Got Puppies? We’ll Take Them at NO Charge!

Humane Society Wants Puppies to Sell

NAIA Trust
NAIA Trust

Portland, OR -( The Craig’s List Ad: “Puppy Season is Coming – We want the very BEST care for your puppies, just like you do!

Don’t run the risk of letting strangers come to your home, or give vulnerable pups to anyone who claims to be looking for a pet. HSMO accepts puppies (and kittens) age 4 months and under at NO charge!

The humane society will also “help” get the mother fixed, but it’s not mandatory.

Read more here: Humane society’s craig’s list ad for free puppies.

About NAIA Trust:

The NAIA Trust is a nonprofit 501 (c) 4 organization established under the Internal Revenue Code to promote responsible animal care and ownership and reasonable laws, policies and regulations to protect animals and the people who care for them.

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humane society,is a bunch of money grabbing asses,just making a buck for themselves on the backs of animals who can,t speak for themselves,if they only could???