Fake ‘Open Carry’ RNC Petition Highlights ‘Progressive’ Projection & Hate

By David Codrea

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If the Secret Service did allow it, why should we think gun rights advocates would behave any differently than they do at NRA events and the like?
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

USA –  -(Ammoland.com)-  You have to give “The Hyperationalist” credit — his fake Change.org petition for open carry at the RNC Convention has been a highly successful exercise in both advanced trolling and in applied Alinksy Rule 5 ridicule. With over 50,000 signatures amassed at this writing, and noting all the major press coverage, a primary goal of going viral has unquestionably been achieved in a big way.

Of less certainty is how many people were actually taken in by a parody designed to embarrass and to exploit venue realities – besides all those “professional reporters” who got sucked in and treated it as real. Some of us figured we were being played from the outset. Of those who signed, how many actual gun rights supporters added their names is unknown, as many signatories are undoubtedly anti-gun/anti-Republican “progressives” gleefully piling on.

Except they’re not all gleeful. Some of them are downright angry, hostile and nasty, reveling in their wishes for a bloodbath. One (head)case study in projection appears to have an arrest and conviction record that including violating a restraining order and having his sentencing judge order a mandatory mental health evaluation.

So they’re not about “common sense gun safety” after all? And they’re not outraged by “gun violence” as long as the victims are conservative gun owners?

Carrying at the convention is a moot point anyway. Aside from it violating venue rules, the Secret Service flat-out won’t allow it. If they did allow guns, we’d have no reason to suspect the outcome would be any different than we saw play out at NRA’s Annual Meeting last year in Nashville. Almost 80,000 attendees gathered in a setting where lawful concealed carry was widespread.

There were no shootings, no reported altercations of any kind. As much as that might disappoint “sophisticated” petition supporters leaving comments about “violently fractious racist simpletons” and tolerant sentiments such as “I’m kinda hoping there’ll be a bloodbath at the RNC,” that’s just not the way gun rights advocates conduct themselves.

Perhaps such an ignorant, hateful and provincial outlook is due to the fact that – just looking at the numbers – America’s “gun violence” problems, for the overwhelming part, originate among solidly Democrat constituencies and their family members.

Living in Bloomberg cities

UPDATE:  And naturally, the petition is the work of a Hillary supporter.  Gomer would like to add a comment.

David Codrea in his natural habitat.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and also posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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Regardless of who started the petition, or the intention of it in the first place, it is interesting that so many people have signed it. Frankly, I agree that the GOP convention should be moved to a venue that does not ban guns, just on principle. My real issue lies with the idea that the SS (apt initials!) thinks they have the right or authority to ban guns because the candidates will be there (or for any other reason). They do not have any such authority, and as a federal agency can’t be granted any such by any sort of… Read more »


actually, I LIKE the fact its in a Certified Victim Concentration Zone. That way, if anything ugly does get pulled off (think ISIS, sick politicos, alinskyite rabblerousers, etc) no one will be able to say it was the fault of all we liberty loving gun totin God honourin tralier dwelling “bitter gun clinging” neanderthals.


Boy, this has been interesting haven’t it? The Republicans depend on us 2ed Amendment Folks to turn out and vote for them at every election. If any group of citizens constitute the Republican Base, we’re it. They offer lip service at every opportunity about how they stand behind us and our rights. So now this “[email protected]@??” comes along and puts up this petition. Over 50 thousand of us hear of it and sign it. And you can bet that virtually all of those signing age sincere 2ed Amendment Supporters. And, the Republican Leadership literally pees themselves. Oh wait, it was… Read more »


Why do I have to hit the POST COMMENT twice?


I am for CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY so this does not bother me in the least. I was born with the right to self defense and to be able to do so at a level commensurate or better than that which could be used against me.

It all boils down not “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”

Any questions?


Why would anyone buy into this idea. The Secret Service would never have allowed this to happen. They have their hands full with Trumpistas “Squeezing idiot women’s arms” ! (ROTFLMAO @ that episode) !


The Republican politicians as a whole will turn on the 2nd ammendment the nano second that they think it stops getting them votes. They put this in a gun free Zone just so they wouldn’t have to make the call. I never felt compelled to sign this or any other petition because I knew it was no way going to do any good.


The fact that the Secret Service won’t allow guns here doesn’t matter. The fact that some libtard gun hater started this petition does not matter. hat matters is the Republicans should be moving this event to a gun friendly arena. It should not be held on any property where the owners will allow personal defense. The profit from the convention should be going to a gun friendly company.


Shouldn’t type while I’m eating. I meant to type It should not be held on any property where the owners will NOT allow personal defense.


It doesn’t matter where the venue is. The Secret Service, who has responsibility for security, will not allow it. End of story. That’s not a “new” development, that’s the way it’s always been. The Secret Service is there because of the government officials that are there.


You miss the point, even if the SS will not allow guns the event should not be held at an area that prohibits guns. The gun hating owner’s should not make a profit, it should be moved to a gun friendly arena so the gun haters don’t make any money.


Maybe we should start petitions for hillary to release her $200k plus speeches to wall street. Or for rape and sexual assault cases involving Bubba to be investigated. Or maybe for gun free zones to be included around hillary from now on. There are a lot of good possibilities!

Tom L

It’s no real surprise that the Democrats were behind this…I would expect no less from the Party of lies and deception.


The “Democrats” were not behind this. A citizen who is a Democrat supporter started this. If your saying the parties are behind this then I guess it was the Republicans who were behind the man who was sucker punched at a Donald Trump Rally 2 weeks ago and it was the Republicans who were behind the girl who was sexual assaulted and pepper sprayed yesterday at a different Trump Rally. It is unfair to blame the parties for acts of unaffiliated individuals.


Well yes, it is a question of semantics. When the military screws up the President is held accountable (supposedly). So in this instance perhaps the person who owns the Democrat party would be ultimately responsible and that also happens to be the same person who has paid out now more than $33 million dollars to thugs and miscreants to cause these problems at the rallies to begin with, George Soros. But there is always more to consider isn’t there. Which party has allowed and created some of the most vile organizations in existence? Note I said which party. I know… Read more »

Clarence Ellyson

This is America not the UN. The UN Does not and will not have jurisdiction over our rights to own and bare arms. My ancestors have already faught for our independence once. That is why our right as Americans are far more superior over anything else. But if need be we shall fight again. Our constitution states no treaty foriegn or domestic will change our constitution or bill of rights.