Start Your Engines Monday Night on Outdoor Channel with Duck Dynasty & PINKS: ALL OUT

“Carter’s W.A.R.” Wraps up Season 1 with Finale on March 14

Outdoor Channel Acquires Syndicated Cable Air Rights to Duck Dynasty
Outdoor Channel Acquires Syndicated Cable Air Rights to Duck Dynasty
Outdoor Channel TV
Outdoor Channel TV

Denver, CO -( Viewers will have the chance to get their hearts racing on Monday, March 14 on Outdoor Channel.

First, the Duck Dynasty clan are teaching driver’s ed to Willie’s daughter and later on Willie’s son causes problems of his own after borrowing the truck. Next, the drag racing competition continues to heat up in the fast and furious reality competition, PINKS: ALL OUT. At 9 p.m. ET, in the Season 1 finale of Carter’s W.A.R., the network’s human/wildlife-conflict original series, viewers find out what really is the most dangerous animal in Africa.

  • Duck Dynasty (Mondays at 7 p.m. ET/PT): Willie Robertson’s daughter, Sadie, has her driver’s license test right around the corner. In order to prepare, Jase, Willie and Si take her to a parking lot for driving lessons Robertson style. In the evening’s trailing episode, it’s on to the next child’s woes. Willie and Korie hop in their truck only to find an empty gas tank after their son borrowed it. Watch the fun unfold as the couple soon realizes it’s time to buy him a car of his own. Plus, don’t miss all new episodes of Duck Dynasty Wednesdays on A&E. Take a look at the upcoming back-to-back episodes: Promo
  • PINKS: ALL OUT (Mondays at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT): You can smell the burnt rubber from miles away as the wheels continue to spin into the next new episode of the amateur drag racing series. Rich Christensen, the show’s host, and the rest of the PINKS crew, head to Rockingham Dragway in North Carolina for the second episode in the month-long special. Each week the competition gets hotter and faster as the action heats up every Monday night in March. For a sneak peek of the next race, click here: Promo
  • Carter’s W.A.R. (Wildlife Animal Response) presented by NoslerSeason Finale (Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT): For the past year, Ivan Carter, conservationist and wildlife investigator, has been traveling throughout Africa examining the reality of humans and wildlife living side by side. From rumors and tribal stories, to up-close interactions with wildlife and in some cases death, Carter has seen it all. In the Season 1 finale, Carter investigates the most dangerous animal in Africa. For a preview of the finale click here: Promo

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