An Open Letter to Sen. Marco Rubio

By David Limbaugh

Marco Rubio
An Open Letter to Sen. Marco Rubio
David Limbaugh
David Limbaugh

USA – -( When I read this morning that Marco Rubio had said that Ted Cruz is the only conservative left in the Republican presidential primary race, it reinforced my decision to write Rubio an open letter urging his endorsement of Sen. Cruz.

Rubio didn't go so far as to endorse Cruz, but he could have said nothing at all. Or he could have said, “We have to beat Donald Trump, and only Ted Cruz has a chance to do so.”

Instead, he specifically said Cruz is the only conservative left in the race, by which he sent a signal that John Kasich is not suitably conservative and that he, Rubio, cares deeply about conservatism. That is significant and gratifying.

Perhaps Rubio didn't endorse Cruz outright because of the bitterness of their rivalry prior to their unwritten alignment to turn their focus on Trump some weeks ago. Maybe he is concerned that his millions of supporters would be perplexed by a sudden gesture of forgiveness and unity.

But Rubio's affirmation of Cruz's conservatism and his inspiring exit speech would be a nice predicate for a full-throated endorsement at some point in the near future.

I remember commenting before one of the debates that I wished that Cruz and Rubio could avoid getting bogged down yet again in a heated, confusing debate over the minutiae of amnesty, Spanish-language interviews and poison-pill legislation. It led to reciprocal charges of lying, increased polarization between Rubio and Cruz supporters, decreased emphasis on other important issues, and — worst of all — a virtual pass for Trump.

I understand that these issues are important and had to be addressed, but the discussions reached diminishing returns early on, and both candidates' supporters became more entrenched and convinced that the other was being deceitful. It was painful to watch, and I am sure I'm not the only one who just wanted it to go away. By the time Cruz and Rubio had achieved a de facto truce, Trump was well on his way to gobbling up victories, despite his woeful deficiencies and embarrassing debate performances.

If Twitter is any indication, many Rubio supporters remain furious and unforgiving toward Cruz. Many Cruz supporters are outraged that Rubio, in their view, handed Missouri, Illinois and North Carolina to Trump by insisting on staying in the race with the hope of winning his home state of Florida even though the polls indicated he didn't have a chance.

I'm frankly tired of the selfishness on all sides, placing our own negative desire to vent our emotions ahead of the national interest. It's time for a truce — an end to the gloating from one side and recriminations from the other — and it's past time for healing if we are to have any realistic chance of nominating a true conservative to run against Hillary Clinton. We've all been angry at times during this race, but it's time to bury the hatchet and unite.

I would first appeal to my fellow Cruz supporters to acknowledge and applaud Rubio's wonderful withdrawal speech, in which he eloquently expressed his passionate love for America and for the American idea. You may think he's naive or worse on the important immigration issue, but I don't think you can fairly question his genuine patriotism — and his unapologetic love for Jesus Christ and his humble deference to God's glorious plan for all of us. Remember, he made these comments on the way out.

To Rubio, I would say:

“Sir, thank you for those inspiring words. You fought valiantly and have now withdrawn. Even if some prefer John Kasich to Ted Cruz, Kasich has no path to the nomination, even in a contested convention, and the longer he stays and the more support he receives the greater the chance that Donald Trump will be the nominee. Let's not pretend that any other conclusion is reasonable. I am convinced you still command a great deal of respect, not just among your supporters but with many others, and if you choose to pursue it, you have a bright political future. I respectfully implore you not just to enthusiastically endorse Ted Cruz but to strongly urge your supporters to do so, as well. Yes, you have great influence over the delegates you earned, but you could have even more influence in initiating the healing process that must occur between your supporters and those of Sen. Cruz, which, I believe, partially preceded your respective candidacies, as the lines began to form during the government shutdown debates. Your leadership in bringing about harmony among conservatives is imperative if we are to nominate a conservative this year, but it is also critical in strengthening the movement against irreversible migration toward nationalist populism. Sen. Rubio, you have already shown that you are not a fair-weather lover of America, so please go further and make a decision to proactively make a difference in the outcome of this election, for this is our last best chance to reverse the galloping expansion of government that is smothering our liberties.”

“And please, don't just nominally endorse Sen. Cruz; join Carly Fiorina and others and get out on the campaign trail and bring your unique talents to the advancement of the Cruz candidacy. America will thank you — and be forever in your debt.”

