Outstanding Reviews for the New Honor Defense – Honor Guard Pistols

Honor Guard Pistols
Outstanding Reviews For the New Honor Defense – Honor Guard Pistols
Honor Defense LLC
Honor Defense LLC

Atlanta, GA -(AmmoLand.com)- The first few reviews are in on the new Honor Defense All-American made pistols, and they are beyond positive.

At GunsAmerican.com, long-time gun writer Dave Higginbotham found that, “The Honor Guard is one of the most fully realized designs I’ve ever seen.”

He rated the Honor Guard as one of the best single-stack 9MM pistols he’d ever seen, and raved about the frame, the slide, the ambidextrous controls and the exceptional texturing done on most surfaces. His conclusion?

“This is an impressive debut.”

Concealed Nation called the Honor Guard “perfection” in a concealed carry handgun. “The profile is slim, and…[Honor Defense] took extra care to keep everything as close to the frame and slide as possible, so nothing really sticks out that could potentially get caught up on clothing or other obstacles in the way while drawing.”

“It really is a great design.”

Guns.com touts that the new Honor Guard “raises buyers expectations for new products.” “Honor Defense’s lean and laser-like approach may just position them to play alongside big-league manufacturers…Their consumer-focused approach should deliver convenience and build loyalty from consumers jaded by customary big-company waiting games.”

“All of us at Honor Defense are very gratified with these accolades,” said Gary Ramey, President of Honor Defense. “We knew we were making some great pistols–at some of the best prices you’ll find anywhere–but it’s very rewarding that others are recognizing the quality and value of our Honor Defense pistols.”

All Honor Defense pistols are built with high quality standards and feature:

  • Striker-fired design that can handle +P loads
  • Trigger has a wide face with a crisp 7lb pull
  • Short reset for quicker second shot and better control
  • Ambidextrous slide catch and magazine catch
  • Available with or without an ambidextrous manual safety lever
  • Modular system with stainless steel chassis
  • Custom texture design to provide better grip in all situations
  • Replaceable back straps to allow customization.

Read these great reviews of the Honor Guard Pistols at:

About Honor Defense:

Honor Defense offers the finest American-made pistols-using only American partners and materials. Honor Defense pistols are built with more features and higher quality standards than other pistols in their size range. To create its pistols, Honor Defense secured input from a panel of professionals that have defended our nation or have extensive credentials in self-defense training.

For more information, please visit www.HonorDefense.com.

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I happened upon the honor guard in a mom and pop gun store. I was an m and p follower through and through. As I studied the gun I found it to be intriguing. I finally bought the gun, and from the ergonomic design of the grip handle to firing it on the range, I have never been happier. All my family and friends get demonstrations, and have purchased them as well. This will not be the last gun I ever buy, but will be my only carry conceal pistol. Look forward to future releases.


Got my HONOR GUARD long slide a week ago $430, I,m happy with all the features of the gun. Only put 1box threw it but did the job! Yes cost aliitle more than others, and some may have minor problems but any gun can. I bought it because it’s made in the U.S.A. and assembled by veterans. I’m proud to be part of your organization HONOR DEFENSE by owning 1 of your guns.

Ray Peterson

I got mine in today and got rid of my Sig Sauer 290rs I could not be happier that gun suck so bad I will never buy a Sig Sauer product again their customer service is beyond ridiculous I am proud to say I have one of the first one thousand of these produced the trigger pull is excellent I would say better than the M&P by far because of the shape of the trigger now I’m going to see how reliable it is because from the looks of it it is better than any single stack in its class

Ken Dumaine

I can’t find a round about price on this pistol. Would you mind telling us what they run?


$499.00 msrp

Kenneth Dumaine

Thanks. Gonna have to find one now. Lol


any QUALITY firearm is going to run in the $500 range. i dont know many people that will skimp on price and leave their life in the hands of a $199-$299 gun. NOT ME! i want to KNOW its going to go bang when i have to pull the trigger. isnt your life worth the little extra $$$$?? i know mine is!

JC Andrews

Why does it seem early production has not kept up with demand? Is this planned or unexpected? Multiple dears have told me their suppliers are out of stock and don’t know when the gun will be available again. And it is only the end of March.

Larry Weeks

Why does the receiver stick out past the barrel on the Fist Frame?


I’ve read that its for stand off situations when the pistol may have to pressed against a body. The fist frame keeps the pistol from going out of battery and making the pistol inoperable.


If you’re point blank and jam the gun into a relatively solid body part before firing, the frame extension prevents the slide from being pushed out of battery, thus preventing the bang. And making you sad.


To prevent the slide from being pushed out of battery in the event it makes contact with the individual in a face to face fight. As an example, if your attacked and the assailant is on top of you and you push your pistol against them when you pull the trigger. Just about any semi auto is not going to fire because the slide will be pushed back preventing the firing pin from hitting the primer.