California Bill Will Eliminate Most Gun Dealers From the State

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California Bill Will Eliminate Most Gun Dealers From the State
Firearms Policy Coalition
Firearms Policy Coalition

SACRAMENTO – -(  AB 2459 is the scariest bill we have seen all year, and that's not a fact to be taken lightly as there are already bills to ban most semi-auto rifles, ration your gun purchases, and ban all magazines that could hold more than 10 rounds at one point in time.

AB 2459, authored by Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento), could wipe out every single gun dealer in the state of California.

In essence, if this bill passes, they may not ever have to pass another anti-gun bill again. You simply won't be able to legally buy another gun in California.


To start, AB 2459 will ban all home FFL dealers. There are hundreds of them in the state, and they may serve areas where a traditional brick and mortar store wouldn't prosper.

Rural residents would be denied their right to defend themselves. They could not legally purchase a firearm unless they drove hours to a larger population area.

For traditional gun stores, the remaining two portions of the bill could drive them out of business.

  • AB 2459 would then force all gun dealers to video record all areas of their store wherever firearms or ammunition are stored, displayed, carried, handled, sold, or transferred, including, but not limited to, counters, safes, vaults, cabinets, shelves, cases, and entryways.
  • Adding to the Orwellian-ness, gun dealers will have to spend thousands of dollars on storing the high-quality data for up to 10 years on-site, turning each gun store that can afford it into a high capacity hard drive that most tech firms would be jealous of.

Assuming a gun dealer is still in business after the first two requirements, the last one will do them in.

  • AB 2459 mandates a first in the world form of insurance– an unobtainable policy that covers the criminal acts of second, third and fourth parties using a firearm or ammunition from the store in question, even if the retailer is in fact the victim of the crime or if the gun or ammo was stolen from the store.

Although it may sound like the anti-gunners' fantasy bill that will never become reality, it is literally being lobbied in the State Capitol right now. They are seriously pushing for it.

Please sign our petition to STOP AB 2459 and forward this article to your friends and family so they can help beat this bill back.

For Liberty,

Richard Thomson


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    1. goggle this no joke,its called the{dick act of 1902}-gun control forbidden. the dick act of 1902 also known as the efficiency of militia bill h.r. 11654 of june 28,1902 invalidates all so-called gun control laws.and pass it around to everyone you know

    2. Strange. Noone in today’s United States actually believes in a “government should own everything in sight” agenda, and yet the conspiracy nuts still pedal their wacky accusations about certain people having “isms” that begin with a “c” or a “m”.

      1. There are millions of people believe the government should own or control everything of value in this country. You don’t know what you are talking about. You need to study the Constitution to see how much the Federal and States governments have grown in the last one hundred and forty years: It didn’t get this way without a lot of people not wanting it and continuing to want it.

    3. The solution is VERY simple. It is called get others to vote. We don’t need to kick out people who think that guns should be eliminated they are actually in the total minority of the population. What we need is to wake up GOPs and get them to actually vote. In the last 2 POTUS election less then 40% of the eligible voters actually voted. That is plus all the ones who never registered to vote. So of the registered voters 40% cast a ballot add to that the number of non-registered voters and there is PLENTY of votes to get guns made part and parcel of the US culture forever. Along with basically every other conservative ideal we feel is important. I don’t blame those who voted in morons like Diane Frankenstein or the like I blame all the GOPs who never got off their asses or off the gun range to even cast a vote to protect our rights and make this republic work as designed. We can’t complain if we don’t vote. I haven’t missed an election EVER and I don’t expect to start now so what is the excuse from all the other GOPs out there that made up the 60% who took the time to check the box on their driver’s license but never took the time to make their vote count. Heck in most places you can even vote via mail so there really is NO excuse. If we want to continue down this road all we have to do is continue to do nothing and the DNC members who are passionate about their positions will out vote us and take our guns away.

    4. Phuck California.

      And spare us the whining from Californians. You asshats have failed to boot the communists and traitors running your state. If it only affected California we would just point at you and laugh, but those scum are trying to infringe our right out here in America too.