David Limbaugh is a writer, author and attorney. His latest book is “Jesus on Trial: A Lawyer Affirms the Truth of the Gospel.” Follow him on Twitter @davidlimbaugh and his website at

  • 19 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Sen. Marco Rubio

    1. “Author: Brubaker50
      It’s amazing to see the complete disregard for the U.S. Constitution by a media hack, David Limbaugh, and his simple-minded supporters on a website that allegedly champions the 2nd Amendment. ”

      Well said and I also provided the exact Constitutional sources that explain this and yet the commenters on here think they “Know it all” without having taken the time to read the facts. However I happen to know a Constitutional Lawyer who is glad to explain it.

    2. “Author: Eric_CA
      I believe any reasonable person would be skeptical about Trumps past. Keep in mind, he financially supported the Left we are fighting against, Trump has supported the anti-gunners we are fighting against. And yet Trump has not released his tax returns. One should be skeptical about Trump.”

      How about the WHOLE TRUTH? Trump “has not released his tax returns, BECAUSE he is being AUDITED he even said so CLEARLY. He also said when the IRS is finished he will release them and this also is a matter of public knowledge…

      It is all exposed in this video:

    3. “Author: TEX
      And we are suppose believe that you are a 5 war veteran because of your handle ! Check up on stolen valor ! 99.9% of ‘real veterans’ don’t advertise that fact.”

      Well now, you are a real rocket scientist aren’t you? I am guessing you NEVER served. So I will just figure you have no idea what you are talking about. Besides who are you to even question my service? LMAO!
      However how about my avatar name? Seeing as WarVeteran was taken and so was 1war and 2war and 3war and 4war so I got 5war . . Oh and I served in many conflicts starting with Viet Nam and ending with Desert Storm. As far as I am concerned asshole every time someone was shooting at me it was a “war”. I do not give an eff if the US Government called it a police action or a “conflict”. But what would you know about that? Hmmm? Now if you want to compare scars and the amount of metal in my body we can do that too or is this just about the length of your wanker? You see I can prove myself but do not really see a need to. I am also entitled to the same first amendment rights that I fought so hard for you to be allowed to use.
      Limbaugh is an idiot and apparently so are you. Just remember ignorance is not an opinion.

    4. IT seems like all of you have forgotten who the real enemy is. Any of the original republicans would be better then Hillary. She is the real enemy & when you folks call each other names and denigrate each other it helps Hillary out. She uses the rhetoric to her own advantage. I surely hope that the nominee of the republican party goes after Hillary as hard as they go after each other. Who ever the nominee is we need to support him or we will have another 4 years of Obama & I don’t think that we can afford that. First as starters she will nominate the next SCOTUS judge so I suggest that you get over it and make sure a republican wins in 16

    5. The ridiculous ad hominem attacks by Trump supporters are emblematic of the trainwreck that is Trump’s cult of personality.
      In my personal political experience, I have learned how painful it can be to end a campaign before the final election outcome. But on the one occasion where I withdrew from a 3-candidate race and threw my support to one opponent, I facilitated the front runner’s loss. People continue to thank me six years later.

    6. It’s amazing to see the complete disregard for the U.S. Constitution by a media hack, David Limbaugh, and his simple-minded supporters on a website that allegedly champions the 2nd Amendment.

      Mario Rubio is an “anchor baby” as neither of his parents were U.S. citizens at the time of his birth and both of his parents were, in fact, Cuban citizens. Anyone claiming to honor the U.S. Constitution while supporting an anchor baby in his failed campaign for POTUS is as much of an idiot and traitor to the U.S. Constitution of the once-Republic as Benedict Arnold, David Limbaugh, the RepubliCON Party, and the owned (in)justice system in this ever-declining banana republic.

      David Limbaugh preys on these same “conservative” idiots to support Ted Cruz, as much a foreign usurper in every sense of the word as POTUS Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama (citizen of Britain, Kenya, Indonesia, take your pick), as NEITHER can even prove they are a mere 14th Amendment citizen, much less the much higher standard of “Natural Born Citizen” as required by Article II of the U.S. Constitution.

