last post on this subject. Again GFYS.


    10. White Lives Matter and Pants Up, Don’t Loot stickers can be bought at Tighrope productions. You can get twenty stickers for 2.00 and shipping is 6.00. I currently have them all over my work truck. These BLM democrats are all gutless cowards that would never stand up to a common man or woman with a backbone. Get some stickers and show your pride!

      1. Oh, but they will do something to your vehicle when your back is turned, as they are so cowardly as to avoid one-on-one confrontations.

      1. Really man. That word. Fine whatever. What most fail to understand is until we start thinking as a species and not individual races we are doomed. This goes for everyone.

      2. Ayayay, there goes the philosophical high ground. I mean, why say it that way? Do you believe in collectivism on the basis of race? If so, fine, whatever. To me, I believe in individual liberty, so the racial language is just unpleasant noise.

    11. So these so called educated called for killing white people . I believe thats a public threat and calling for genocide. It could be construed as terrorism and a hate crime. So why isn’t the FBI investigating these “educated Harvard students” . Why would the school allow its staff to involved in a borderline criminal activity.

      1. because theryre democrats, the law dont apply to them, they cant read the constitution and they are the only ones who have rights..

    12. Yeesh. Hindsight being 20-20 if I were the opponent, I’d have quit. Like 12 year old trolls, they just shat in the punchbowl, turned the convo dramatic and off-topic on their turn. If the moderators allowed it that’s sad.

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