ProSounds M-Series Electronic Muffs Kickstarter Campaign Enters Final Two Weeks

Last opportunity for steep discounts

SportEAR M-Series Electronic Earmuffs
SportEAR M-Series Electronic Earmuffs

Draper, UT -( The Kickstarter campaign for the SportEAR Powered by ProSounds M-Series of Electronic Muffs enters its final two weeks.

ProSounds launched the muff series March 1 via Kickstarter campaign and will end April 9. This is the last opportunity to receive steep discounts on the hearing protection and enhancement muffs. To date, the campaign has gained more than 1,200 backers.

“We are overwhelmed with amount of support received in the last few weeks,” said ProSounds President and Founder Weston Harris. “This campaign provides backers with a wide variety of packages to fit anyone’s needs. Whether individual consumers or brick-and-mortar stores, everyone can enjoy these great discounts on quality ProSounds products.”

The M-Series consists of the M-2 and M-4 muffs. Each muff is based on a classic design but with a tapered body and improved protection and enhancement features. Both muff designs feature dual, recessed volume knobs with gripping ridges for easy adjustment and independent customization of each ear. An adjustable, padded headband and soft ear cups provide all-day comfort. The external, easy-access battery compartment allows for quick battery changes.

The muffs provide up to six times normal hearing levels with recessed, directional mics. The M-2 feature two mics while the M-4 boasts four mics for increased situational awareness. The muffs’ digital compressor automatically blocks out sounds over 85 decibels, delivering 25 decibels of noise reduction.

The M-Series Electronic Muffs are great options for anyone who needs quality hearing protection and enhancement. With damage to hearing beginning at 85 decibels, 140 million Americans put their hearing at risk while at work, shooting ranges, hunting trips, sporting events and more. Designed with a comfortable fit and featuring high-quality digital compression, anyone who experiences loud noises can benefit from the M-Series Electronic Muffs.

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About ProSounds:

At ProSounds, we are dedicated to providing the very best hearing protection. We deliver all of the benefits of hearing protection, but none of the problems.The X-Pro ear plugs are simplicity itself. Designed to fit comfortably in any ear, you’ll hardly even notice you’re wearing anything.

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The leading authority in Hearing Performance, SportEAR is an American-owned, family business heritage with over 50 years of design, manufacturing and retailing experience in the market. With its core background in hearing aid manufacturing, SportEAR is focused on and uniquely capable of delivering the highest quality and most advanced products to today’s outdoorsman and shooter. To ensure they deliver the highest quality products, SportEAR is the only Hearing Performance company to design and manufacture its entire line from start to finish.

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