      1. Right back atcha. If you don’t care what is happening to us, why should we care about you? Like the old saying, ‘first they came for the Jews… and I was silent. Then they came for the Gypsies… and I was silent. Then they came for the Catholics… and I was silent. Now there is no one left to speak for me.’

        Now, please explain how we should have kicked those commies out? A revolt ala Fidel Castro? We tried to fight the hoards of “undesirable” people moving here, but the feds shut that down.

      2. The folks in Ca that believe in old fashion values like pulling your own weight, helping your neighbors, and only voting once could not possibly have booted the communists and traitors out because too many communists, illegal aliens, dead people, and others not eligible to vote were voting in the elections, and still do. Now, what happened in Ca is politics as usual all over the United States. I could give many examples, but you all have heard about it already.

      1. Would you say that to the rest of the far left leaning states? How about your state? Would you say that when the progressive agenda has swept the nation? I hope not. I hope you would say it’s time to stand and fight.

          1. I fight. I vote. I support every organization which fights against the tide. I write in protest. I educate anyone who will listen (and have even had some converts). For a 100% disabled veteran of Vietnam, I do everything I possibly can. And I have no plans to run to another state, and more than I have plans to run to another country.

            Unlike Washington DC, the Dems run this state, although we did succeed in breaking their super majority status in the state legislature. Unlike DC, our conservatives don’t simply cave in. They continue to fight the Dems. Rarely do they win, but they don’t quit.

            Things will likely get worse before they get better. That’s what happened when Gov Pat Brown was voted out of office. We just picked up the endorsement of the state Game Wardens. While the Chiefs of Police tend to lean left, because they happen to be political animals, the rank and file are predominantly right leaners. This is especially true of the County Sheriffs. Losing Scalia was a setback.

            I can’t change the direction of the state, but, We the People can.

        1. There is great value to DW’s words. It STARTS in CA but then moves east to CT NJ and then NY. The very liberal Californians start the snow ball and once packed tightly and test marketed then other states follow in suit. It only takes a few months to prove an idea especially with the ability to spin data and statistics that politicians are SO good at doing that before we know it 8 or 10 states follow thru. Do we really expect people to pick up and move taking all their possessions and family with them in support of a position that is likely going to change in a future election anyway? The only solution is FEDERAL legislation that mandates and makes clear the right to own possess carry and sell guns. That potential is no longer in sight with the passing of Justice Scalia. Now it is going to take new laws not clarifications to the existing BoR to get this done and surely no way do we have enough gun supportive Congressmen and a POTUS who feels strong enough to mandate a rewrite that clarifies and once and fore all defines what was stated so gently by the Founding Fathers. They COULD have opted to define the 2nd with much more detail but they elected to leave it to two 2 sentences which over time have been taken into various judgmental directions that surely were not as intended based on other readings from the original authors. For me living in the first nation to create a legalized formal carry law Florida even here we just lost the ability to open carry as ONE Senator refused to allow a vote on it in committee the only solution is to now wait till he is up for re-election and hope that people in his district see his position on this vote as enough to boot him otherwise we will be one of 4 states to not allow open carry even with a CCW. Dr D

    5. The first step in problem solving is define the problem. Don’t let these legislators fool you into believing that they are scared of guns and then waste your time trying to convince them that it’s not the fault of the gun they are not that stupid. the real source of their fear is the kind of reaction citizens are likely to demonstrate when they find what these jerks really up to. We all want to have government with checks and balances in place to protect us. This suggests that government could possibly be self auditing. Unfortunately that’s like having crooks enforce the laws.
      The framers of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights new this. that’s why they built in things like the first and second amendment. the checks and balances in government come in the form of a citizenry that has the ability to deliver their concerns in such a way that they can’t be ignored. Don’t allow yourselves to be ignored,get involved , and don’t believe that your job ends when you cast your vote. Stay in touch and don’t let them believe you’re not watching.

    6. California will create a monster of a black market, run by the Mexican cartels who will sell any kid of military weapon to anyone with the money. If they think the drug wars are bad wait till the see what a weapons based war will be like.

