California Gun Owners are Treated like Murderers Under New Bill…Seriously

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Firearms Policy Coalition
Firearms Policy Coalition

Roseville, CA -( It just doesn’t stop. The California State Legislature is intent on creating a death of a thousand cuts for gun owners.

Senate Bill 1037 is just one of the latest bills to seek to regulate and criminalize gun owners in California.

The bill, authored by Senator Ben Allen (D-Redondo Beach) will make non-violent firearms related crimes “continuing offenses.” These offenses involve unlawful self-importation or transfers of firearms. These crimes need not have any criminal intent, nor is there a victim involved. These victimless crimes are the act of import or transfer, not possession.

SB 1037 would make this prosecutable for life- the same as capital murder- all for forgetting to fill out a form and mail it to the California Department of Justice with $19.00.


Yes, Senator Allen believes that not filling out your paperwork properly or forgetting to pay a $19 fee should have the same statue of limitations as capital murder.

We seriously can not make this stuff up.

If SB 1037 were to become law, the act of not filling out the form correctly or failing to send in $19 would be prosecutable for the remainder of the person’s natural life.


SB 1037 is simply outrageous and should be rejected. Gun owners are subject to a dizzying array of law at every level of government and SB 1037 sets a history-making precedent that gun owners should be haunted for life for an act that involved perhaps nothing more than ignorance or forgetfulness.

Please sign our petition to oppose SB 1037 and forward this email to your friends and family so they can help stop it as well.

About the Firearms Policy Coalition:

Firearms Policy Coalition is a grassroots 501(c)4 nonprofit public benefit organization. FPC’s mission is to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, especially the fundamental, individual Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

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Perhaps Sen. Allen’s tax returns should be held to the same standard. Think he may object ?


Concidering the constitution its self states ANY law in conflict with the constitution is NO law at all. ALL of the “supreme” court decisions reguarding guns are legally bankrupt. These polititians need to be brought up on charges of constitutional rights violations, violating their oath of office and breach of contract.


Well, I can say that this would never be allowed by me and all the voters in Missouri. I can’t believe the people elected to represent the people of Cali really think that forgetting to fill out a single form is punishable by life imprisonment. So instead of collecting their $19 they would put you in prison for life spending thousands upon thousands to keep you in jail. Are these people on drugs? Seriously, I would like to know.


At least, now if they do that, you might be “entitled” to $1000/month after parole if you don’t commit a gun crime. Now, to take the liberal “logic” (I know, that’s an oxymoron) one step further, if the gun itself is the “bad guy, you should get $1000/month per gun you own, so then if all gun owners moved to California, those liberals would be paying for our increasing gun collections while we rake it in. And Governor Moonbeam would probably sign off on that even though it doesn’t make any more sense than the $15 minimum wage he signed.… Read more »

Jacob M. Opperman

This is just another way for bull sh*t political officials to control the common folk. It is time we tell these idiots they must go and that way is to vote them out of office or impeaching them for not following the oath of office they took. It is time for us common folk to rise up and start telling these idiots in office they work for us not we work for them like they think. So come on folks let get these idiots out of office and get one in that work for us and will uphold the constitutional… Read more »


SB 1037 could have been lifted from Canada’s Firearms Act, which was created to enable a step-by-step disarmament of Canadians. The California bill appears to be borrowed from the Canadian law, in my opinion, a template–a proving ground–for U.S. civilian disarmament. Fifty years ago, Canada’s firearms laws were similar to, say, South Carolina’s. Then, despite The English Bill of Rights–the source of The Second Amendment–successive Canadian Liberal governments have been working toward Canadian civilian disarmament. If you want to anticipate American future state and federal-level legislation attempts, check out Canada’s Firearms Act. The steps? 1. Criminalize 2. Register 3. Enact… Read more »

Joe Fratz

I left CA, 22 years ago, after residing there for 35 years. Haven’t miss that hell hole one bit !!!!!


I escaped in ’99. Saw the writing on the wall and ended my misery.


I got the hint over 20 years ago and left California. Anybody who doesn’t want to be a victim should too.

Don Cornelius

Thanks Rick, they all can stay in Calif.


Just like with life, if the environment is toxic remove yourself. There are 49 other locations to reside where you can make a living and with a little research live to you liking. California is beautiful by nature but TOXIC by politic!


if these voters in Cali are that stupid, we sure don’t want them in Arizona.


until the PEOPLE wake up and stand up, the floggings will continue


WTF is self importation , people have a natural right to privacy , self defense , living,property ,a home, all of which it seems in California is prohibited , taxed , or illegal. Having a firearm in another state is still your property , California saying you can not have it in California is a Constitutional violation of Rights. California’s state government legitimacy has to be questioned . they govern EXACTLY AS RUSSIAN FEDERATION. Taxing residential homes is the most COMMUNIST move America ever made. It was done to prohibit the middle class and lower from establishing wealth. Make people… Read more »


Since the people of California don’t have enough sense to vote out these parasites you might think of moving next door to Arizona !


Tex, it’s not that simple. I have found myself back in the PRK due to a family situation, from the Great State of Texas, no less. While I am in OC, which for the most part is conservative, as is the most of the state, we represent only about 35% of the population IIRC. Most of the population resides in two areas, LA Basin and the Bay area (San Fran, San Jose, etc). Even if every “conservative” in the state voted, we would end up holding about 20% of the seats in the assembly and less than that in the… Read more »