Bonnier Corporation Announces Milestone Partnership with Nissan ~ Video

Bonnier Corporation and Nissan, Expedition Hero
Bonnier Corporation and Nissan, Expedition Hero
Bonnier Corporation
Bonnier Corporation

NEW YORK — -( Bonnier Corporation, one of the largest special-interest publishing groups in America, today announced a new partnership with Nissan in celebration of the launch of the all-new TITAN XD truck.

The truck debuted at the 2015 North American International Auto show and made notable buzz during an ad, which aired during the 2016 College Football Playoff National Championship game. Bonnier is a key media partner in Nissan’s sustained launch of the TITAN XD.

Bonnier will produce a video series titled “Expedition: Hero” powered by Nissan TITAN XD, which will be featured on sites including Popular Science, Field & Stream, Outdoor Life, Wakeboarding, Dirt Rider, and Salt Water Sportsman. In the series, military veterans will go on the trip of a lifetime with editors from each brand; trips will range from an epic fishing adventure to the ultimate bison hunt.

“We are thrilled to be joining forces with Nissan to launch this inspiring series celebrating our nation’s heroes – military veterans who are ‘titans’ in their own right, John Graney, Vice President of Integrated Sales, Bonnier Corporation, said. “Each featured veteran is partnered with an expert from across Bonnier’s verticals that suits his or her personal passion—from fishing, hunting and the great outdoors to off-road moto and more. The TITAN XD is the perfect partner to make sure our heroes can get where they need to go to enjoy these adventures to the fullest.”

Real-life heroes, like those serving in the United States Military, were part of the inspiration behind the design of Nissan’s new TITAN XD. America’s long tradition of great trucks goes hand-in-hand with celebrating everyday champions and adventurers.

Expedition: Hero: What’s Next? by FieldandStream

“Expedition: Hero,” enabling America’s bravest to live their passions in this, the “every duty truck,” embodies both of these traditions.

The videos will start rolling out today, and can be viewed at

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How any military person of the U.S. can in any way be associated with a Japanese company, is a puzzle to me. The country who launched the most destructive attack on American soil against Americans deserves to be shunned and ridiculed. They built military trucks and helped to inflict innumerable deaths to Allied forces.


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