North American Grouse Partnership Appoints New Executive Director

North American Grouse Partnership (NAGP)
North American Grouse Partnership (NAGP)
North American Grouse Partnership
North American Grouse Partnership

Lincoln, NE -( The North American Grouse Partnership (NAGP) announced today the appointment of Steve Belinda as Executive Director.

NAGP is the foremost group for grouse conservation providing unparalleled policy, science, and management assistance for all North American grouse species. Belinda brings more than 25 years of experience in conservation in positions with the federal government, non-profit, and private sectors.

Throughout his career, he has worked on grouse conservation both as a land manager and in the state and federal policy arena.

“From mountains to plains, forests to the arctic, grouse inhabit some of the most magnificent landscapes in North America. They are charismatic native birds with glorious mating displays and specialized needs. By working with all stakeholders we can be responsible stewards of their habitats and continue to have productive lands and economic benefits while properly managing grouse,” Belinda stated. “I am excited to join NAGP as executive director, and look forward to building NAGP into the clearinghouse for all things grouse.”

Steve has diverse experience working as a wildlife biologist for the Bureau of Land Management and Forest Service, policy director for the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, and in private environmental consulting. He holds degrees from the University of Wyoming and Penn State University and specializes in environmental policy and federal land management.

Belinda has been involved in grouse management during all phases of his career including managing forest lands for ruffed and dusky grouse, and well as managing rangelands for lesser prairie chickens, greater sage grouse, and sharp-tailed grouse. He has been an advocate for sound public policy for grouse conservation and land use planning both of which are imperative for grouse and their habitats. Steve has led large diverse coalitions on public policy and wildlife management and brings a breadth of experience in strategic planning and collaboration.

He believes in working with all stakeholders to achieve common goals and eliminating conflicts between user groups and organizations.

“NAGP is proud to have Steve on board as our new Executive Director,” said NAGP president, Jon Haufler. “Steve’s skills and enthusiasm will help NAGP provide even greater benefits to grouse populations and habitats.”

Belinda will be responsible for all day-to-day activities of NAGP and will serve as the main public contact and spokesperson for the organization including representing NAGP in professional conferences and meetings. Steve along with the board of directors will lead NAGP on policy and partnership efforts to put good conservation for grouse on the ground and ensure public policies are beneficial for grouse and their habitats. NAGP recently launched a partnership effort with state fish and wildlife agencies to coordinate efforts for greater prairiechickens and sharp-tailed grouse so that these species do not suffer the same fate as other imperiled grouse species.

Steve and his wife Kate have been married for 15 years and have 2 children. They reside in Red Lodge, Montana and enjoy camping, fishing, hunting and other outdoor activities.

About the North American Grouse Partnership:

Founded in 1999, NAGP works to bring the plight of declining grouse species and their habitats to the attention of the public, provides oversight for the health of grouse populations, implements solutions to the problems causing grouse declines, and encourages public policies and management decisions that will enhance important habitats and grouse populations.

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