Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus & Pac Opposes Gun Owner Registration Bill Proposal

Minnesota State Capital
Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus & Pac Opposes Gun Owner Registration Bill Proposed by Senator Latz and Representative Schoen
Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus
Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus

Saint Paul, MN -(AmmoLand.com)- The Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus & Political Action Committee today announced their opposition to the gun owner registration bill proposed today by Senator Ron Latz (DFL SD46) and Representative Dan Schoen (DFL HD54A).

“Senator Latz and Representative Schoen have unveiled a gun control bill that is being portrayed as a comprehensive gun safety measure, “ said Bryan Strawser, Executive Director. “In fact, this bill is nothing more than a gun owner registration bill, requiring law-abiding citizens to submit government paperwork for any purchase or transfer of a firearm.”

The Latz and Schoen gun owner registration bill is being pushed and marketed by “Everytown” and “Moms Demand Action”, out-of-state funded and led organizations whose costs are underwritten by former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

“This proposed bill is filled with more of the same failed gun control strategies of the past, and would do nothing to prevent the vast majority of gun violence,” added Rob Doar, Political Director. “This type of universal gun owner registration was debated extensively in the Minnesota House and Senate in 2013. Such proposals were soundly rejected by both legislative bodies and helped contribute to a change of control in the Minnesota House in the November 2014 elections.”

“Despite claims today of widespread public support for this sort of registration bill, our polling indicates that 95% of gun owners in Minnesota are opposed to this type of legislation,” added Strawser. “We will oppose this bill strongly in the upcoming legislative session, and will encourage our supporters to address it with their Representatives and Senators.”

About Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus:

The Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus is a non-partisan, single-issue Minnesota nonprofit advocacy organization dedicated to the full restoration of firearms freedoms in Minnesota. The Caucus is a IRS recognized 501(c)(4) organization.

Learn more at http://gunowners.mn.

About Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee:

The Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee (MNGOPAC) is the connected political fund of the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus. MNGOPAC focuses on electing & supporting pro-Second Amendment candidates to state and county offices in Minnesota.

Learn more at www.mngopac.org.

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What Do You Expect From Guv Dayton, Who Kicks Life Long
NATIVE MN CITIZENS Cuz We Don`t Like His Idea Of
Importing Gobs Of Welfare Somalies!!!

Wild Bill

Those goofy “Wegians” better wake up before these two thieves steal their civil rights. Recall Senator Latz and Representative Schoen.


This is getting ridiculous. We need to start implementing penalties against state house and Senate members who refuse to accept the majority opinion. It’s becoming another drain for taxpayer money.