    7. All this is right out of the Communist Manifesto…Just go back and look at the USSR history in 1917…they took all the Guns and then Murdered 80 Million People..!!! That’s the bigger picture people and the real reason why they want our Guns! Commies all of them in California/Congress/WH..!!!

      1. In 1929 the Soviet Union established gun control, between 1929 and 1953 20 million political dissidents were killed. In 1935 Germany established gun control and begin to disarm its people. Between 1933 and 1945, 13 million Jews and others were killed. In 1935 China established gun control and began to disarm its people. between 1948 and 1952, 20 million political dissidents in China were killed. In 1970 Uganda established gun control and began to disarm its people, between 1971 and 1979, 300,000 Christians were killed. In 1956 Cambodia established gun control and began to disarm its people, between 1975 and 1977, 1 million Cambodians were killed. So the enemy is wanting to take your weapon away, not to defend you but so that you cannot defend yourself.

    8. Ok Wally and San Diego we’ll barely I mean just barely give you the benefit of a doubt. what the hell is taking so long ! Remember this is still America dump the satan worshipping devilites anti- American communist left. It should be obvious to anyone awake at all that they have abandoned America for a self serving totalitarian communist dream of power in the mean time stop exporting these parasitic anti Americans to our western states or any others ;they are a cancer that must be destroyed!! We have cancelled vacations to calinfierno (ask for translation)the last two summers and will now Never visit unless there is a regime change. To bad as I have relatives there I don’t get to see often enough. Now they must travel to a free state to visit! Yes! they are strongly against the loony left takeover having come from free states, the answer is regime change before these lunatics hand your state over to the anti American organizations and communists remember this in npv. Work against the satan worshiper Hillary and organize against her and her enablers whose ultimate goal is to destroy the constitution(1st step the 2A )then America for the anti American world,

    9. This is truly sickening. My 2 cents are this would be a gate to serializing ammo cases and rounds. Also give the ability to do house to house searches and ceaures. This would lead to jailing people under suspicion and violating a ridiculously written law such as your magazine is within reach of the firearm ect. The insurance will never exist so firearm sales will become illegal. It’s obvious Obama has opened this gate and people didn’t listen when warned. Hilary will only make it solidified as they just chop the bill up and add it to parts of other bills they pass at 2am so then it’s not 1 bill that gets shot down, but if you want the roads and bridges maintained you will need to pass a funding bill that this obscenity is included in. They will keep pushing for it and slice it into pieces till its done whole or in part. Want to live safe and free? Get rid of liberal politicians and extremists on all sides.

    10. maybe all of you good patriot minded people should leave California for just a few years, let all the illegals move in and the state will go bankrupt the government will collapse and you good guys can move back in, set up a new government the way you want it to be, the way it SHOULD be. Get rid of the Finestines and the Boxers , and yes…. even moondog himself. ooorah! God bless Amerika

    11. When the moslem take over of California happens, all that gun control and minorities being in power will all go away. No one will think a thing is wrong with a gun store on every corner, having an RPG over the fireplace harth, or an artillery piece in the back yard.

    12. Criminals all over the nation are salivating over this bill. Think of it. Beautiful weather. Great scenery. Fabulous entitlements. Liberal judges. And large numbers of unarmed women for the taking. And men for the shearing.

    13. Who was the japanese guy in WWII that said?…it would be pointless to invade the mainland of the United States, there would be shots from behind every blade of grass!!…i guess that wouldnt be of any concern now..

      1. Of course, Admiral Yamamoto was thinking militarily, not economically.

        I remember a line said by a Japanese businessman in a movie starring Sean Connery and Wesley Snipes, entitled Rising Sun (1993). The man said, ‘if you don’t want Japan to buy your businesses, then don’t sell them to them.’

    14. Fine by me. These asshat politicians are only able to write and pass these asshat bills, because the people of California elected them in the first place. Why on God’s earth any 2A fan – or fan of the Constitution for that matter – would choose to remain in this failed state, is beyond me. The cause is lost. It’s time to better your lives by moving out of CA. No, you are not running away. No, you are not admitting defeat. No, you are not cowards. You are simply pursuing your UNALIENABLE right as free Americans to life, liberty, and happiness. California offers none of this.


