EOTech Zero Shift Problems! ~ My Comments

By John Farnam

Zero Shift
Zero Shift
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- Trials at EOTech!

Otherwise-popular EOTech red-dot optics are currently at the center of controversy and litigation involving military customers.

It is alleged that some models of EOTech will experience a slight precipitous zero-shift under certain temperature extremes.

Many students have anxiously asked me about this emerging issue, and here is my advice to the vast majority of owners and users of EOTech-equipped rifles.

Don’t worry about it!

The average EOTech consumer, in normal use, will never experience any of the problems described/alleged. Even when they do, zero-shift is so small it will be scantily noticed by most shooters at most ranges we train. It will thus have little effect on the utility of your rifle.

My advice is to continue using the EOTech you have. When/if you experience major issues, be concerned. Otherwise, stop worrying about it!

Or, get an Aimpoint!


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Paul Markel Torture Testing EOTech ; Not to worried about Zero shift…

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Whilst I agree that sub-freezing and utlra hot temps will not at all be the norm when shooting, I feel that spending $500+ on an optic should reflect the quality of the product received. I’d also like to think that over the decade they knew of the issues that they have adjusted the design/manufacturing process to compensate for what they can control to mitigate the issues in the current batch runs. As a person in the optic market right now, I’m completely on the fence over EOTech products because of all this…. I just much prefer the cirle dot reticle… Read more »

Bob Smith

Quote “Just so happens this time it was not even good enough for government work. Just sayin”

And yet the Special Forces, Seals, everyone who is issued them in the Military is STILL using them. Go figure right?

HMLA-167 Warrior

Hmmm…. Interesting… I don’t agree with it but do find it interesting. I do agree with one part of the article as written: “…get an Aimpoint!” Some of the military’s allegations regarding the Eotechs included: -Zero shifts of up to 12 MOA at 32 F, and up to 20 MOA at 5 degrees F, despite EoTech’s claims that the HWS could operate in temperatures from -40F to 140F. Not sure about you but to me 12 – 20 MOA shift is not “so small it will be scantily noticed by most shooters…” If it is scantily noticed, well imo, you… Read more »