Introducing the Springfield XD Mod.2 9mm Extended Magazine Bluegun

Training Pistols from Ring’s Manufacturing

Introducing the Springfield XD Mod.2 9mm/Extended Magazine Bluegun
Introducing the Springfield XD Mod.2 9mm Extended Magazine Bluegun

Melbourne, FL -( Introducing the Springfield Armory XD Mod. 2 Sub-Compact 9mm and XD Mod.2 Extended Magazine caliber training pistol replicas from Ring’s Manufacturing.

The XD Mod. 2 9mm training pistols are molded from solid blue polyurethane to differentiate them from live weapons.

On the weapon, the new XD Mod. 2 Sub-Compact pistol is updated from its predecessor, the original XD Sub-Compact, with several enhancements for improved concealability, ergonomics and performance. The newborn Mod. 2 sets out to improve grip with GripZone. Three different textures are molded into specific parts of the grip where slip-resistance is most critical. The resulting ergonomic improvement gives users more traction on the grip surface while applying less force on the frame.

In addition to the GripZone treatment, Springfield Armory has also re-contoured the grip and reduced the frame’s circumference. Other changes to the frame include a rounded trigger guard and a slim-contoured disassembly lever. While many dimensional changes were applied to the new design, the XD Mod. 2 Sub-Compact maintains compatibility with original XD magazines and holsters. The extended magazine model sports 16 round capacity.

The XD Mod. 2’s reduced frame size also results in a slimmer slide for improved concealability. The pistol also comes with red and green fiber optic replacement rods.

Blueguns’ XD Mod. 2s training pistol are 1:1 exact replicas of the original XD Mod. 2s allowing officers to train in safe realistic tactical scenarios without the need to use their duty firearms.

All Blueguns are 100% manufactured in the USA.

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About Ring’s Manufacturing:

Ring’s Manufacturing crafts the most detailed, accurate and extensive line of “Firearm Simulators” on the market today. All of our products are inert detailed replicas of actual weapons designed for Law Enforcement and Military Training. Each product is made with strong, impact-resistant polyurethane with steel reinforcement. This prevents bending and flexing while maintaining the detail, handling and balance of the actual weapon they represent. Each gun is fabricated in “Law Enforcement Blue” – the most recognized safety color in the world. Ask for “BLUEGUNS “, a realistic & safe alternative to using live firearms in training situations.


Blueguns allow officers to train in realistic tactical scenarios without the need to use their duty firearms. It also protects their live weapons from accidental damage during training exercises and provides a safe training aid. The “Blueguns” are realistic 1:1 replicas of actual firearms in a range of popular handguns, sub-machine guns, lights, knives, pepper sprays, and radios. All Blueguns are 100% manufactured in the USA. Blueguns sales are to Police, Military, Para, Trainers and Holster Manufacturers only. Contact any of our distributors or direct. Also sold to retail dealers for display in the stores and to mount accessories on for demonstrations. They are also ideal for displaying with holsters.

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