      Ted Cruz gave up his Canadian citizenship in 2014 and, to date, has failed to produce the paperwork required to be filed in the U.S. Consulate by his American mother at the time of Teddy’s birth to register his birth in a foreign country, Canada. Canadian law did not recognize “dual citizenship” when Teddy was born, so he could not be both a Canadian citizen and a U.S. citizen per Canadian law.

      Rubio is an “Anchor Baby”…and Cruz is a man with no country as he gave up his Canadian citizenship. Cruz can’t even prove he is eligible to legally be a U.S. Senator.

      It is grossly hypocritical of 2nd Amendment supporters to pick and choose the parts of the Constitution that they wish to have enforced while conveniently ignoring the “inconvenient” portions of said Constitution.

      But…”The end justifies the means”, right? You hypocrites and your progeny absolutely deserve the much-greater Depression that is rapidly building up steam…brought to you courtesy of the “two wings of the same bird of prey”…the Crips and the Bloods…the Dims and the Repubes.

      “You and I have been physically given two hands and two legs and half-decent brains. Some people have not been born like that for a reason. The karma is working from another lifetime.”
      – Glenn Hoddle

    7. Limbaugh you are an idiot. I did not even have to read the drivel you wrote. I have read enough of your crap to know it has no value.

      If you had any balls to actually speak you should have served in the military first. Go back under your rock.

      1. Hmm, don’t see you doing anything but attacking the messenger. Put your money where your mouth is and write an article and submit it!

      2. And we are suppose believe that you are a 5 war veteran because of your handle ! Check up on stolen valor ! 99.9% of ‘real veterans’ don’t advertise that fact.

    8. Gee! I guess Rush isn’t the only half brained moron in the world after all. Not only David but, a few more as well. I guess the failed establishment will do anything at all to keep America from getting back into the hands of the people. Okay David, there’s plenty of ammunition to attack me, a true American. If you and your half witted brother are so brilliant and have all the answers, why don’t both of you run for President. That’s an easy answer….. It doesn’t pay enough. Some people running don’t care about the salary. They care about the country. You and the rest of the intellectually deprived just want things to remain as they are so you can continue with your fat cat life style. All I can do is hope and pray that the right person is elected and our country can get back to it’s roots. Yes, I said “pray” because I am one of those Bible thumping Christians that support Donald Trump and believe me, there are millions of us no matter how you and your colleagues try to skew the facts.

      1. I believe any reasonable person would be skeptical about Trumps past. Keep in mind, he financially supported the Left we are fighting against, Trump has supported the anti-gunners we are fighting against. And yet Trump has not released his tax returns. One should be skeptical about Trump.

        1. Trump not only supported the left he also supported the right. Little minds don’t realize when you own God knows how many different industries and holdings they pay both side because they need to “own” every politician’s vote. Now to touch on returns like social security number are only supposed to be used by the SS administration Tax Returns are for use by the IRS.. Why do you think those guys that shared info with the state of Delaware Democratic Party got demoted. It is also the reason the head of the IRS and Lois Learner should be in jail. Besides that when a tax return is thousand of pages long do you actually think you would really get the truth of what was in there. All it takes is one form not to be disclosed and holy hell breaks out. As long as he doesn’t have your money what he did with his is none of your business nor mine. One thing I guarantee you if he had any scandals the IRS would have leaked them

    9. If Rubio wanted Chump to lose he would have pulled out before FL and gave the voters a clear Chump v. Cruz choice.

      1. Chump ? How long did it take a little pissant like you to come up with that ? You wanted a response to it,here it is !

    10. I agree that Rubio needs to be more active in backing Cruz….the way the Dems are playing the Black and Hispanic voters is so patronizing it’s practically like baiting children with candy…..Sen. Rubio has the background to appeal to the voters of Hispanic heritage, and less affluent Blacks, to turn away from that ploy which the DNC banks on during every election. He can call out the Democrats for their empty promises, especially the emptiness of the Obama Administration, which fooled too many lower income voters and actually increased their ranks.
      I was Cruz and Rubio in the outset of the nominations. Rubio has his youth to become a potent leader for the New Republican Party, and needs to immediately back Cruz to slow down the Trump Steam Roller….which has lots of appeal but still not enough substance for mature voters!

    11. I think when Rubio went robotic during the 4’th debate saying the exact thing verbatim three times it hurt him bad. Christie called that too. It was a good concession speech,but I think his political future is tenuous at best. CRUZ will get most his supporters even without an endorsement.

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