          STATE arrogate the right to remove JOBS, AND DEFEAT genui FREEDOMS
          Finely obtained under LEGALITY AND HONESTY OF OWNERS AND USERS WHO

    16. Forgive me for not understanding the purpose of “GUN CONTROL”, but the parts of this bill you are showing I don’t see anything that is protecting legal law abiding citizens. And furthermore I see No written intent to stop criminals of how this will stop crime. And I realize this is off the topic but has anyone thought about reducing the debt or is gun control the ONLY problem in this country? Sad that our country has survived over 225 years with guns and Obama, Clinton, Frankenstein D- California ,etc no what is best for us. Who wipe their a****.

      1. I have had a number of “discussions” with Sen Frankenstein, pointing out the fallacies in her line of reasoning (?).

        The witch claims she has kept a great many criminals from getting guns. There is nothing she will admit to; not even the truth and facts.

        She is so bad she has claimed that “no veteran should ever be allowed to possess a private firearm because they are all mentally ill with PTSD”. This proves she knows nothing about the military, or PTSD. She seems to think that every veteran served in actual combat and developed PTSD. This is delusional. A great many vets never made it to combat because they were working on bases outside the zone. PTSD does not get every veteran (although a large number have used it to get benefits). She refuses to acknowledge that the AR-15 was sold to the public in 1964 before the M-16 was ever offered to the USAF for testing and adoption. I know this because my father was in the unit which tested the M-16 in 1964. She calls both “assault weapons” yet the military never adopted the AR-15, and according to the field training manual, the M-16 I carried in Vietnam was just a rifle. She lied, and change the nomenclature, in order to add more firearms to the Assault Weapons Ban.

        We need VETERANS who know the truth about firearms to publically call these people for their lies.

      2. The purpose of “gun control” was to promote crime. The first modern gun control law was THE SULLIVAN LAW in NY.. It was written by Tim Sullivan, a gangland leader in the Irish Five Points Gang. He used the law the disarm rival gangs and to issue permits to his gang members and associates.
        That’s why getting a NY license is so difficult.

    17. I saw that light at the end of the tunnel, …. I MOVED ! … California tops my list of places to NOT visit or support any more …. I can only step back and hope the folks living under this FAR,FAR Left government can continue, I know I could not.

    18. 10 years of cctv cameras for 8 cameras would be like 1500 TB’s So you if can only use 3 tb drives that 500 drives at $110 . That’s $55000 in hard drives . ridiculous , Someone in CA government own a drive supply company? Most be corruption driving this UnAmerican government .

    19. I work in IT and implement CCTV systems. Most companies can only afford to store 30-60 days of high quality footage, 10 years is unobtainable, even for the large sporting goods corporations! Especially when this bill requires all areas of the business to be recorded. If approved, this bill would strip our already severely limited 2nd Amendment rights down to almost nothing. Even scarier than that is the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th party insurance requirement. Call your Assemblymen now and demand that they vote no and actively move against this bill now!

      1. Hey Goober, Some of us who still live here have been fighting to keep this state and make it Golden once again. Not all of us are ‘lovers of BHO’ as you put it. A lot of us have decided to keep on fighting to not allow this state to haul ass over that cliff of socialism. Are we tilting at windmills??? More that likely. Why? My guess is because that there are so many honest hard working people who have up & left looking for better laws. We who have stayed here to fight for better legislators need help. Not to be bashed by the likes of you. Have a great day where ever you happen to live.

        1. Obviously you are in the minority since how many decades has Diane F been your senator and how many generations of gun hating congress senate and governors have you’all elected. The few of you who remain are in the absolute minority OR you simply don’t vote. Either way it seems that CA is the flag bearer of all laws to control guns in any creative format possible then it spreads from there to the east like NJ CT etc. I know LOTS of gun supportive folks from CA but I don’t get why the consistent election of liberal antigun folks keep getting elected. I am SURELY not saying that those who support guns and who do vote are to blame but something is surely wrong in CA for it to go THIS long and with this much intensity. Here in FL one jackass stopped the vote of a bill 2 months back and surely he is not going to win re-election regardless of how much he kicks and screams if he doesn’t even get recalled between now and then. If the public REALLY wants to have gun support ALL they have to do is vote that way and not the current way. Dr D

