Q and A with Award-Winning Filmmaker and Songwriter, Jim Kinsey

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Montana -(AmmoLand.com)- Jim Kinsey is an award-winning filmmaker based out of western Montana who is currently the executive producer of Skull Bound TV, airing its fifth season on Sportsman Channel, Kinsey travels the globe capturing adventures on film, which has inspired his songwriting career.

He recently launched “Overcome” with the Kryptek Outdoor Group during SHOT Show and another song for Medal of Honor Recipient Clint Romesha called “Red Platoon,” which will make its debut at the 2016 NRA Annual Member Meeting. Recently launched on iTunes, however, is two of Kinsey’s newest creations, “The Legend,” which is a multi generational song about CPO Chris Kyle, and “What Say You,” which brings to light the work of the organization, Mission22. Learn more Kinsey at http://skullboundtv.com, http://twitter.com/kinseyHD and http://instagram.com/kinseyHD.

"The Legend" Album Cover featuring Chris Kyle
“The Legend” Album Cover featuring Chris Kyle

Q: We don’t hear of outdoor TV producers leading such a double-life like you do – you’ve been hiding this songwriting background to us. We know you as the producer of Skull Bound TV with Jana Waller, but tell us more about this other side of your life as a songwriter. How did you start writing songs? What was the first song you wrote?

That’s funny when I tell people I’ve been writing lyrics for songs. They get a strange look on their face. Their first question is, “How long have you been writing songs?” Almost two years now. Two summers ago I got a call from Neal James, co- host of Animal Planet’s hit series, “Call of the Wildman.” Neal heard a new song called, “Huntin’ in your blood” by artist Michael Connors. He thought the song would be a great fit for Skull Bound TV. Connors and I talked about Skull Bound TV and he asked if I was a writer. I told him I’d been writing feature length articles for hunting publications and the technology market space for years but never tried writing lyrics for a song before. So truthfully that’s how my songwriting career began. Many people don’t know that I play the piano and have since I was five years old. Now I’m combining my musical side and writing side in one.

The first song I wrote was “Open the Cage” after being inspired by nine-time UFC welterweight champion, Matt Hughes. I’ve always been a huge fan of the UFC and this guy has always been someone I looked up to. I wrote OTC with Connors and Hartnett and one other artist. The “Open the Cage” song just launched a new lifestyle brand, which hits stores later this spring. (Open the Cage is available on iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/michael-connors/id412909580) http://openthecagegear.com.

Q: Tell us about some of the great talents you’ve worked with in Nashville. Is there a “great” you are dreaming of working with soon?

I’ve worked with some amazing people over the last year. Michael Connors is by far one of the most talented people I’ve come across. Connors can play everything from country to metal and anything in-between. I think of him as a modern day Kid Rock. Add multi-platinum producer Mike Hartnett to that mix and it’s a recipe for greatness. Hartnett’s a very humble guy and so talented it’s inspiring. He’s worked with some of the biggest names in Nashville and beyond. Artists like Travis Barker, Ludicrous, 50 Cent, Pink, Colt Ford, Yelawolf, WLPWR and more. One of his latest songs, which he played guitar and bass on, called “Till it’s Gone” off Yelawolf’s latest album “Love Story” was just used as Trailer number three on the feature film staring Johnny Depp called “Black Mass.”

Q: How do you get the time to write lyrics when you are on the road filming for “Skull Bound” 300 days out of the year?

There’s no doubt I’m a busy guy when it comes to producing Skull Bound TV. Most of the time I write lyrics in the early morning with a cup of coffee and see where the song goes.

"What Say You" Album Cover
“What Say You” Album Cover

Over the last five years I’ve knocked down 65 episodes of “Skull Bound” and along the way I’ve met incredible people with amazing stories. Writing lyrics comes natural when someone’s story moves you. One such person that recently moved me was Medal of Honor recipient Clint Romesha. He appeared on an episode of season four of Skull Bound TV and when I was editing his interview about the “Battle of Kamdesh,” one of Clint’s quotes resonated with me, “We had one fight to win.” Clint lost eight of his men in the battle and was awarded the Medal of Honor for his bravery. I went to work on writing a song about his battle with Connors and James Breedwell. We worked hard to tell his story sonically and new song was born called “Red Platoon.” Clint’s book is also titled Red Platoon and drops worldwide May 3rd 2016. Sony pictures have bought the rights to the book and they are in the process of filming it for the big screen.

Q: Tell us about this newest song you wrote with singer-songwriter Jason Fougere, producer Mike Hartnett and Michael Connors, “The Legend,” which we know is about Chris Kyle. How did this song come about?

Jana and I were on our way to SHOT Show in January 2015 and I was reflecting on Chris Kyle’s life after reading his book and watching the feature film “American Sniper.” Lyrics started flowing in as if someone was whispering them in my ear. I leaned hard on multi-platinum producers Mike Hartnett and record producer WLPWR to drop the original beat on “The Legend”. Once the beat was complete, I worked with Jason Fougere to lay down vocals. Everyone worked together to carry on the spirit of Chris Kyle sonically and I couldn’t be happier about it all. Fifty percent of the revenue created from this song goes back to the foundation of Taya’s choice.

The heartbeat of the song ‘The Legend’ represents the collective military experience powerfully.” – Taya Kyle

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