The Handi-Racker ~ Pretty Darn Handy!

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Grimes, IA -( Handi-Racker is one effortless way to rack the slide on most any semi-auto pistol.

Yes, most of us can rack a slide with our hands. But for those with arthritis, weak or small hands, or who may be disabled (even missing an appendage), slide operation can be difficult or impossible! Handi-Racker makes these problems disappear.

Simply place the Handi-Racker atop the slide and place the front of the Handi-Racker against any firm surface and push the pistol forward and the slide is effortlessly functioned.

The Handi-Racker also makes it effortless to clear a hard-stuck jam, and when disassembling or reassembling, Handi-Racker makes it easy to hold the slide rearward while removing or replacing pins and/or levers. And of course, it makes it easier to lock a slide back on a heavy-spring pistol.

CNC machined from an extruded block of high-density, tough-as-nails pistol finish-protecting polyethylene, the patented Handi-Racker is designed for many years of hard use. Handi-Racker comes in two sizes that fit 90 percent of the most popular semi-automatics currently manufactured. Pick the one you need at (Note: The popular Beretta 92 series requires a separate model due to its exposed barrel construction.)

Handi-Racker CEO Chris McAnich says, “Look at it this way – you probably have power steering in your car, so think of the Handi-Racker as power steering for pistols; less work, more fun.”


  • Material: High-density polyethylene
  • Functions: Loading, locking slide to rear, clearing jams, disassembly/reassembly.
  • MSRP: $29.99
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Have you tried to lock the slide back by this method: Hold the pistol in your right hand, bring it up to your mid chest area so you can see the side, grip the slide with your left hand and your fingers on the top where you can see your fingernails, clench the pistol without using your thumb, push the pistol to move the slide.

I find that technique much easier than gripping the slide from the rear. It is not a safe method in a crowd because the barrel is up so please be careful.


Great idea, I can’t wait to get mine . For those of us shooters having to operate one handed this a necessity!hpoefully one size will fit multiple models of pistol? As for Janek check up on “condition one” it actually works .! So for now I’m carrying condition one and ordering mine! no need to sink to name calling ;we are all on the same side!! Differing opinions are good – no-one knows it all despite the entries implying just that


The obvious gun fighting hero Janek above obviously does not get the idea. Not everyone who owns a semi plans or wishes to be in a gun fight like that hero but like to shoot–and for the disabled , weak or elderly this is a great idea I think. I would bet that our gun fighting hero Janek takes a gear bag of some sort to the range with him–ya think he carries it all the time–same for this racker thing–nice for exactly what the release says it is for…

Wild Bill

Jim, I did not read anything that Janek wrote that deserved this kind of name calling response. He is just thinking things through “out loud”, and might appreciate your input if it were not so vitriolic. Other commenters responded in the contrary without insult. What is really bothering you? And maybe he is a hero, but his humility prevents his mentioning it.


My wife now has arthritis in both hands (as do I, but in my case, only my thumbs are affected), making it very difficult for her to rack the slide on semiauto pistols these days. It also makes it virtually impossible for her to squeeze the trigger on a double-action pistol, and it’s even hard for her to cock the hammer on one. She is able to shoot a semiauto well, although obviously she has trouble with most “failure to fire” scenarios, or reloading, if the slide fails to lock back after the last round. Sounds like this device would… Read more »


If you can’t rack the slide on your gun you better get another gun. When the SHTF and you don’t have your ‘Handi-Racker’ where’s that leave you? People under stress many times fall back to their training routine. Years ago it was shown that cops who ‘policed their brass’ during training sometimes ended up dead because they picked up their brass in the middle of a gun fight.

Bob G

There is no record of any cop ever picking up his brass during a firefight. There have been a few who placed empty cases in their pockets, but nowhere near enough to confirm the urban-legend that this was a widespread problem. The larger – though related – problem was that there was not enough standardized and realistic reloading being practiced during training. The issue wasn’t the unloading but, rather, the reloading of the firearm. However, your point about people falling back on their training routines is accurate. Actually, it’s the basis for all handgun application; people who regularly shoot their… Read more »


Pretty cool idea actually. would be good for younger people too.