          1. Decades ago, Gov Pat Brown (Moonbeam’s father) was the last in a line of liberals which ruined the state economy. Even the Dems were angry and voted in Ronald Reagan who fixed the economy without cutting jobs, and he lowered taxes. In the last election, we defeated the Super Majority held by the progressives in the state legislature at the same time we put the GOP in control of Congress. At least now, we occasionally get something which helps us. Unfortunately, Moonbeam still gets his toy train, and the state progressives still got through bills which allow illegals to vote and hold office.

            A storm is coming and it will sweep the state and the nation clean. But, it’s not going to happen overnight. And it’s not going to happen as long as conservatives cut and run rather than stand and fight. That’s one of the major things which has killed California. We have far fewer people to fight the good fight. However, surprising as it may seem, a lot of graduates from Berkeley are actually leaning to the right. More people are refusing to remain among the silent majority.

            My family settled the north state long before the Gold Rush, and long before these commies arrived. It isn’t easy to just chuck it all and move elsewhere.

            Unfortunately, the masses of welfare liberals and progressives live in the major metro areas. The majority of conservatives live in the rural areas. Out here, even Democrats like their guns.

        2. I’m here with you Wally. I vote but never get a candidate that I want and the measures that are idiotic always seem to pass but I still try because it’s been my home for 55 years. I too hear people from other states always criticizing Californians as it’s always are fault for the way California is. If you look around they too will see slowly but surely this mess is popping up in all the states not just here. I seriously believe it will take a revolution to help this country because it’s too far gone unfortunately.

    20. i left California for a more “free” minded state. To me, California is a police state already, and they prove time and time again that things can only get worse. California can just slide into the ocean and the better the rest of our country will be.

    21. The California legislators and the citizens that elected them need to put there laws and money where their collective mouths are.
      In that California is presently and historically one of the biggest promoters of firearms and particularly the agrrandization of the misuse of guns, they need to absolutely outlaw any depictions of guns of any kind, BB or cannon or anywhere in between, or the use of same. I’m talking movies here. I know, first amendment and all that stuff, but if they are going to try to totally negate the 2nd amendment they should really start with the 1st. Only really logical in that order.

      In any crime that can be traced to the criminal having watched or been inspired to deviant action by having seen any such move, past or present, or if any other person who was influenced to deviant action be a person so inspired,ed person, those responsible for any aspect of the production, distribution or presenting of said visual or audio firearms related production should be held liable for such deviant action(s). All involved in the above should be required to carry insurance sufficient to cover potential damages caused by someone being so inspired.

      Some 2A friendly legislator or grass roots organization should demand such a law be passed post haste!

      1. Too late. That bill is already underway. No storefront ads depicting firearms.

        The majority of county sheriffs are opposed to these bills, and, essentially, indicate that they will stand by the citizens who elected them, rather than the commies in Sacramento.

        The only thing the present bills will accomplish will be to turn law abiding gun owners into criminals so the state can justify confiscating their weapons and terminating their 2A rights since they will now be criminals.

        We need another pro gun group. Veterans for the 2nd Amendment. There are a great many of us. We are the ones who put our lives on the line to defend the rights of ALL Americans whether they be liberal or conservative, Black or White, male or female, etc. We didn’t pick and choose what rights we would defend or for who. We chose to defend ALL rights for EVERYONE! Many of us died…or are still dying. What did these usurpers risk for their rights? A hangnail or paper cut?

        We are essentially out of water in California which is where about 75% of the produce on the tables of citizens across the nation originates. Miles of land sits unworked. Crops whither. While we have been getting rain and some snow of late, we are far behind and it isn’t near enough. The water table has continued to sink lower. Instead of drilling a well 100 ft deep, some wells are hitting the 2,000 foot mark… and it’s not being replenished. The Colorado River, which once emptied into the Gulf of Baja now disappears into the sand hundreds of yards short of the sea.

