Hooked Up: Inside Field & Stream’s April 2016 Issue

Field & Stream's April 2016 Issue
Field & Stream’s April 2016 Issue

Field & Stream

New York, NY -(AmmoLand.com)- Land a trophy fish, cook up some “redneck ramen,” and get out with the greatest turkey hunter alive. Field & Stream’s April issue on stands now.

29 Expert Tips to Land Trophy Fish: Huge fish are often lost because of simple, easy-to-correct angler mistakes. We’re willing to bet that most readers know the heartache of dropping a wall-hanger. From proper prep-work to fight techniques to end-game insurance, these tips from guides and pros across the country will keep you from feeling that sting ever again. Page 44

Slab Happy: For the panfish angler, spring might as well be Christmas. Every year, hordes of crappies flock to the shallows to spawn, leaving anglers with a big window to target this huge concentration of fish. Here’s how and where to catch a limit of crappies this month. Page 42

The Wild Chef – Alabama Ramen Bowl
The Wild Chef – Alabama Ramen Bowl

The Wild Chef – Alabama Ramen Bowl: Ramen has taken the culinary world by storm in recent years, bearing no resemblance to the gloppy flavor-pack versions that appear at dinnertime on lean camping trips. Largemouth bass meets pulled pork in this redneck riff on the classic Japanese noodle soup. Page 31

The Total Outdoorsman – Dutch Oven Cooking: When you cook wild game inside a Dutch oven, it’s seasoned with the memories of past hunts. T. Edward Nickens shares his love for the magic and alchemy of the outdoor cuisine essential, as well as some of his favorite memories around the campfire. Page 36

Yeti cooler
Yeti cooler

Ice-Chest Throwdown (Literally): Not long ago, a cooler kept ice for a weekend, maybe. Today’s premium coolers have quadrupled that period, but at a pretty penny. With real money on the line, you need to know exactly what you’re getting. So the Field & Stream team tossed 12 high-end coolers off a moving pickup (video footage included), and ranked and reviewed the top six. Page 73

Flat Out for Trout: When early-season runoff turns your favorite stream into a chocolate milkshake, go catch big fish from a pond or a small lake. Right now, flat-water trout are shallow, accessible and hungry. The key to catching them is to focus on the changes in current, depth, cover and structure. Page 60

The Slam Man: Jeff Budz is the greatest turkey hunter alive. He has the most grand slams ever recorded. No one in the sport is more driven or accomplished. So Field & Stream gave him the ultimate challenge: get Bill Heavey a gobbler. Heavey’s account of the trip is hilarious and riveting. Page 67

Inside Field & Stream's April 2016 Issue
Inside Field & Stream’s April 2016 Issue

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