NRA Board Recall Comments by Brandon Combs

by Brandon Combs

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California –  -( Dear friends and fellow NRA members:

As a proud Life member of the National Rifle Association, I am deeply troubled by an active effort to recall Mr. Grover Norquist from our NRA board of directors.

If you’re a member of the NRA who is eligible to vote, please return a NO vote on the recall as soon as you receive your ballot.

But don’t just vote NO if you agree with Grover’s politics or support his other endeavors.

Vote NO on the recall of Grover Norquist because it’s up to you to protect our NRA — the most powerful grassroots lobbying organization in the United States — during some of the most important political and legal battles of our time.

Let me be very clear: This insidious recall effort is much, much bigger than being about just one member of our NRA’s board of directors.

And don’t just take it from me.

It’s up to us to make sure that our NRA isn’t fractured and taken over by people my friend Alan Gottlieb, founder of Second Amendment Foundation, called “[a] group of conspiracy nuts lead by a discredited Frank Gaffney.”

Todd Rather, a current member of our NRA’s board of directors and someone I trust, summarized the effort to recall Grover Norquist this way: “The…recall is designed to…DESTROY the integrity of the NRA, damage the NRA board, and cause irreparable harm to our cause.”

And from Sandy Froman, a former NRA president and current member of our NRA’s board of directors: “Never once has Grover said or done anything to suggest that he has anything but the best interests of gun owners, NRA members and the NRA at heart.”

I’m not asking you to vote NO on the recall of Grover Norquist because Todd, Alan, Sandy, and I all think you should.

I am asking you to vote NO because I believe that the recall presents a genuine threat to the future of our fundamental, individual rights.

For more about what Alan called “a grave injustice,” you can read Todd’s detailed commentary at this link.

Thank you, in advance, for voting NO on the effort to recall Grover Norquist.

Together, we will keep NRA strong.

  • Brandon

Brandon Combs is the president of Firearms Policy Coalition, president of the Firearms Policy Coalition Second Amendment Defense Committee PAC, chairman of Firearms Policy Foundation, executive director of The Calguns Foundation, and executive vice president of California Association of Federal Firearms Licensees.

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“I am asking you to vote NO because I believe that the recall presents a genuine threat to the future of our fundamental, individual rights.” The lobbyists paid by NRA are the threat. When the U.S. Federal Appeals Court in Chicago overturned Illinois concealed weapons statute in 2012, NRA lobbyist Todd Vandermyde put Duty to Inform in Rep. Brandon Phelps HB183 “NRA backed” carry bill, NOT Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Chicago Democratic Black Caucus Reps. LaShawn Ford and Will Davis debated NRA boy Phelps on the IL House floor to take DTI OUT of the NRA bill, and “pro-gun” Rep.… Read more »

Carlos Perdue

In short, LaPierre loves Cox.


Or, perhaps, in long…

Carlos Perdue

Put the spurs to her, Ned!

Joe Wilson

“Grover Norquist Lobbying GOP Congress for Amnesty Bill”

Last year, Norquist partnered with former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s pro-amnesty Partnership….

How the NRA can have this guy on their board, I just don’t know!

Vote to recall Norquist!


Short-sighted efforts by NRA insiders to keep someone like Norquist on the board are completely inexplicable, and represent a significant challenge to NRA’s credibility. Growing numbers of members are either dividing their contributions between NRA and other lobbying organizations, or leaving the NRA altogether.


My NRA cannot afford a “Norquisling” in its BoD. As a Life Member, I took pride in voting for his recall as soon as I received my copy of “Amerca’s1st Freedom” with its enclosed ballot.

Dick Gramza

The article and subsequent comments express opinions. Why should I vote yes/no for Norquist’s recall? Outside of Mr. Perdue’s immigration comment, there are no facts presented. Please supply FACTS as to what Norquist has done and why or why not he should be recalled.

Carlos Perdue

Translation: “Besides collaborating with Bloomberg to advance Bloomberg’s agenda of the cultural terraforming and hostile takeover of the USA, his long-game of gun confiscation by invasion and over-immigration… Besides California being the future of the USA thanks to the treasonous subversion of key players like Norquist… What has he done to deserve being Recalled? We need FACTS!” OK. See David Codrea’s articles over the past months, including: These are stuffed with FACTS. There are also links in the comments to other FACTS, related to Norquist’s Islamophila. Norquist played a significant role in ensuring that nearly 2 million members of… Read more »


It’s also telling that only Ammoland links are supported in comments. If one tries to supply other links, the comment is not posted. At least that’s my experience…

Carlos Perdue

To live in California and refuse to acknowledge the evidence of the irreversible cultural and political terraforming being inflicted by the over-immigration and invasion-occupation supported by Grover Norquist & Company, you either have to be a moron or a corrupt insider. The same kind of morons and corrupt insiders who insist, even after 9/11, Boston, San Bernardino, etc, that mass immigration of member of the “Religion of Peace” is harmless. I will NEVER donate to any of the organizations Mr. Combs represents.


Wild Bill

Moron is an older term for mental illness. I agree that we should go on the offensive by labeling those people MENTALLY ILL, and confine them to humane and appropriate mental facilities. Then we can take our country back.

Joe Wilson

Vote yes on the recall.

Groover Norquist represents everything the NRA shouldn’t.

If we are to continue to pass on our gun rights to the next generation we must clean out the inside the beltway operators from the NRA board and maintain a broad that can truly represent the flyover part of this country that the NRA needs to represent first and not the special interest that Groover Norquist represents!

Joe Wilson
Patron Member NRA


+1 ! Norquist is a supporter of immigration policies that will bankrupt this nation. (No I won’t supply links – this site won’t support them in comments anyway.
I also won’t support the toadies that support Norquist.