Fixed vs. Mechanical: Why not both?

The Best of Both Worlds
The Best of Both Worlds

Afflictor Broadheads’ K2-Hybrid solves the hottest debate in bowhunting!

The intense debate amongst bowhunters has come to a win-win solution! New from Afflictor Broadheads, the K2-Hybrid combines traditional confidence with brilliant mechanical engineering methods to give archers the first true hybrid broadhead.

The K2-Hybrid features Afflictor’s patented Drivekey Technology. The Drivekey fully deploys the surgically sharp stainless steel blades immediately on contact to their 1-¾ inch cutting diameter and positions the blades to a structurally sound fixed and locked position. Drivekey Technology also enables the K2-Hybrid’s ability to remain closed during flight, until target contact, on arrow speeds ranging from 450+ fps for crossbows, down to the slower speeds of a traditional recurve setup, and everything in between.

Afflictor Broadheads' K2-Hybrid
Afflictor Broadheads’ K2-Hybrid – Open

Drivekey Technology makes the K2-Hybrid a mechanical broadhead during arrow flight and a true fixed blade broadhead immediately upon target entry, distinguishing it from any other industry design.

Big Blood Trails
Big Blood Trails

Engineered in 100- and 125-grain designs, K2-Hybrid also serves as its own practice tip, saving money from purchasing extra practice tips. Placing the included “Loc-n-Pin” in the Drivekey slot disables the Drivekey from deploying the blades while practicing, enabling easy arrow removal and protecting the blades’ cutting edges. When finished practicing, press the “Loc-n-Pin” out of the slot and the K2-Hybrid is ready to hunt.

Afflictor’s K2-Hybrid design ushers in new disruptive technology to the bowhunting industry and raises the expectations of serious bowhunters loyal to both fixed and mechanical broadhead designs. Afflictor guarantees the K2-Hybrid to remain closed in flight and fully deploy immediately upon target impact, or your money back. Let the K2-Hybrid be the reason your next blood trail leads to a happy ending.

About Afflictor Broadheads LLC:

Founded on the desire to solve an ongoing industry-wide problem, Afflictor president, Keith Powell, was determined to develop a broadhead design that would prove to be fail-proof by design and highly lethal by function. Powell’s determination and innovation has led to what is now Afflictor Broadheads LLC. Dealer inquiries can be directed to 866-202-5002 for more information.

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