        Meanwhile, the Democrats spend more time writing gun control bills than worrying about water shortages, future food shortages, possible future food riots, etc. Not to mention one state senator who got 5 years after pleading out to black marketing guns… and he was one of the most prolific anti gun bill authors.

        We face BLATANT discrimination in California. Only the liberals who live in the 4% of the state considered developed are being represented. The rest of us are ignored. While our politicians, on the backs of the tax payers, can afford to live in gated communities with private security and the most up to date alarm systems, while being at the top of the law enforcement response priority list, and getting special dispensation for personal firearms and CCWs, the rest of us are being denied equal representation and treatment under the law.

        Gov Brown, AG Harris, and the rest of their cohorts, openly violate their oaths of office, while they blatantly seek to circumvent the word and intent of the United States Supreme Court in re Heller, et al. If a common citizen did this, they would be charged with violating the rights of others, just as the bakers were charged in the gay cake setup.

        CALIFORNIANS! If you are sick of what our own state is doing… WRITE to the governor, the AG, and the state senators who are doing this to us. It does little good to write to the ones who support us. As my rep put it to me, he is doing all he can but he is outnumbered and anything he says falls on deaf ears. If you are not in or from California, PLEASE, write to these same functionaries and declare your intent not to buy anything from California, or to visit/vacation in California. Write to businesses (like hotel chains, gas companies, banks, etc). When they get hurt, maybe they will cut off the payoffs. Yes, it will hurt some good people who will either pack up and leave, or it may get through to the traitors who have declared war upon us and turned California into a fascist state.

    22. Not sure what it’s going to take to stop the California anti-gun juggernaught short of Federal intervention. I’ve lost count of the number of proposed new gun “control” measures and more seem to be added each week. It will soon be impossible to know what is or isn’t legal.

    23. If this monster of a bill gets through then the gun owners of the state are finished the government will declare us all criminals and go after every single gun owner they can find..the idiot that is pushing this one has an extreme fear of guns he is another one that like Clinton thinks guns have some sort of life force and are able to move around by themselves, the guy is a total loon. If you go through and look at the ones that are pushing these anti gun bills you will see that 99.9% of them are demoncrats, it is well known that ALL demoncrats hats not only our gun rights but ALL the tights that are listed in the Constitution.

    24. THis ends one of two ways, either the left imports enough foreigners to replace the white wright wing population that won’t go along with them, or that population overthrows the existing government and drives out both the foreigners and leftists that brought them. Immigration is the ultimate government welfare program. They bring in third worlders, addict them to handouts, and then the people they vote for to continue the handouts will also ban the guns.

      Importing muslims will not help spread Rothbardian anarcho-capitalism, because they are bringing their totalitarian religion/philosophy/culture with them. Bringing in latin Americans is just bringing in people used to varying levels of socialism. The third worlders are the symptom, the problem is the lilly white leftists that need to driven out of America altogether, or sent to camps, whichever you prefer.

      We can’t restore America and fight the left at the same time. Can’t be done. It’s time for a divorce.

    25. By this logic all auto makers are responsible for the drunk , drug impaired drivers since they could make a vehicle that can not be operated impaired. They created a vehicle that is a weapon , that kills , maims , as a person with permanent injury from a drunk driver ,it’s the same logic.
      However it’s stupid logic as every business would be responsible for the actions of others with their products, and be out of business in few years.
      Stop chasing the manufacturers and start blaming the real problem , THE CRIMINAL. Sorry if they don’t have enough money to sue and make millions but they are the problem not someone making a product.
      Like some little kid said to me “go ahead hit me with your car my dad will sue you and get rich”.
      That’s some screwed up morality these kids are learning.

      1. further, and even more insane, if MY car is stolen and the thief kills someone with it, I would be liable under this nonsense. Where is the concept of personal responsibility here? What, are government god after all? No, they just think they are.

      2. Maybe we should start doing law suits against other companies if this law passes and see if it isn’t removed as a law when it’s impact is felt by all businesses.

      1. The way things are going that’s possible. In 2015 the de-certified list was 56 pages long with over 1,000 handguns off the list AND only six were added. In 2016 many more fell off the list.

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