The Most Devastating Anti-Gun Bill Is Up for A Vote

Assembly Public Safety to Vote on AB 2459, Aimed to Take Out All Gun Dealers!

Hearings have been scheduled for next week, please take action!
Firearms Policy Coalition
Firearms Policy Coalition

Roseville, CA -( AB 2459, authored by Asm. Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento), will wipe out every single gun dealer in the state of California.

In essence, if this bill passes, they may not ever have to pass another anti-gun bill again. You simply won't be able to legally buy another gun in California.

To start, AB 2459 will ban all home FFL dealers. There are hundreds of them in the state, and they may serve areas where a traditional brick and mortar store wouldn't prosper.

AB 2459 would then force all gun dealers to video record all areas of their store wherever firearms or ammunition are stored, displayed, carried, handled, sold, or transferred, including, but not limited to, counters, safes, vaults, cabinets, shelves, cases, and entryways. It will then need to be stored for up to ten years!

AB 2459 mandates a first in the world form of insurance– an unobtainable policy that covers the criminal acts of second, third and fourth parties using a firearm or ammunition from the store in question, even if the retailer is in fact the victim of the crime or if the gun or ammo was stolen from the store.

No gun dealer in the state will be able to comply with these insane requirements!


1. Sign the petition opposing AB 2459

2. CALL the author of the bill and ask that he pull the bill from the hearing. It is a ludicrous idea; one that needs to go away

3. CALL the Assembly members listed below — ask them to “vote NO on AB 2459”

4. Share this email and help us get the word out — time is of the essence



AUTHOR: Asm. Kevin McCarty (D – Sacramento).

WHAT IT DOES: Bans all home FFL dealers, requires constant video surveillance of all parts of the store, and mandates the purchase of an insurance policy that does not exist.

LOCATION: Assembly Public Safety Committee.

STATUS: AB 1695 will be voted on next Tuesday, April 5th. If passed, it will head to the Assembly Privacy and Consumer Protection Committee.



It takes less than 3 minutes to help us fight this bill. Call every one of these Assembly members and ask them to “vote no on AB 2459.”

About the Firearms Policy Coalition:

Firearms Policy Coalition is a grassroots 501(c)4 nonprofit public benefit organization. FPC’s mission is to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, especially the fundamental, individual Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

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    1. When McCarty finds out about “Taharrush Gamea”, now being played all over Europe by the invaders, he may have a different thought about his bill. Especially if he realizes that the USA May be the next country to host these games.

    2. Perhaps Pinko McCarty should go to Google and type in “Europe Calls It An Invasion”. And then watch the clip about how many countries in Europe have been invaded by hordes of military age men from North Africa and the Middle East. Maybe he will get the idea that they will be coming to a neighborhood near him rather soon, and those hordes just might take a fancy to his boyfriends backside, like they have been doing to the women over in Germany, and Sweden, and a bunch of other Euro countries. And yes, they have a name for this sex game they play all the time in their home countries. And that game is the reason that no women are allowed to walk the streets by themselves. The MSM here in America does not tell this story, about these sex assault games the invaders like to play. More likely though, those invaders may take a liking to his boyfriends neck, and wish to insert their long knives into it instead. The damn fool may then have different thoughts on the matter perhaps. He may start wishing that there were more rifles behind every blade of grass.

    3. I do a ton of online shopping and I continue to add states to my “do not buy” list. Kalifornia has been on my list for many years now as is most of the West Coast, most of the Northeast, and I recently added Virginia to my list. Since the clintonite governor took over in the once proud Southern state, I will not buy or pay any visits to Virginia. I wrote off Kalifornia a long, long time ago…sad states of affairs.

    4. Obviously “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” is confusing to the sun baked minds in California. That’s quite a tyranny they tolerate in that country.

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